Nigerian Navy Ranks And Salary Structure (2023)

This article is about the Nigerian Navy ranks and salary structure currently in this year 2023. Are you interested in the Nigerian Navy? Do you want to know about the Nigerian Navy ranks and salary structure so that you can understand for sure how much officers in the NN are paid per year? Then this post is meant for you. In this article, we have outlined the various ranks of the Nigerian Navy for commissioned and non-commissioned officers as well as their annual take home pay. You can also click the link to know more about the Naval Command Centres in Nigeria.

Nigerian Navy: Naval Command Bases in Nigeria

The Nigerian Navy is part of the Nigerian Armed Forces or Nigerian Military that is responsible for safeguarding the territorial waters of the country and they are under the command of the Chief of Naval Staff, CNS, the highest ranking commissioned Naval Officer who is under the Chief of Defence Staff, CDS, who in turn reports to the Minister of Defence who reports to the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

If you are interested in joining the Nigerian Navy via their Direct Short Service Course (DSSC), their Short Service Course (SSC) or through any other recruitment process of theirs, visit their recruitment portal Part of the things you should know are the names of the Chief of Naval Staff and other top naval officers with their ranks and the offices they occupy, the names of most of the Nigerian Navy war ships, Nigerian Navy bases in the country as well as the various ranks in the Navy from entry level to the highest position which is split between non-commissioned and commissioned officer ranks. You should also be familiar with general knowledge as well as Mathematics, English and the motto of the Nigerian Navy which is “Onward Together”.

Successful candidates will be contacted for interview and trained for a period of six months and this training is usually in Port Harcourt, if it changes, the Nigerian Navy will communicate it to the general public. Having said all that, let us now look at the various ranks of the Nigerian Navy commissioned and non-commissioned officers as well as their salary structure.


In the Nigerian Navy, just like other military forces in the country, officers are grouped into two different categories which are, the commissioned and non-commissioned officers. Majority of the senior officers in the Nigerian Navy fall under the first group of personnel which are regarded as commissioned while the junior officers belong to the second group known as non-commissioned officers. Having said that, let us now take a look at the ranks in the Nigerian Navy below:


There are twelve (12) ranks in the Nigerian Navy that make up the commissioned officers category and these are the senior officers in the NN. all commissioned ranks in the Nigerian Navy include the following:

  • Admiral of the Fleet
  • Admiral
  • Vice-Admiral
  • Rear Admiral
  • Commodore
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Sub-Lieutenant
  • Acting Sub-Lieutenant
  • Mid-Shipman


There are seven (7) ranks in the Nigerian Navy that comprise of the non-commissioned officers category. The ranks include the following:

  • Warrant Chief Petty Officer
  • Chief Petty Officer
  • Petty Officer
  • Leading Rating
  • Able Rating
  • Ordinary Rating
  • Trainee



For commissioned officers in the Nigerian Navy, the Mid-Shipman is the lowest rank. This rank is equivalent to the rank of Pilot Officer in the Nigerian Air Force and the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army.


This rank is above the Mid-Shipman and below rank of Lieutenant in the Nigerian Navy. It is equivalent to the rank of Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army and Flying Officer in the Nigerian Air Force.


The Nigerian Navy rank of Lieutenant is equivalent to the rank of Captain in the Nigerian Army and the rank of Flight Lieutenant in the Nigerian Air Force.


This rank is equivalent to the rank of Major in the Nigerian Army and the rank of Squadron Leader in the Nigerian Air Force.


This naval rank is directly above the Lieutenant-Commander and below the rank of Captain. It is equivalent to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in the Nigerian Army and the rank of Wing Commander in the Nigerian Air Force.


The Nigerian Navy rank of Captain is equivalent to the rank of Colonel in the Nigerian Army and Group Captain in the Nigerian Air Force. This rank is above that of the Commander and below the rank of Commodore. Captains are usually in charge of largest ships at sea.


This Commodore rank in the Nigeria Navy is above the rank of Captain and below that of the Rear-admiral. It is equivalent to Brigadier in the Nigerian Army and Air Commodore in the Nigerian Air Force.


The Rear Admiral rank in the Nigerian Navy is equivalent to Major-General in the Nigerian Army and Air Vice Marshal in the Nigerian Air Force. This rank is directly below the Vice admiral and above the Commodore.


The rank of Vice Admiral is equivalent to that of Lieutenant-General in the Nigerian Army and Air Marshal in the Nigerain Air Force. It is above the Rear Admiral and below the Admiral.


In Nigeria, the rank of Admiral is the highest rank in the Nigerian Navy. It is equivalent to the rank of General in the Nigerian Army and Air Chief Marshal in the Nigerian Air Force. It is directly above the Vice Marshal Rank and below the rank of Admiral of the Fleet.


This rank is the highest rank in the Nigerian Navy. There is no current holder of this rank in the Nigerian Navy currently and it is  usually given to officers who have achieved extraordinary feats. This rank is rarely conferred on anyone these days. It is equivalent to the rank of Field Marshal in the Nigerian Army and Marshal of the Air Force in the Nigerian Air Force.


The Nigerian Navy Salary Structure per year is determined by the Consolidated Armed Forces Salary Structure (CONAFSS) of the National Salaries Income and Wages Commission (NSIWC). Be informed that salaries are subject to change. Having said that, below are the salary ranges of Nigerian Navy officers per year:


The salary of commissioned officers who are senior ranking officers in the Nigerian Navy this 2023 are as follows:

  • Admiral: ₦16,303,140 – ₦20,691,400 per annum
  • Vice Admiral: ₦13,363,229 – ₦17,837,414 per annum
  • Rear-Admiral: ₦12,038,945 – ₦16,516,124 per annum
  • Commodore: ₦7,396,656 – ₦8,134,745 per annum
  • Captain: ₦3,726,659 – ₦4,231,579 per annum
  • Commander: ₦3,390,886 – ₦3,895,033 per annum
  • Lieutenant Commander: ₦2,558,956 – ₦2,976,052 per annum
  • Lieutenant: ₦2,404,037 – ₦2,789,818 per annum
  • Sub-Lieutenant: ₦2,255,911 – ₦2,630,801 per annum
  • Mid-Shipman: ₦2,077,875 – ₦2,245,909 per annum


Nigerian Navy salary structure for junior ranking officers this 2023 are as follows:

  • Navy Warrant Officer: ₦1,908,718 – ₦2,061,520 per annum
  • Master Warrant Officer: ₦1,783,029 – ₦1,962,697 per annum
  • Warrant Officer: ₦1,022,320 – ₦1,192,499 per annum
  • Cadet (Training): ₦471,038 – ₦534,773 per annum.

If we are to break the salary structure of what these various Nigerian Navy ranking officers from highest to lowest earn per month, the monthly salary range of the Nigerian Navy personnel will look like this:


  • Admiral: ₦1,358,140 – ₦1,724,283 monthly
  • Vice Admiral: ₦1,113,602 – ₦1,486,451 monthly
  • Rear-Admiral: ₦1,003,245 – ₦1,376,343 monthly
  • Commodore: ₦616,388 – ₦677,895 monthly
  • Captain: ₦310,554 – ₦352,631 monthly
  • Commander: ₦282,574 – ₦324,584 monthly
  • Lieutenant Commander: ₦213,246 – ₦248,004 monthly
  • Lieutenant: ₦200,336 – ₦232,485 monthly
  • Sub-Lieutenant: ₦185,493 – ₦219,233 monthly
  • Mid-Shipman: ₦173,156 – ₦187,159 monthly.


  • Navy Warrant Officer: ₦159,060 – ₦171,793 monthly
  • Master Warrant Officer: ₦148,586 – ₦163,558 monthly
  • Warrant Officer: ₦85,193 – ₦99,375 monthly
  • Cadet (Training): ₦39,253 – ₦44,564 monthly.

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    1. Kindly read the instruction carefully concerning the rank or grade level of anybody signing your form. When I wrote in the past, the criterion for a police officer was that he must have attained the rank of CSP, that is, Chief Superintendent of Police before he can sign and no, he mustn’t necessarily come from your State of Origin. He just has to attest that you’re of good character, etc.

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    1. Hi Tianah,

      Yes you are required to go with the Nigerian Navy DSSC forms to the venue so that you will be properly verified and allowed to write the Navy exams. As for the Nigerian Navy past questions, I know someone who sells it at a good rate. Send an email to me via and I’ll brief you on what to do.

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    1. Hi Isah, you should try again, maybe in the night to see if you can access the Nigerian Navy portal again. The update from the Navy website states that the portal has been opened again for a short period of time to allow candidates print their required documents. Kindly do the needful while the opportunity lasts.

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