Top 10 Countries To Easily Migrate To From Nigeria (2023)

In this post, we shall discuss extensively on the top 10 countries to easily migrate to from Nigeria this 2023. Every now and again, we see that so many people want to travel abroad probably in search of greener pastures or for certain other reasons best known to them but due to one thing or the other, they are not able to travel out. This may have nothing to do with finance but with migration laws of the other country and other rules etc., but in this article, we have listed some of the nations to easily travel to just in case you want to move abroad.

Top 10 Countries To Easily Migrate To From Nigeria

If you are looking to travel out from Nigeria but you do not know which countries are the easiest to travel to, we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best countries to travel/migrate to easily from Nigeria for you in order to give you a variety of options to choose from when considering your next abroad destination to move to.


Below are the 10 easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria this 2023:


Canada is a top travel destination for Nigerians. It is one of the best countries to travel to easily from Nigeria and has become a favourite destination abroad for most of the people from this part of the world. Canada is one of the most friendly countries in the world, and their government is known to open its borders to migrants from different parts of the world who are sure to improve their economy in business, healthcare, sports, etc. The country is also known to help refugees from other nations seeking a safe haven within their borders.

As a Nigerian, if you possess professional skills, migrating to Canada entails the use of express entry, a policy for potential residents which makes certain that you are worthy of being allowed into the country. Canada is a very attractive travel option for many Nigerians due to its stable economy, employment opportunities, absence of ethnic and religious conflicts, low crime rates, reliable energy supply and excellent road networks, etc. Ensure that you have the qualified skill set to travel and that you will not constitute a nuisance to the country and you are good to go.


Australia is another one of the top easiest countries to travel to from Nigeria. The country, much like Canada has been a top travel destination for Nigerians for many years and this is due to the friendly nature of the people of Australia. Apart from the harsh weather conditions over there, due to the proximity of the continent to Antarctica, which is the coldest place on earth, other things are just fine in Australia and because there is need for skilled labour, the government welcomes immigrants to that effect as often as possible. Nigerians who possess the necessary skills to improve the country’s economy are always welcome.

Whether you are travelling for skilled labour or studies, as long as your reasons for emigrating to the country are valid, you will be granted access into Australia. Even though the process of getting a visa to the country isn’t straightforward and payment for the visa is a bit high, this has never been a hindrance for immigration into Australia as the country receives an influx of migrants from different parts of the world, especially Nigeria every year.

Australia is a country with active, working laws; it is very wealthy as well, and because it is an English speaking country, many Nigerians settle in very quickly and are very comfortable over there. There exist many opportunities for Nigerians over there and as earlier mentioned, as long as your reasons for travelling to the country are valid, you will be welcome with open arms.


Belgium is a European country where you can find many native English and French speakers. It is another country to easily migrate to from Nigeria as well. You may be surprised to get your visa in record time when you want to migrate to this European country and this is due to the fact that it is not as competitive as travelling to the United States or the United Kingdom.

As a Nigerian seeking greener pastures in Belgium, you will need to have gotten a job over there so as to be granted a permanent residency visa. You can apply from Nigeria as well to get the job, and once you land a job over there, you will be eligible to apply for a residency permit after working for two weeks on getting to Belgium. You will need to keep working in order to get your residency permit.

If you are also looking to invest in a business in Belgium, the country offers you the environment to do so as long as your business is legal. Belgium is investor friendly and will welcome businesses that are genuine to operate and improve their economy even further. As an investor or entrepreneur, Belgium offers you residence by investment.

If you are relocating to the country or you plan staying for more than a year, you will need to apply for a category D long stay Belgian visa. You will need to apply for a long stay immigrant visa at the Embassy of Belgium in Nigeria or their consulate in the country or via their local Belgium civil administration offices or town hall in Belgium. The type of visa that you will apply for when emigrating to Belgium depends on your reasons/purposes for travelling.

The advantages of Belgium residency visa or residency permit to a Nigerian includes the following:

  • No limitation on your number of stay for one year
  • Access to the friendly business environment in Belgium
  • No restrictions on dual citizenship.

The Belgium residency programme also allows you to move permanently to Belgium with your family. Permanent residents from other countries enjoy similar rights and privileges as Belgian citizens. These rights and privileges include the following:

  • Employment
  • Education
  • Welfare benefits and even the right to vote, etc.

Belgian citizenship on the other hand grants additional privileges to an immigrant which include the right to leave the country for up to two years without losing their status.


Mexico is also among the easiest countries in the world to migrate to from Nigeria. This North American country is a beautiful place to be. The best way to emigrate to Mexico from Nigeria is by applying for an FMM visa. This visa type is available at any airport or border location for just $21 and it expires in six months, after which it can be renewed it for as long as you want.

The number of times for the renewal of an FMM visa is limitless but one disadvantage about this particular visa type is that you cannot work with it. You can however, upgrade to a temporary residency for a little fee that is more than what you will be required to pay if you wanted to renew an FMM visa, once this is done, you can be allowed to work. In order to apply for a temporary visa in Mexico, you may have to leave Nigeria for a while.


Ecuador is a beautiful country located in South America; it is named after the Equator which runs through it, and it is one of the easiest places to migrate to as a Nigerian because many people from Nigeria do not apply to travel to this beautiful country that much and getting a residency permit is quite easy. Apart from that, one down side about Ecuador is getting a job there as this can be a little difficult, nevertheless, one can still find something doing with the right approach and determination as the country is business friendly.

Ecuador has beautiful sceneries ranging from mountain peaks to volcanoes, beaches, islands, etc. In order to get permanent residence in Ecuador easily, the best way to go about it is to obtain a pensioner’s visa. This visa, while it is designed for retirees, actually does not have any age limits/requirements to get one. All you need is to prove to the authorities that you will receive $800 every month for the duration of your stay, no matter how long that is.


Belize is a Central American country with a population of 408,487 people. It is predominantly English speaking with other continental and regional languages noticeable as well. Since English is the official language spoken in this country, it should help a Nigerian settle well on their arrival.

Belize has easy immigration policies, and to get into the country, you will need a 30-day visitor visa and you will keep renewing it every month once it expires, until you will have lived there for 50 weeks. Once 50 weeks are over, you will need to pay the sum of $1000 and meet some government requirements, then you are eligible to a permanent residency.

Some districts in Belize will require you to leave the country for two weeks every six months. This helps to reset the clock on your 50-week requirement for a residency permit but if you need to work while you wait for permanent residency in the country, then, you will be required to secure a work permit.

The Embassy of Belize in Abuja or its consulate in Nigeria can issue a visa at the cost of just $25. A Nigerian who wants to reside permanently in that country may apply for permanent residence permit after legally residing in Belize for at least one year. Residency fees depend on the nationality of the applicant, varying from country to country. If you want to become a citizen of the country, you must possess a permanent residence certificate or must have resided in Belize for at least five years.


Costa Rica is another destination to consider if you are a Nigerian and want to go abroad easily. The cost of living in the country is not too high and with about $2,500 per month, a couple can live comfortably over there. There is a retiree programme in Costa Rica that is designed for people looking to retire and you may be eligible for this if you can prove that you earn about $1,000 per month in income. In order to get permanent residency in Costa Rica, you will need to find a job.


Paraguay is located in South America and the country is by far one of the easiest to migrate to as a Nigerian from Nigeria. The cost of living in Paraguay is low and it is quite easy to scale through with the requirements for immigrating into the country. The processes of securing a Paraguayan visa and residency permit are not all that stressful.

If you are an immigrant who desires to stay permanently in the country, you will be required to pay a deposit of a certain amount of dollars in a Paraguayan bank. This deposit must equal roughly 35 times the monthly minimum wage of the country, and the amount is between $4,500 – $5,500 (United States Dollars). This is all it takes to live in Paraguay indefinitely, and after three years you can apply for citizenship.


Austria is a country in Europe. It is one of the best places in the world to migrate to as a Nigerian, especially if you are a student. A benefit of migrating to Austria as a student is that you will receive free tuition, and the cost of living over there is not all that expensive. If you want to travel from Nigeria, you can visit the Austrian visa application centre in Lagos or Abuja to know the full requirements for specific visa type required for your studies.

Some Major required documents include the following:

  • New biometric passports
  • Health insurance
  • Travel insurance, etc.

Other visa types available to Nigerians who wish to travel to Austria include:

  • Austrian Airport Visa
  • Austrian Tourist Visa
  • Austrian Visitor Visa
  • Austrian Business Visa
  • Austrian Visa for official visit, etc.


Panama is a central American country that is home to many English speakers. Its capital is Panama City and its currency is the United States Dollar. This country is among the select countries in this list that many Nigerians can easily travel to.

Panama’s retiree visa requires that you earn a monthly income of $1,000, and if you are not old enough to retire, you will be required to deposit about $5,000 in a Panamanian bank and this is what you need in order to obtain permanent residency. If you are privileged to come from one of 50 countries that are friendly to Panama, such as the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Austria, you will be eligible for a Friendly Nations visa but in order to become a citizen, you will need a job.


All over the world, immigration is not an easy, straightforward process but the above mentioned countries are where you can easily travel to from Nigeria as a Nigerian when you compare with other countries. Do ensure to enquire about the necessary requirements that makes you eligible to travel to any one of these countries and present them where necessary, and you are good to go.

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