Top Best 10 Mobile Phone Brands In Nigeria (2023)

This article is about the top 10 best mobile phone brands in Nigeria this 2023. Mobile phone brands in Nigeria have come to stay. They keep perfecting their craft in mobile device development which has led to the evolution of cellphones from their Feature and Symbian predecessors to their Smartphone successors in recent years and these current generation of mobile devices are so integral to our everyday life that going a day without them may seem almost like a nightmare due to their growing importance in globalization.

Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands In Nigeria

With the significance of mobile devices, especially smartphones growing day by day, it comes as no surprise to see the emergence of a number of mobile phone brands, competing favourably among themselves, in a bid to outdo their competitors when it comes to releasing the latest and most technologically advanced mobile devices and gadgets to the delight of their growing customer base.

As far as smartphones are concerned in Nigeria, there are brands that are the most patronised and this is solely down to customer behaviour towards these popular mobile brands over the course of time since their emergence in the mobile market. These brands have gone on to become some of the most trusted, the most popular and most patronised in recent years and in this post, we will do justice to the 10 leading mobile phone brands in the Nigeria today.


Below are the 10 best and most popular mobile smartphone brands in Nigeria this 2023:


Apple is one of the best and most popular smartphone brands in Nigeria currently. This American phone brand is very classy, and their products, while designed for the rich, is arguably the most preferred mobile phone brand by millions of Nigerians. They have one of the highest customer base as far as smartphones are concerned in the country, irrespective of how expensive their products can be. Apple smartphones, the iPhone series precisely, are high end mobile devices and their quality is far superior than many other phone brands on this list. Their unique Apple iOS operating system stands them out.


The Samsung mobile smartphone brand, South Korea’s global market leader in the mobile industry, is the closest challenger to Apple iPhone brand, especially with their Samsung Galaxy S series. This mobile brand is the first choice for android users in Nigeria and their superior quality when compared to other android devices are what makes them really popular among mobile phone users in the country.

Samsung is the biggest phone brand in Nigeria today, with their excellent products even more affordable than Apple products and their features being top quality as well. The brand continues to improve in order to preserve its status as a market leader in the mobile phones industry, partnering with top audio corporations in the world such AKG and Dolby Digital to give their customers an impressive sound experience when playing audio-visual files.


Tecno Mobile, a Chinese mobile smartphone brand, is a rampant brand among many smartphone users in Nigeria as they offer less expensive but unique phones that can do just about what other high-end devices can. Since the brand touched down in Nigeria, they have continued to evolve to give their customers the unique user experience and currently, the brand is the most purchased in the country, with their Camon, Phantom and Spark series being their standout products. Tecno phones, especially the Camon series are very popular in Nigeria because of their excellent front and rear cameras.


Infinix Mobile is a sister company to Tecno Mobile and they are both subsidiaries of Transsion Holdings, a manufacturer of mobile phones based in Shenzhen, China. Infinix is also a very popular mobile phone brand in Nigeria and since their emergence in the country’s mobile market, they have not looked back. This brand also offers quality smartphones at affordable prices and their Hot series and Note series have been their standout products so far.


Huawei is the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, overtaking Samsung for the title, and the company is based in China. When they first came into Nigeria, they were hugely snubbed due to the presence of other more appealing brands as at the time but with innovation and patience, they slowly won over many customers in the Nigerian market.

Today, Huawei is one of the most respected and most powerful phone brands in the world and that has hugely impacted their presence in the Nigerian mobile market positively. Their impressively built phones, especially the Y series, with a lot of powerful features as well as the long lasting battery life are what endeared them to many Nigerians.


Xiaomi is another popular mobile phone brand in Nigeria. This Chinese mobile manufacturer based in Beijing, China is one of the newest entrants into the Nigerian mobile market having been founded in April 2010. Their flagship products: Redmi and Mi series have become very popular in Nigeria today and the brand has coped favourably in the country despite the presence of other more established mobile giants.


Before the advent of smartphones, Nokia has been connecting people through their excellent feature phones of the past. In the years past, this brand was the most popular in Nigeria and it dominated the mobile market in the country effortlessly due to its wide acceptance by the Nigerian populace.

But in recent times, this Finnish Company, having been through some pretty difficult periods since the advent of android phones, has seen their period of dominance ended but notwithstanding, they have made a very good comeback with some pretty good phones in market and Nigerians are warming up to Nokia again.


iTel is another phone brand owned by the Chinese company Transsion Holdings, the parent company of Tecno and Infinix. This brand is very popular in the Nigerian market but due to the stiff competition from other very well established mobile phone companies, it may not come as a surprise is many people are not familiar with iTel products.


Oppo is a new generation mobile phone brand in Nigeria. This Chinese company is a global leader in the smartphone market and their growing influence has impacted Nigeria as well, with their Reno series as well as their A and F series, they offer impressive smartphones to Nigerians at affordable prices.


Lenovo is a very popular mobile phone brand in Nigeria since its entry into the country’s mobile market in 2014. This Chinese company is partly popular due to its reputation as the world’s largest computer maker and their Lenovo A series smartphones are the best you can get from this brand yet. This 2022 might likely see the introduction of more advanced phones from Lenovo and we are keeping our fingers crossed on the lookout.

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