Nigerian Army Salary Structure Currently (2023)

In this article, we shall be looking at the Nigerian Army salary structure currently this 2023. If you would love to join the Nigerian Army and you need information on their current salary structure and range, this information would prove very useful to you. The Nigerian Army is the largest of the component of the Nigerian Military and its primary function is to take responsibility for all land warfare operations and to protect and defend Nigeria’s territorial integrity on land and it is governed by the Nigerian Army Council.

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Due to the military might of Nigeria, especially her army, our country is widely regarded as a regional power and exercises regional hegemony in West Africa. This means that Nigeria has unrivalled power and influence over the entire West African region. Also, in world affairs, Nigeria ranks as a middle power and she has a moderate influence in world affairs largely due to the role our armed forces, especially the army, play on the world stage. Currently, the Nigerian army is among the best and most equipped land forces in Africa.

The Nigerian army was founded in 1960 and it is an offshoot of the Royal West African Frontier Force that was the active military force in the country during the colonial period. Since independence, the name change from RWAFF was necessary to give our military an indigenous identity, totally independent of foreign influence. Currently, the Nigerian Army has grown and as at present, it consists of Nine (9) formations all over the federation. The formations of the Nigerian Army include the following:

Current formations include:

  • 1 Division, headquartered in Kaduna
  • 2 Division, headquartered in Ibadan
  • 3 Armoured Division, headquartered in Jos
  • 6th Amphibious Division, headquartered in  Port Harcourt
  • 7th Infantry Division (OP-LD) headquartered in Maiduguri
  • 8th Division, headquartered in Sokoto
  • 81st Amphibious Division, headquartered in Lagos
  • 82nd Airborne and Amphibious Division, headquartered in Enugu
  • Training and Doctrine Command, headquartered in Minna.


These are the salaries of the commissioned and non-commissioned officers of the Nigerian Army this 2023. Contrary to many beliefs that the Nigerian army receives massive pay cheques per month for their services to the nation, what they actually get paid every month end is not all that huge considering the risks involved in the type of job that they do, it is just enough to keep them going. Below are the salaries of Nigerian Army Officers in the country presently.


The following are the salaries paid to non-commissioned officers of the Nigerian Army per month:

  • PRIVATE: In the Nigerian Army currently, a Private is paid a salary of about ₦49,000 per month, while a Lance Corporal earns about ₦55,000 monthly. A Corporal will pocket ₦58,000 as starting salary and if he gets promoted to the rank of Sergeant, he will be paid ₦63,000 every month.
  • SERGEANT: A Staff Sergeant in the Nigerian Army is paid a salary of about ₦68,000 per month.
  • WARRANT OFFICER: Warrant Officers in the Nigerian army earn ₦80,000 as salaries per month.
  • MASTER WARRANT OFFICER: Master Warrant Officers in the Nigerian Army are paid ₦90,000 monthly.


  • SECOND LIEUTENANT: Second Lieutenant is the lowest rank for Nigerian Army commissioned officers. Officers with this rank are paid a monthly salary of about ₦165,000.
  • LIEUTENANT: A Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army earns a salary of about ₦180,000 per month.
  • CAPTAIN: A Captain in the Nigerian Army is paid ₦220,000 per month.
  • MAJOR: A Major in the Nigerian Army receives a monthly take home pay of about ₦300,000.
  • LIEUTENANT-COLONEL: In the Nigerian Army, Lieutenant-Colonels are paid monthly salaries of about ₦350,000.
  • COLONEL: The salary of Colonels in the Nigerian Army is ₦550,000 per month.
  • BRIGADIER-GENERAL: Brigadier-Generals earn about ₦750,000 as salaries per month in the Nigerian Army.
  • MAJOR-GENERAL: A Major-General in the Nigerian Army earns in the region of ₦950,000 every month as salary.
  • LIEUTENANT-GENERAL: Lieutenant-Generals in the Nigerian Army are paid ₦1 million monthly.
  • GENERAL: Currently, in the Nigerian Army, the highest ranking officer is the General. This is because there is nobody presently occupying the rank of Field Marshal, which is the highest military rank in the army. When an army officer finally gets promoted to the rank of a full General, he gets paid a monthly salary of ₦1.5 million.

The figures listed above are subject to change and as new figures are released, we will do our best to keep you updated.

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