Official Emergency Helplines in Lagos State

This post contains the official list of emergency phone numbers or helplines in Lagos State that you can contact if you are in trouble, harassed, or urgently need to report a case and you need help from the relevant agencies and authorities to do so.

Official Emergency Helplines in Lagos State

The emergency helplines in Lagos State have been set aside so that matters that require urgent attention from the State Government are looked into immediately, sooner, rather than later.

Nobody prays to have a medical emergency for instance or a robbery situation in their homes. Nobody also wishes to have a fire disaster or an accident on their way to work, school or a place of worship.

Sometimes, these things are inevitable and what you do or don’t do could prove the decisive action that could either save or lose a life.

It is very necessary to have the emergency numbers of the Police or Ambulance centres in the State. Also the Fire Service helpline comes in handy whenever there is a fire situation and you urgently need it controlled before it spreads and causes severe damage.

These aforementioned phone numbers and Helplines and other very important ones are included in this post so that you know what to do in the eventuality that you are faced with challenging issues that require Government intervention.

The State Government having recognized that there will be cases that require urgent attention and help, have set aside certain official emergency helplines in Lagos State that you should call when you are in distress.

This article serves as a guide to knowing the emergency help lines in Lagos State and residents in the State are encouraged to use these numbers as often as they can in order to make Lagos better.


Below is the list of official numbers to contact in Lagos State whenever you are faced with emergency situations that the State Government should be aware of, so that they can come to your aid as quickly as possible, without delay.

Emergency Management (LASEMA)

08060907333, 08023127654, 08022234870, 016574706, 016574714

The Nigeria Police

08033011052, 08056250710, 08033183477




014528031, 014731018

Fake Drugs/ Narcotics (Task Force)

08033213799, 08034975296

Distress Call

767, 112

Environmental & Special Offences Task Force


Refuse Issues (LAWMA)

5577 (Toll Free) 07080601020, 08023128099

Land Issues


Vehicle Registration/Driving Licence (MVAA)


Tax Issues (LIRS)

08033033121, 08033047270, 014979030-4

Fire/Safety Services

08033234943, 08023321770

Security Trust Fund


Signage/Outdoor Advertising(LASAA)

767, 112

Environmental/Noise Pollution (LASEPA)


Cutting of Roads (LASMIRA)


Broken Pipe/Water Leakage


Pot hole/Collapsed Road






Traffic Control (LASTMA)

08075005411, 08023111742, 08077551000

Rapid Response Squad (RRS)

08056250710, 08033482380, 08023127350, 08033355544, 017750715, 014970389, 014970062, 014931261, 014920388

Citizens Mediation CentreĀ 

08023128837, 07055003863

Office of Public Defender (Public Complaints)

01-8975571, 7926928

Open Corpse (SEHMU)

08034279776, 08033602259, 08023356540, 08030789190

Lagos Television (News Alert)


Radio Lagos/ EKO FM (News Alert)


Health Facilities Regulation (HEFAMA)

08033229049, 08023149120

Flooding/Blocked Drainage (EFAG)

08056145481, 08023298197, 08096019599, 08056145484, 08055988566

Environmental Monitoring

0803318347078, 08043705057, 08023036632

Ambulance Services (LASAMBUS/LASEMS)

08022887777, 08022883678, 08022887788, 01-7413744, 01-7930490, 01-7639939

Distressed/Collapsed Building (LASPPDA)

01-5931947, 4933658, 4931940, 7630854

Lagos State Safety Commission

0808-100-2233 (office line) , 0803-561-8669 (DG Line)

You are advised to feel free to call any of the phone numbers above if you need to report a case. You can also click the link to find out information on the official emergency helplines in Nigeria as well.

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