Top 10 Best Discussion Forums In Nigeria (2023)

This article is about the top 10 best discussion forums in Nigeria this 2023. As a result of the increase in Internet usage which has directly increased social networking, a host of discussion forums or fora have emerged in the country where people congregate online to discuss and share ideas about particular trending topics for the purposes of passing the latest information to members and subscribers. As we proceed, we will list and enlighten you about the very best discussion fora in the country today.

Top 10 Best Discussion Forums In Nigeria

Discussion forums are online communities or websites where information are shared among members of these platforms for the purposes of enlightening every member of the forums as well as visitors to the site who are looking for information on particular topics that are peculiar to their online search. Discussion forums are different from blogs in that anyone can share information about what they know on these online community platforms so that everyone can discuss and benefit from the shared knowledge and while at it, there are moderators ensuring that the activities of the users are in line with the vision of the founder or owner of the forum.

In Nigeria today, there are many popular online discussion fora that one can visit to learn about the latest trends and get the latest information about health, employment opportunities, to mention but a few, and below are the leading forums in Nigeria today. Kindly continue reading below to find out what they are.


The following are the 10 best and most popular discussion forums/fora in Nigeria this 2023:


Nairaland is by far the best, most popular and most active discussion forum in Nigeria today. It was developed in the year 2005 by Seun Osewa, and since its inception, this forum has grown in leaps and bounds. It is very popular among many Nigerians and Africans in general and it is currently one of the most visited websites in Nigeria. Nairaland has over 4 million topics and several users, and with information being put out everyday on the forum, it has become a trusted source for people with particular search interests.


GistMania is yet another popular Nigerian discussion forum that many Nigerians love to visit and connect with others. It is a very a very active Nigerian forum that focuses mainly on topics such as entertainment, news, and gossips in Nigeria. This particular Nigerian discussion forum is actively updated with new entertainment gist daily, and it is also linked with NaijaPals, another top discussion forum in the country.


NaijaPals also features on this list of best discussion forums in Nigeria today and this community is mainly focused on contents such as Nigerian movies, music, and news. By joining this popular discussion forum in Nigeria as as a bona-fide member, you have access to watch and download movies and music for free.


Nigeria’s Creative Talents (NCT) Forum is a popular online community in the country for creative and productive content in the area of technology and tech gadgets related topics. The forum has over 8,000 members and about 55,000 posts from which you can enjoy quality tech content.


The Nigeria Message Board, just like Nairaland provides quality content and information for users. Upon joining this online discussion forum, you gain access to interact with other users in order to get answers to your search questions. This online discussion forum was established in 2014, and it has continued to do well despite other fora springing up.


Nigerian Best Forum focuses was created to appeal to many young people and it focuses more on topics relating to employment opportunities, education, career, business, health, arts, to mention but a few. This online discussion forum is modelled like Nairaland, and it encourages users to interact with one another on several topics.


6Ters Forum was established in the year 2015 and is currently living up to its expectations of connecting many Nigerians online. 6Ters Forum ranks as one of the best online discussion forums in Nigeria today, and it promotes quality information and content on the website that spans different sections and topics.


Gurus Lodge sits comfortably on this list of best online discussion forums in Nigeria as a result of its quality tech contents that appeal to tech gurus all over the country. Discussions on this platform surround tech and tech gadgets such as smartphones, computers and their accessories, etc.


EarlyFace Forum is a discussion platform that allows Nigerian users to discuss on various topics ranging from sports, tutorials, news updates, education, relationships and games. It allows many of its subscribers to discuss about Nigeria and Nigerians and it is characterised by quality information and content the. EarlyFace forum is today, one of the best online discussion forums in Nigeria.


EveryoneKnows forum is a very popular online discussion forum in Nigeria currently. It is different from other fora in the country because it was developed mainly as a question and answer forum. This particular Nigerian online discussion forum is centred on answering questions asked by users through the opinions of other members. EveryoneKnows is modelled after Quora, a leading international question and answer online community, you can call it the “Nigerian Quora” as many users on the are known to contribute knowledge and thoughtful answers to different problems faced by many people.

Other worthy mentions include the following:

  • Ask Naija Forum
  • NG Student Forum
  • Best Naija Forum
  • Jackobian Forum.

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