Top 10 Best Agricultural Companies In Nigeria (2023)

This article is about the top 10 best agricultural companies in Nigeria this 2023. Agricultural companies, also known as agro-allied companies in the country are involved in agribusiness, which is the business that encompasses all economic activities related to farming. Agro-allied companies are top companies in the country that depend on agriculture for their raw materials in order to run their businesses successfully so as to produce finished goods that are useful to humans and animals.

Top 10 Best Agricultural Companies In Nigeria

In Nigeria today agribusiness is very profitable. This business is so lucrative that many top industry players have ventured into it as it is seen as a very good alternative to the money made from crude oil, and seeing that many people in the country depend on agricultural products for their daily living, these top agricultural companies in Nigeria have helped to bridge the gap between production and distribution to the final consumer to ensure that there is enough food for all in the land.

With the latest technological trends in the 21st century, many of the agro-allied companies in Nigeria featured in this list have been able to rise to the occasion to transform the way agriculture is done in the country so as to daily meet the needs of millions of people in the federation who depend on their numerous products for sustenance of their lives as well as that of their animals, adding value to the country in the process and bettering the lives of many people either directly or indirectly. With that said, let us take a detailed look at the top agricultural companies in Nigeria today below.


The following are the 10 best and most popular agricultural/agro-allied companies in Nigeria this 2023 in no particular order:


Olam is a top agricultural company in Nigeria that was established in the year 1989, and ever since then, this agro-allied company has grown so big that it now has its world headquarters in Singapore. The company is a leading food and agribusiness that supplies food ingredients, feed and fibre to numerous customers worldwide, ranging from multinational organisations with world famous brands to small family run businesses. Olam International operates in 60 countries worldwide and this top agricultural company is among the largest suppliers of cocoa beans and products, coffee, cotton and rice in the world.


Flour Mills of Nigeria (FMN) is yet another top food and agro-allied company in Nigeria today. The company was incorporated in September 1960 as a limited liability company and pioneer wheat miller in Nigeria but has grown into what is now one of the biggest brands in the foods and agro-allied industry in not just Nigeria alone but Africa at large. The group’s operations can be categorised into four major sectors of Food, Sugar, Agro-allied, and Support services.

Their foray into the Agric sector started in 1978, with the acquisition of a 10,000-hectare farm in Kaboji, Niger State as part of an investment and expansion strategy designed to create value in the supply chain and reduce the reliance on imported raw materials. Since then, they have made substantial investments in the primary processing of locally grown soybean, palm fruit, cassava, maize, sugar cane, sorghum, and the storage, aggregation and distribution of locally sourced grains.

FMN is passionate about feeding the nation and has done this for over fifty years, having maintained a rich tradition of enhancing the quality of living for Nigerian families by producing a wholesome portfolio of food options. The company’s iconic food brand, “Golden Penny”, is a household name that is trusted by many for good food and for daily nourishment.


Stallion Group is a diversified company with an agribusiness arm. It is one of the largest agricultural companies in Nigeria today. The company is very well known for its rice production, and it has established world class rice mills at strategic locations, to promote milling locally. The company works with the farming community and encourages them to use the most recent technologies and practices in farming for increased local production of paddy and other agric based products and thus fosters food sufficiency.


Dangote Group, one of the top manufacturing companies in Nigeria, is yet another diversified conglomerate with interests in the agricultural sector. The agricultural arm of the Dangote group is into sugar milling, sugar refining, salt refining, rice farming, fertilizer production and the production of agro sacks. The company also operates a pasta business that helps feed millions of people in Nigeria on a daily basis. It is owned by Aliko Dangote, one of the richest men in Nigeria today.


BUA Group, owned by Abdulsamad Rabiu, another one of the richest men in Nigeria, is yet another diversified conglomerate with interest in agriculture. They are a large agribusiness company in Nigeria that are into sugar processing, production of edible oils, rice processing, the production of flour and flour products, as well as the distribution of agricultural and industrial chemicals.


Indorama Eleme Fertilizer & Chemicals Limited (IFL), a subsidiary of Indorama Corporation, is a global manufacturing conglomerate operating across Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas, operating the world’s largest single train urea plant in Nigeria since June 2016. IFL is the largest fertilizer producer in Sub-Saharan Africa. This top agricultural company in Nigeria specializes in the manufacture of quality fertilizers that promote plant growth and ensure optimum crop yield. Their fertilizers are a farmer’s delight and they have been long enough in the industry to be trusted by millions of farmers in Nigeria and across Africa.


Obasanjo Farms is situated in Ota, Ogun State. It is owned by former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and it is one of the biggest agricultural companies in the country today. Obasanjo farms has been feeding the nation since 1979 and for more than four decades, they have pioneered agriculture systems that have changed the way farming is done in the country. Obasanjo farms mainly deals in poultry farming, offering some of the best poultry products in the market along with pork, rabbit and grass cutter to consumers. They also help to provide tools, machinery and services to their fellow partners in the agriculture industry in order to help them grow their agribusiness.


SeedCo Nigeria is a joint venture seed company between Seed Co West Africa Limited and SARO Agrosciences Nigeria Limited that commenced operations in Nigeria in 2014. The company was saddled with the responsibility of revolutionising the maize value chain by producing high-yielding hybrid maize varieties in Nigeria. It is their vision to be the dominant and distinct hybrid maize producer and pacesetter in seed innovation in the country. They have been able to achieve this by playing a leading role in the market share of the hybrid seed industry, as well as leading in innovation for yield enhancements, becoming a known brand for farmers in the country in the process.


Crest Agro Products Limited (CAP) was incorporated in 2013 to produce high quality cassava starch for the food processing, pharmaceutical and textile industries. CAP, which is one of the top best agricultural companies in Nigeria today was established out of a strong belief in the transformative power of agriculture in the country. It is their believe that commercial farming and industrial processing have the potential to be key drivers of the Nigerian economy that is why their vision is to be the leading producer of food grade cassava starch for industrial users in Nigeria and the broader West Africa sub-region while their mission is to be the preferred supplier of food grade cassava starch, and select derivatives, to the multinational and indigenous commercial users of the product(s) that are operational in Nigeria and the broader West and Central African region.

Crest Agro Products Limited currently runs a fully automated processing plant with a capacity of 21600MT/annum of High Quality Cassava Starch (HQCS) located on a 70 hectare land at Achabo, Kogi Local Government Area in Kogi State.


Chi Ajanla farms Limited is a subsidiary of Chi Limited, and it is an integrated agro-allied company that has been in active business for nearly thirty years in Nigeria. The company ranks among the top agricultural companies in Nigeria today employing modern technologies and seasoned crop of professionals on board of its management to drive their overall capacity towards contributing their quota to National food security. The company’s operations headquarters is located at Ajanla Village, Off KM 20 Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Other worthy mentions include:

  • Farmcrowdy
  • AgroMall
  • Babban Gona.

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