Top 5 Best CUG Plans In Nigeria (2023)

In this post, we shall be discussing about the top 5 best Closed User Group (CUG) plans in Nigeria this 2023. A Closed User Group (CUG) is a service provided by telecommunications companies that helps to create a community which allows family, friends, employees of the same company etc, to make unlimited calls and send unlimited SMS’s for free throughout the duration of one month after which a flat monthly rate will be charged to renew the subscription.

Top 5 Best CUG Plans In Nigeria

This means that once you have subscribed to the service, you can make unlimited calls and send SMS’s at will to your close network of users without worrying about running out of airtime as your subscription depending on the duration (which should be on a monthly basis) covers for it. The Closed User Group (CUG) service is very convenient for people who want to save money on calls and texts, and it connects as many people that it can allow (usually from 2-10 people) to make calls for free for a period of one month.

This is a really good thing as if you imagine the money you as an individual spend on calls per day, and compare it with having to subscribe for one month to make free, uninterrupted calls with people in your close circle, you will see that this benefits you more. Kindly note that standard charges apply if you make calls to individuals outside your CUG network.

This service is activated when the group administrator subscribes to SIM cards of all parties involved and throughout the duration of the subscription, all members of the group can make and receive unlimited calls and texts with everyone in the group. Some CUG service also comes with data packages. That said, let us now look at the leading CUG plans in Nigeria today.


The following are the 5 best Closed User Group (CUG) plans in Nigeria this 2023:


MTN CUG service is one of the best in Nigeria currently. It is already established that CUG allows a close group of family, friends and company employees to make unlimited calls via a monthly subscription and there is no better network that delivers immensely on this than MTN. Their voice clarity and network service provision is very impressive. With the MTN CUG service, you can choose from a variety of plans which suits your needs and sits well with your budget.

Some of the benefits of the MTN CUG plan in Nigeria include the following:

  • Management of communication cost
  • Control costs across the employee base.
  • Improve team, family and friend’s communications and collaboration.
  • Increase productivity
  • Simple to set up and use, no setup fee or hardware costs.
  • Allow unlimited calls to group members.
  • 24/7 helpdesk for support and problem resolution.
  • Devices are portable, SIM can be inserted in any phone and can be carried around. This removes the barrier of distance in communication
  • This also reduces the stress of time involved in walking from one office to the other to get a worker’s attention.
  • It reduces the chain involved in reaching anyone at workplaces, you just need to dial the number and you are connected, you never run out of airtime that means calls don’t get abruptly ended.

To activate this service, kindly visit any of the MTN offices close to you.


The Airtel Closed User Group (CUG) plan is also another leading CUG plan in Nigeria that enables family, friends and colleagues at work reach each other at no cost once subscription has been paid. Airtel CUG plan comes in four different categories, and they are:

  • Basic package
  • Intermediate package
  • Advanced package
  • Family Postpaid package

The basic, intermediate and advanced plans can be applied for by an individual after an the monthly subscription payment has been made. An individual can also register for the family postpaid package but he/she has to do that by also registering at least 2-9 family members.

The Airtel CUG family plan allows family members connect to each other for free, and there is a minimum fair usage policy of 150 minutes once the subscription has entered fair usage. Kindly note that calls made outside the closed user group will be charged at standard rates.

There is also a flat rate for calls on the network and calls off the network. The Family postpaid plan gives you an access fee of ₦1,500 only. However, charges for the other three Airtel CUG plans are based on which other network, or number you are calling within the Closed User Group. Airtel CUG is also available for companies and large organizations and they only have to make monthly payments as low as ₦750 per line.

Benefits of Airtel CUG for businesses include the following:

It is cost effective, allowing the company to control, forecast and reduce operating cost

  • It is flexible, meaning that it is tailor-made to guarantee customer satisfaction
  • It is responsive, that is, there are guaranteed network enhancements at your office location where ever required
  • There is support available round the clock, all year round to resolve all your organizations queries.
  • To activate this service, kindly visit any Airtel office in your area.


Glo Closed User Group (CUG) plan, also popularly known as POLCOM is a post paid service offered by Glo where you can have access to unlimited free calls 24/7 nonstop with anybody who is in the group. You only need a monthly subscription fee of ₦500 to activate this service.

Under the Glo CUG plan, an individual can register up to 50 members in their family and friends circle and be able to make unlimited calls and send unlimited texts all through the subscription period. The first month subscription on Glo CUG is free and text messages to all networks are also free but calls to other numbers that are not registered on CUG lines are as low as 20kobo/sec and data subscription is like the normal data subscriptions peculiar to Glo users. If you will like to activate this service, kindly visit any Glo office near you for more information.


9Mobile CUG is an easy way to make very cheap calls on your 9mobile network. 9mobile CUG allows you make and receive free calls with members in the group upon paying a monthly subscription fee. There are three types of 9mobile CUG plans depending on your budget and they are:


This 9mobile CUG plan offers you 500 minutes of free talk time at any time of the day for a monthly subscription fee of ₦500.


This 9mobile CUG plan offers you 500 minutes of free talk time as well as 50 free text messages with members within your group. You are also given 100 MB data for browsing, all at the monthly subscription rate of ₦1000.


This 9mobile CUG plan gives you unlimited calls for a month with at the rate of ₦1000. You should kindly note that this particular 9mobile CUG plan comes with fair usage, meaning that it can easily run out if you are the type that makes too many calls.

If you would love to activate the 9mobile CUG plan, kindly visit any 9mobile office nearest to you. One good thing about the 9mobile CUG service is that it allows you to make calls to other countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, China, India, and the United States for as low as 20kobo/sec. You can also make calls to other networks in Nigeria for as low as 25kobo/sec.

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