Top 10 States With The Most Beautiful Women In Nigeria (2023)

There are many States in Nigeria that can lay claim to being home to many of the most beautiful women in the country, and while this can be true judging from the numerous good looking and graceful women that can be found in these States, many people in the country today have no clear idea of which State in Nigeria has the highest population of ravishing and irresistible women the country has ever seen. What this article seeks to do is to give you, our numerous readers the full list of the undisputed ten States with the most beautiful and attractive women in Nigeria this 2023, and without further ado, let’s dive in.

States With The Most Beautiful Women In Nigeria


The following are the top 10 States with the highest number of beautiful women in Nigeria this 2023:


Without an iota of doubt, Imo women are the most beautiful women in Nigeria today, especially those from the Owerri area and its surrounding environment. They are blessed with charm and grace and their attractive figures has endeared them to many Nigerians with the term “ukwu nwanyi Owerre” now being used to affectionately describe many women with shapely bodies, irrespective of where they might have originated from anywhere in Nigeria. Many Imo girls are supremely beautiful and fair in complexion. This beauty of theirs never goes unnoticed and it is a strong contributing factor in their high number in the modeling and pageantry world in Nigeria today. Imo girls are also very educated, that is part of the reason why Imo State also ranks as the most educated State in Nigeria today.


Another State with the highest number of beautiful women in Nigeria today is Abia State. It is no coincidence that Abia State appears in this list as a close second to Imo State when it comes to the number of attractive and alluring women that can be found in this State, and this is because Abia State shares history and close connection with Imo State. Many Abia women and ladies are extremely beautiful, some are fair while others are dark but their beauty is a striking feature that never goes unnoticed. You only have to visit places like Umuahia and Aba in order to see first hand what we are talking about. Many Abia State girls are very shapely and it is little wonder why they also venture into modeling and are paid by brands to be the face of their companies.


Anambra State women also rank highly in our list of top 10 States with the most beautiful women in Nigeria today. Majority of them are fair in complexion with “skin like milk”. They are known to be very good cooks too and are very expensive to maintain. The beauty of Anambra State women never goes unnoticed. If you have been to places like Onitsha, Awka, Nnewi, Ihiala, to mention but a few, you will be greeted with an array of never ending good looking girls that are a sight for sore eyes.


Of course this list of States with the most beautiful women in Nigeria will not be meaningful without the inclusion of Lagos State which is the most developed State in Nigeria as well as the most populated. Lagos, the nation’s commercial capital boasts an array of stunning, irresistible and elegant women concentrated in different parts of the city-state and this is due to the cosmopolitan nature of Lagos. It is a melting pot of different people from different parts of the country and that is why it is very easy to spot different beautiful women in any part of the State that you are in.


A trip to Benin, Auchi, Okada, Fugar, to mention but a few in Edo State will give you a glimpse of the type of beauty we are talking about in this State with rich cultural and political history. Edo State women and girls are blessed with the kind of beauty that makes you stare. Whether light or dark skinned, these attractive women from Edo State will keep you in awe.


Rivers State also has some of the most beautiful women in Nigeria today. A vast majority of them can be found in Port Harcourt, the State capital. Also, the Kalabari women of Rivers State never fail to impress with their attractiveness and till date, they are the only tribe in the entire country that has produced the first and only Miss World ever from Nigeria in the person of Agbani Darego. To this day, Agbani Darego is a reference point for beauty and brains in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.


Katsina State features prominently as the State with the highest number of beautiful women and girls in the northern part of Nigeria, that is why it rightfully takes its place in this our list of the 10 Nigerian States with the most beautiful women. There is nowhere else in the country where you will find the highest concentration of the most beautiful and spotless fulani girls, who are very fair to look at, and attractive beyond words. Trust us when we say that there is beauty beyond those veiled eyes in Katsina State.


Not only are they attractive but when it comes to cooking impressive delicacies, not many women come close to Cross River girls, especially those from Calabar, the State Capital.


Enugu State also makes this list. Their women and girls are not just beautiful, but also very hard working. If you have ever been to places like Enugu, the State Capital and Nsukka, you will see first hand the beauty that emanates from this South-Eastern State.


Delta State ranks favorably when it comes to the list of Nigerian States with the highest number of beautiful women. Majority of their girls are chocolate to dark skinned, and they can be very beautiful but not too tall. Nevertheless, Delta girls are charming. You can find a large concentration of beautiful Delta girls in Asaba, the State Capital.


Ogun State women and girls women rank highly in beauty. They are Yoruba speaking of course and many of them are dark in complexion. These black beauties have what it takes to always turn heads wherever they are and they can be really intelligent too. Ogun State is almost as sophisticated as Lagos State seeing that they share boundaries, this is why many girls from Ogun State are very refined and classy.

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