Top 10 Best Food Blogs In Nigeria (2023)

This article is about the top 10 best food blogs in Nigeria currently in this year 2023. If you are a foodie and you have love for delicious, well prepared continental and African dishes, this article is for you as it will point you to some of the best places on the internet in Nigeria where you can go to in order to learn one or two things about so many amazing recipes and feed your eyes with the gorgeousness of beautifully taken photos of your favourite meals.

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You can also develop your own meal plan from some of these food blogs which will be a great resource to you should you have the need to try out and stick to certain cuisines as the days and weeks go by. Without further ado, let us dive into this discussion and as usual, we ask that you kindly continue reading to find out what these leading food blogs in Nigeria are today.


The following are the 10 best and most popular food blogs in Nigeria this 2023 in no particular order:


9jafoodie is a popular food blog in Nigeria that is owned by Ronke Edoho, a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) who also doubles as a Certified Nutrition and Clinical Weight Loss Specialist. The aim of 9jafoodie is to improve wellbeing through better nutrition by providing easy to follow wholesome recipes to homecooks. Recipes on this top food blog in Nigeria are rooted in tradition and often presented with a little modern flair, and with the new recipes that they create, they aim to serve a purpose to their numerous audiences beyond appeal.


Afrolems is an African food blog with a specialization in Nigerian Food. Their main focus is to stylize African food so it can be internationalized. They aim to educate their followers with kitchen tips, Cooking Know-hows and interesting recipes from all over Africa and just modifications of recipes from other cultures. They also like to play with foreign recipes as well. Afrolems are also in the process of developing creative resources for African catering professionals to take advantage of, and they have a few plans lined up. You can Google search them for more information.


All Nigerian Recipes is a leading food blog in Nigeria that explains recipes that are totally Nigerian, discusses Nigerian food recipes and gives free cooking advice in the language you will understand. If you are searching for that Nigerian food recipe for a meal that you have always wondered how it was prepared or you have a party coming up and you need ideas on what food to prepare, All Nigerian Recipes is your go-to food blog.


If you are looking for quick, simple and easy Nigerian recipes then All Nigerian Foods is the right place for you. Whether you are new to Naija foods or you are just looking to improve your menu, there are a plethora of Nigerian food recipes in this food blog, a wide range of options for you to choose from.


Dobby’s Signature is yet another one of the top food blogs in Nigeria that you should visit. They have interesting meal plans that can help you plan your meals per day if you are someone who doesn’t know how to plan their meals. Dobby’s signature teaches how to make and store some of the best food recipes in the country as well as home made drinks that go really well with these foods.


Kitchen Butterfly is a Nigerian food blog owned by Ozoz Sokoh, a Nigerian food explorer, culinary anthropologist and food historian passionate about food in its entirety – cooking, eating, dreaming, researching, writing, photographing and styling it , especially on her blog. The owner of this website describes herself as a ‘Traveller by plate’, and she uses foodways – the social, cultural and economic practices relating to the production and consumption of food to explore the world because ‘Food is more than eating’.


KikiFoodies is owned by Kiki, the cook, recipe developer, food stylist, photographer and videographer behind the website. The goal of the owner of this food blog is to share with you her love for food as well as her passion for making delicious and beautifully presented home-made recipes that you can very easily recreate at the comfort of your home.


Sisi Jemimah is a food blog which features delicious, family friendly recipes with thoroughly detailed step-by-step preparation methods, supported with accurate photos. On the food blog, you will find meal preparation instructions for mouth watering dishes delivered with utmost ease and simplicity.


SisiYemmie is one of the best food blogs in Nigeria. The site teaches on how to make some of the tastiest meals you can think of as a Nigerian. If you are looking to expand your culinary horizon and try something new and exciting, SisiYemmie is your go-to food blog.


Chef Lola’s Kitchen completes this list of the best food blogs in Nigeria today. This website is filled with beautiful pictures of foods that will keep you salivating, and teach you how to prepare them. Foods featured on this food blog include continental and African dishes as well as pastries and snacks that leaves you wanting more. A quick Google search can help you know more about this food blog. You’ll be glad you did.

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