Top 5 Cheapest Courier Services In Nigeria (2023)

In this post, we shall be looking at the top 5 cheapest courier services in Nigeria this 2023. Courier services are becoming more and more important in Nigeria these days and that is because many people are heavily reliant on them to help transport their goods from one place to another for a negotiated fee. This helps reduce the stress of one having to do it alone especially when they have as many goods to ship out to their respective destinations.

Top 5 Cheapest Courier Services In Nigeria

There are many delivery services in the country presently and quite a number of them are very good at what they do, however, they can be very expensive, but that notwithstanding, there are quite a few that are not too expensive and can do the job effectively and efficiently, giving you good value for your money. These cheapest courier services are what we shall be looking at as we proceed but before then, there are a number of things to consider when choosing a good courier service and they are given below.


The following are the things to consider when choosing a courier service:


Because you are looking for some of the cheapest courier services in the country, the price should be very important to you. There are many expensive courier services out there, but you may not necessarily get the best from them. You will need a courier service company that suits your needs at the right price and can give you the best services in the process. Try as much as possible to enquire about their prices before you commence business with any delivery service company.


It is very important to consider the time taken for a courier service to deliver your goods and packages before eventually settling for any of them. If you are in the business of exporting or delivering products from one place to the other within Nigeria, you will agree with me that speed is very important in your line of business in order for your customers to build a certain level of trust in you and this can only happen if your delivery company is very fast at getting your goods to their destinations as at when agreed.


Also, before eventually settling for a courier service, it is very important that you make enquiries to know the areas they cover. If they ply the routes that are advantageous to your business, you should consider going for their services.


Another important thing to look out for when choosing a delivery service company is their tracking capability. You will need to know whether they track their vehicles or not in order to prevent your goods from missing. This is very important and should not be overlooked.


You should also consider the flexibility of the delivery company when choosing one. Sometimes, they may have their delivery days and times but having built a level of relationship with them, you may need to do an emergency delivery to certain locations, and their willingness to accommodate your request and adjust their schedule for you is something you consider.


Although many courier services exist in the country today, which are very good at what they do, these delivery services companies are very different in how they operate and in the way they charge their fees. Because we are particular about their prices, here are the 5 cheapest courier services in Nigeria this 2023:


EMS Speed Post is a leading courier service in Nigeria presently and it is one of the oldest and most consistent as well. This delivery service company was established in 1986 and they have continued to deliver excellent services since then, endearing them to the hearts of their numerous customers. The company is one of the cheapest in the country when it comes to courier service delivery and they are very reliable. If you are delivering a package of 2kg within Nigeria, the average price for this delivery should cost anything from ₦3,300.


AB Logistics is another very cheap delivery company that you can check out if you want to get your goods delivered to other parts of the country in time. They are also very reliable and have been consistent with their services for a long time now. This is another popular courier service in Nigeria. It also rates among the very reliable ones. Depending on your package, your shipping fee can start from as low as ₦800, although, packages weighing 2kg can be shipped for about ₦2,500 within the country.


God Is Good Logistics, popularly known as GIG Logistics is one of the most reliable and most popular courier service company in Nigeria today and they have some of the cheapest rates as well. If you are shipping any package weighing 2kg through GIG Logistics, you will be charged as low as ₦3,000 without insurance but with insurance, you get to pay between ₦4,500 – ₦5,000.


ABC Cargo is an old delivery service company that has been operating since the 90s in Nigeria and are among the very best and cheapest courier services in the country. ABC Cargo operates across various States in the federation and they charge an average of ₦4,700 for goods weighing up to 2kg from Lagos to Abuja and Abuja to Lagos.


Another very popular delivery service company which is cheap in Nigeria is UPS but they are not as cheap as the four aforementioned courier service companies that have been discussed. UPS charges an average of ₦6,400 per 2kg package form Lagos to Abuja and vice versa. Their delivery is top notch and they can deliver your goods within a three-day period from Lagos to Abuja and vice versa. UPS are very reliable and their consistency stands them out among many other courier service companies in the country today.

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