NNPC Salary Structure: What NNPC Workers Are Paid

The Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC is the National Oil Company of the country and working at such a place is the dream of many people due to job security and financial stability. This article presents in detail the salary structure of the NNPC, how much their workers earn per month. We shall consider certain NNPC job titles and see the take home pay of the workers occupying these positions.

NNPC Salary Structure

Being the national oil company, the NNPC regulates and supervises the oil industry which boasts the likes of Chevron, Shell, to mention but a few, on behalf of the Federal Government. It is true that the amount paid to the staff at NNPC is dwarfed by what is being paid to workers at the aforementioned multinational oil companies, notwithstanding, NNPC workers are still paid really attractive salaries and what they earn is much better than what most workers at many average companies are paid.

NNPC does not limit their employment to just engineers and geoscientists alone, and even if this category of workers are the most sort after, quite a number of people who are not scientists are added as part of their members of staff from time to time. One thing that makes NNPC attractive to work in is that the job is flexible and dynamic with a lot of incentives that come with their basic salary package, and as aforementioned, what their workers are paid is indeed very attractive.

If you have ever wondered how much NNPC workers earn per month or how much NNPC pays its staff, you should look no further as we will answer your questions based on some of their available job functions from interns to their entry level workers and their experienced staff members/managers.


A very important industry in Nigeria is the petroleum industry which to this day, the country is still very much dependent on, and because of the huge proceeds Nigeria generates from the oil and gas sector, it is little wonder why a vast majority of the country’s populace wants to work in this sector.

Whether you are science oriented or not, when your field of study is relevant to the NNPC, you can be rest assured that you will be employed if you meet all their requirements for the role they are employing you for. While The NNPC is not the highest paying oil and gas company in the country, they pay really attractive and impressive salaries to their members of staff.

You should note that NNPC salary varies according to the type of job you’re hired for and the location you are employed at. Their take home pay also varies from department to department, and those who earn the most are the board members and directors, followed by the engineers and geoscientists before others. With that in mind, let us now look at how much NNPC pays a select group of their most important workers.


Interns at NNPC are paid between ₦20,000 – ₦40,000 monthly. Internship is not a permanent job but a learning opportunity that spans the period between three months to two years and this helps the intern to gain valuable experience in the company, learn about oil and gas, interact with top professionals in the industry and occasionally work on the field if need be. Interns are the lowest earning workers at NNPC.


Entry level workers at NNPC are paid a basic salary between the range of ₦190,000 – ₦350,000 monthly. This starting salary for fresh graduates at NNPC is paid only to those who have completed their NYSC. The amount paid to them vary according to their job descriptions and it is subject to increase with time.

Generally, engineers and scientists earn more than graduates of other fields and disciplines at entry level. Bonuses and incentives can double the basic salary and the take home pay is subject to increase with time and experience on the job .


NNPC pays their experienced staff and managers a basic salary in the range between ₦500,000 – ₦1 million monthly and this depends on their level of experience in the company. Their managers in some fields within the company, possibly petroleum engineers, earn as high as ₦2 million. Salaries are not static and are subject to change.

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