Top 10 Best Paint Brands In Nigeria (2023)

This article contains comprehensive information on the top 10 best paint brands in Nigeria this 2023. In many parts of the country today, building a house, an office, a school, a place of worship, a hospital, etc, isn’t considered complete without painting it, as paints bring out the beauty of any magnificent edifice through specific colours that come alive in the mind of the viewer or beholder, and there are just the right brands that are very popular among Nigerians.

Top 10 Best Paint Brands In Nigeria

Of a truth, many paint companies have presence all over the federation, especially in Lagos State, the commercial capital of Nigeria but not all can boast of having the kind of patronage that the leading paint brands in our list command. This is a testament to their superior quality and longevity in the paint market in the country over the years, giving them a status higher than other brands in the hearts of many Nigerians.

The different kinds of paints obtainable in the market can be categorized into two, namely: the decorative paints and the industrial paints,of which decorative paints are mainly used for painting the interior and exterior of a house and the industrial paints are for other purposes, chief of which is industrial paintings.

Still, when it comes to decorative paints, they include: emulsion, gloss, silk or satin, while industrial paints include: motor vehicle paints, marine paints, wood, road markings, bright aluminium, bituminous, to mention but a few. All these are produced by some of the best paint brands in the business and we encourage you to kindly continue reading to know more about the top most popular paint brands in Nigeria today.


Listed below are the 10 best and most popular paint brands in Nigeria this 2023 in no particular order:


Berger Paints is undoubtedly one of the best paint brands in Nigeria currently, if not the best. The brand is nothing short of top quality and it is widely patronized in Nigeria today. Berger Paints produces different categories of paints to suit the needs of various individuals depending on what they want and these paints include Luxol Emulsion, Fire Resistant Texcote, the Luxol Gloss, etc.

Berger Paints was formerly known as British Paints (W.A.) Limited, and it is the first paint manufacturing company in the country to be quoted on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1973. Currently, Berger Paints Nigeria produces paints for decorative and architectural purposes, industrial coatings, marine and protection coatings, automotive and vehicle refinishes, wood finishing, etc. The headquarters of the company is at Oba Akran Road, Ikeja, Lagos State, and they operate over twenty-five depots across the federation.


Another top quality paint brand in Nigeria is Dulux Paints. Dulux is a global brand that operates through CAP Plc in Nigeria. Dulux Paints, much like Berger Paints, is a leading brand in the revolution of top quality paint production in the country. The brand offers durability and beauty that beats any other and through the company’s colour centres that were established in 2015, the brand distributes its products to wholesalers and retailers across the federation. Dulux Paints offer over one hundred and twenty (120) colours scheming with high speed and precision. When thinking of the paint brand for your next big building project, Dulux should be high on your list.


Meyer Paints is also one of the leading paint brands in Nigeria today. The company has been in the paint business for a very long time now, since 1960 and has steadily enhanced its reputation as one of the producers of top quality paints in the country over these years. Meyer Plc manufactures and markets high quality paints such as Architectural Paints, Wood Paints, Auto refinishes, Industrial and Marine, Road lining Paints, Roof coatings, Tube coatings, HP coatings and Adhesives. Their products are expertly formulated, durable and long lasting, characterized by high spread in coating, and they come in amazing colours.


Chemstar Paints Ind. (Nig.) Ltd, makers of Finecoat Paints, one of the best and most popular paint brands in Nigeria, was incorporated on May 23, 1995 and the company immediately commenced manufacturing and marketing of good quality paints and allied products from a rented one room and shop apartment at 26, Kayode Street, Ijaiye, Ogba. Chemstar Paints Ind. (Nig.) Ltd has since moved to their ultramodern Corporate Headquarters at KM 32, Finecoat Bus Stop, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Alagbado, Lagos.

Over the years, Chemstar Paints has introduced various ranges of local and international award winning products into the market, and they include but are not limited to the following: Finecoat Acrylic Textured Paint, a high build heavily textured product, guaranteed to give a beautiful and protective finish because of its special build and pigments contained therein. It is alkaline and weather resistant and offers a long lasting protection for concrete and masonry; Finecoat Acrylic Emulsion Paint and Finecoat P.O.P. Emulsion Quality Paint, which are high quality emulsion paints for internal and external uses. They are both fortified with light fast and weather stable pigments and guaranteed to give a very smooth finish.


President Paints is one of the pioneers of the indigenous and leading Paints Manufacturing company in Nigeria. Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, with development facilities and over 500 retail locations nationwide, the company is indeed a market leader in the paint business in the country. They produce quality paints ranging from wall satin to water based vanish and other types of paints such as vinyl silk emulsion, emulsion, wood finishes, marine coating, etc.


Eagle Paints is a decorative paint manufacturing company incorporated in 1979 in Lagos Nigeria. This brand offers various paint products in different colours. The brand is a market leader in Nigeria where it is synonymous with high quality and good value for money. With over 30 distribution outlets in the country and exporting to the West African market, Eagle Paints sees itself as an international manufacturer and supplier of decorative paints and products for surface treatments. Eagle Paints is one of Nigeria’s success stories in direct sales. Their specialties include: emulsions, gloss, eggshell, textured coatings, colour consulting/painting/product advice, interior/exterior coatings, to mention but a few.


Portland Paints and Products Nigeria Plc commenced business as a small division of a large cement manufacturing company, West African Portland Cement (WAPCO). It was incorporated into a limited liability company in 1985. Portland Paints and Products Nigeria Plc became an independent company in 2004 and later became a public company on April 24, 2008. It was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange on July 9, 2009. The company became a subsidiary of UAC of Nigeria Plc in June 2013 after UAC acquired 51% equity stake in the company.

Portland Paints is a leading paints company with decades of experience in manufacturing, distributing and marketing a wide array of Decorative, Automotive and Industrial Paints, Marine and Protective Coatings and Sanitaryware that support the building, construction and Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria. Their flagship brand is Sandtex, a high quality decorative paint which have been formulated after many extensive researches to provide protection and aesthetics for all types of residential and commercial buildings.


IPWA Plc, formerly known as International Paints West Africa Limited, is one of the oldest paint companies in Nigeria. It was established in the year 1961 and they are the second paint company to be established in the country. Their paints are available in various colours and are produced to meet international standards. IPWA Plc has excellent tradition of producing high quality paints for the following markets: Marine and Protective Coatings, Industrial Paints, Wood Finishes, Architecture/Building Paints, Packaging Coating, Automotive Refinishes, etc. Essentially, this paint company operates at the high end of the Paint market where good quality is prime consideration for purchase of products.


Premier Paints is a leading paint brand in Nigeria. The company’s range of products include decorative paints, auto-refinishes, wood finishes, industrial coatings, marine and protective coatings, to mention but a few. The company is headquartered in Ogun state and distributes their products nationwide.


Intercolor Industries Limited is one of Nigeria’s leading Paint brands and has been in operation for over 16 years. The company is a leading and innovative Nigerian high end paint manufacturer with some product novelties to their credit. Their products include interior and exterior paints, enamel paints, screeding paints, and specialty paints.

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