Top 7 Most Popular Malt Drinks In South-Eastern Nigeria (2023)

This article is about the top 7 most popular malt drinks in Eastern Nigeria currently in this year 2023. There are a variety of malt drinks that can be found in Igboland immediately you cross the Niger Bridge. Majority of the malt drinks that make up this list are very well known brands that can be found throughout Nigeria but there are some still in this list that are mainly peculiar to the people of the south eastern part of the country and they are the most consumed in this region as we shall see below. Let us find out what they are.

Top Most Popular Malt Drinks In South-Eastern Nigeria


The following are the 7 most popular and most patronised malt drinks that can be found in the south-eastern part of Nigeria this 2023:


Beta Malt is a high quality, rich and tasty malt drink made from premium barley, hops and sucrose. It is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. Beta Malt is produced by International Breweries Plc (IBPLC), a subsidiary of the world’s largest brewer, Anheuser-Busch InBev, (AB InBev). This particular malt brand is very popular in the south-eastern part of Nigeria and it sells like crazy especially in Imo and Anambra States. During my visit to the eastern part of the country, particularly in the festive season, I noticed that every household you went to would offer you Beta Malt and this was the norm throughout my stay in any part of the East that you went to. Not like other malt brands do not exist, but that the East is a really huge market for this malt brand and it has well as truly come to stay.


Another very popular malt drink brand in the south-eastern part of the country is Grand Malt, and like Beta Malt, it is a product of International Breweries Plc (IBPLC). Grand Malt tastes almost like Beta Malt with the difference being the colour of their packaging, of which Grand Malt comes in blue packaging while Beta malt is packaged in a red coloured can. You cannot visit the south-east without taking note of Grand Malt in the region.


Dubic Malt is a product of Guinness, a very popular brewery in Nigeria and recognised the world over as a subsidiary of Diageo, a global leader in premium drinks. Dubic malt was born in Eastern Nigeria, and launched in the Nigerian Market in the year 2014. Dubic Malt is a non-alcoholic drink that is high in vitamins packed in an attractive 330ml and 300ml bottle. Dubic malt offers a rich, creamy, refreshing and silky smooth taste. This premium malt is accessible at an affordable price, and it offers a special malt taste that will delight consumers. when next you are in the south-eastern part of Nigeria, do well to grab a Dubic.


Hi Malt also ranks as one of the most popular malt drinks that can be found in the south-eastern part of Nigeria. Although produced by the Nigerian Breweries, the largest brewery in the country and distributed nationwide, Hi Malt has a very large market in Igboland where it is very highly patronised, the chief reason being that it is relatively cheaper than some of the more established brands which have better quality and taste. Hi Malt is made of water, sucrose, malted barley, caramel, hop extract, and fortified with citric acid and vitamins A, B1, and B3. While Hi Malt may be the preferred choice of many people in eastern Nigeria, it is not my choice because it probably tastes like blood tonic instead of malt.


Amstel Malta is a very popular malt brand in Nigeria. It is distributed Nationwide, and it also has large market in eastern Nigeria. although better in quality than some of the malt brands listed above, it is not a first choice malt brand in the east due to the fact that it is relatively more expensive than most other brands out there. other than that, Amstel Malta is a fantastic malt drink with its signature low sugar that many older people love. This premium malt drink is enriched with pure vitamins and minerals with no alcohol. It has a nourishing malt taste and is perfect for getting that instant dash of goodness, energy, and vitality.


Malta Guinness, a product of Guinness Nigeria, is a non alcoholic, adult, premium soft drink that is full of vitalizing goodness, with added vitamins, minerals and slow burning sugars for longer lasting energy that fuels your greatness. It was established in the year 1984 and it has markets in Cameroon, Ghana, Togo, Mauritius, Ethiopia, Benin Republic, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Liberia and Nigeria. Here in Nigeria, it is distributed nationwide and has a favourable market in the south eastern part of the country. Malta Guinness prides itself as the nation’s pre-eminent malt drink and it is enjoyed by both the young and old alike.


Maltina is the smooth, nourishing malt drink with complete richness. Launched as a good supplement, Maltina is fortified with Vitamins and Calcium for healthy families. Maltina remains one of the leading malt drink brands in Nigeria today, especially in the south east with its innovations and message of sharing happiness. Maltina, the flagship non-alcoholic drink from the stables of Nigerian Breweries and Nigeria’s first locally produced malt drink was launched in Nigeria as Maltona in 1976. It was positioned as a pick-me-up drink for tired consumers who needed nourishment and refreshment. The slogan ‘Maltona for pleasure and energy’ drove the first Press and TV advertising campaigns. In 1977, Maltona was changed to Maltina, and in 1996, Maltina introduced its first flavoured malts in strawberry, pineapple and exotic fruits, which were later discontinued. In 2005, it introduced Maltina Sip-it in Tetrapak, with the most recent innovations being two new flavours – Maltina Vanilla and Maltina Pineapple launched in September 2020.

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