Top 10 Highest Yam Producing States In Nigeria (2023)

This article is about the top 10 highest yam producing States in Nigeria currently in this year 2023. Our country Nigeria is blessed with an abundance of yam and accounts for at least 70 – 76 percent of the total yam production in the world, making it the world’s highest producer of yams. It is little wonder why many people venture into yam business in Nigeria because yam is not just a food crop but a cash crop which significantly adds to the growth of the economy. These staple foods are loved by so many people in this part of the world and if you want to know which of the States in Nigeria that produce them in abundance, we advise that you kindly continue reading to find out more.

How To Start Yam Business In Nigeria

The criterion for arriving at which Nigerian States are the highest yam producers in the country stem from the quantity of this crop that is grown, harvested and sold by each of the yam producing States in Nigeria. The yam producing States in the country are rich with the right soil type for cultivating this agricultural produce and without further ado, we shall take a look at what they are below.


The following are the 10 highest yam producing States in Nigeria this 2023:


Taraba State is the highest producer of yam in Nigeria today. Ranking as one of the leading yam producing States in the country, Taraba accounts for over thirteen percent of the total yam production in Nigeria currently. Taraba State is blessed with an abundance arable land, which promotes the planting, harvesting and ultimately, selling of yams to other parts of the country and for export to other places in the world. The Wukari and Danacha area of Taraba State are very well known for contributing immensely to the cultivation of yam in the State State.


Benue State, the food basket of the Nation, and rightly so, is the second largest yam producing State in Nigeria today, producing about 1.5 metric tonnes of yam per year. There is a very large yam market, The Zaki Biam market, located in Benue State which is responsible for an abundant supply of yams and other agricultural produce which both sustains indigenes of the State and are exported to other parts of Nigeria, generating huge revenues for the State in the process. This market is believed to be the largest yam market in the world.


Oyo State, with an annual production of 2.4 metric tonnes of yam, is the third largest yam producing State in Nigeria presently. Yams from Oyo State are known for their high quality, and are very sought after in many parts of the country. Oyo State promotes agriculture and this is evidenced in the large quantity of quality yams that they produce per year. Other crops produced in the State apart from yam include cassava, maize, rice, and beans.


Kaduna State also ranks among the largest yam producing States in Nigeria today, and it produces this food crop in very large quantities due to its favourable climate and soil conditions. Kaduna State is an agricultural loving State with many of the locals favouring farming as one of their predominant occupations,hence, the steady increase in crop yields, particularly yams over the years.


Niger State is another State that is very well known for its agricultural prowess, especially in yam production. Many of Nigeria’s yams that are consumed nationwide come from Niger State. When next you are consuming a delicious plate of yam depending on how it is served, you can bet that it must have come from Niger State.


Enugu State also makes this list of the 10 highest yam producing States in Nigeria currently. Their climate and soil type favours the commercial cultivation of yams and there are large marketplaces in the State where yams are sold in their numbers.
Many yam dealers who cannot travel far north to source for their yams often visit Enugu State to purchase in large quantities. The quality of the yams are also up there with the best from any part of the country.


Ogun State also makes this list of the best yam producing States in Nigeria. It is one of the top ranking States for the production of high quality food crops, yam inclusive, and it does this on a yearly basis consistently. In the Yewa area of Ogun State, there is a highly competitive yam market which features many traders trying to outdo one another in order to buy yams from local farmers. This ensures a stable supply of yams in Ogun State and helps to generate revenue internally for the State.


Anambra State is a top yam producing State in Nigeria today as well. Just like Enugu State, Anambra is very well known for an abundant supply of high quality yams, and along with Enugu State, they are the most abundant producers of yams in the Eastern part of the country. Species of yams that can be found in Anambra State include the white and yellow yams, as well as other yam species.


Osun State also contributes to why Nigeria ranks as the largest producer of yams in the whole world. This leading yam producing State in Nigeria produces different species of quality yam tubers that are highly sought after by traders. The climate and soil conditions in Osun State favour yam production in large quantities, and this helps to contribute significantly to the economy of the State.


Nasarawa State has a rich history of producing yams, and it is little wonder why it makes this list of the largest yam producing States in Nigeria currently. Paper yam, which is the most popular variety of yams in Nigeria, and a very sought after yam species is cultivated in Nasarawa State. White yam as well as yellow yam, is also cultivated in this Northern State in Nigeria. Nasarawa is blessed with rich soil and a favourable climate that allows for yam cultivation, enabling it to continue being a major producer of high quality yams in Nigeria.

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