Nigerian Army DSSC & SSC Recruitment: How To Apply

This article is about how to apply for the Nigerian Army DSSC and SSC recruitment programme in the country today. Every now and again, the Nigerian Army recruits able bodied gentlemen and women into the force for their direct short service commission (DSSC), as well as their short service combatant (SSC) commission programmes. If you are looking for recruitment into this arm of the military in Nigeria, this post will guide you on how to apply.

Nigerian Army DSSC & SSC Recruitment-How to Apply

The Nigerian Army (abbreviated NA), is the component of the Nigerian Military that is responsible for every warfare that happens on land in the territory of Nigeria. It is the largest arm of the Nigerian Armed Forces, governed by the Nigerian Army Council (NAC). The Nigerian Army is also responsible for defending all territorial borders on land in the country.

The Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) and the Short Service Commission Courses (SSC) are open to every eligible Nigerian who wishes to apply. The application for recruitment into DSSC and SSC is completely free and requires no payment to anybody before one can download the forms on the Army web portal. This is very important information and candidates should take note so as not to be swindled by malicious elements.

Serving military men and women as well as civilians have an equal chance to apply for the programme and successful applicants are given a fair chance to go through the same process of taking the aptitude test, which if they pass, will be required to go through screening and interview that will determine if the candidate is fit for admission.

For any serving military personnel, the criterion for applying for this programme is the express permission from their superiors. They must make sure that they are sponsored by any of the branches of the Nigerian Military and/or any civil organisation if they are to advance further in their quest to become commissioned officers.

Under the Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Course, some personnel will be trained based on their educational and religious backgrounds to fit in to a number of directorates which includes the following:

  • The Nigerian Army Medical Corps
  • The Directorate of Army Aviation
  • Directorate of Chaplain Services
  • Directorate of Islamic Affairs
  • Directorate of Legal Service
  • Directorate of Army Public Relations.


The Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) is a type of Nigerian Army recruitment programme that is available to both civilians and serving military personnel. The training provides the avenue for the enlistment of degree holders who are professionals in specified fields. Nigerian Army DSSC training spans a period of 6 months in which candidates are put through intensive military training and the successful ones are commissioned as Lieutenants.

The application requirements that must be possessed in order to gain entry into the Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) includes the following:

  • All prospective candidates for this programme must be citizens of Nigeria. This is in accordance with the laws governing the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • All prospective candidates, both male and female, must be between the ages of 22 – 35 years old. If an applicant person is a medical consultant, he or she must not be over the age of 40 years by the time they are applying for the programme.
  • All prospective candidates must be physically, mentally and medically fit before their application can be considered. The applicants are required to present evidence of fitness to the force by the time of their application. Irrespective of what is stated in their evidence of fitness, they are still tested in order to determine their physical, mental and medical fitness.
  • All applicants must be recommended by at least 2 individuals and these individuals must be people of repute in the society. These people are required to attest to the character integrity of the prospective candidate. Recommendations may be from a Chairman or Secretary of the applicant’s Local Government of origin.
  • In the case where the applicant is far away from their State of Origin, they are required to visit the Liaison Offices of their States of Origin in their States of Residence and get recommendations from their Liaison Officer and this can cover for the Local Government attestation.
  • Recommendations may also be from military personnel from the rank of a Lieutenant-Colonel and above. Police officers of high rank, starting from the rank of Chief Superintendent of Police can also recommend applicants. Any military or police personnel who recommends an applicant must come from the state of origin of the applicant. The person providing the recommendation must stamp and sign the applicant’s recommendation form to validate it and is required (if need be) to attach his/her passport photograph to the prospective candidate’s recommendation form.
  • In addition to this, all applicants must provide a letter of attestation from the institution of higher learning that they graduated from.
  • All male applicants must not be below 1.68 metres in height. Female applicants must not be below 1.65 metres in height.
  • All prospective candidates must never have been convicted of any crime by any competent court of law. What this means is that you must have no criminal record whatsoever.
  • All military personnel who apply for the programme must have never had any military disciplinary issues. The Commanding Officer of the military applicant should attest to this.
  • All applicants must have graduated from a recognized university or polytechnic with a minimum of Second Class Lower degree or Lower Credit.
  • All applicants must present a valid birth certificate which must be endorsed by the National Population Commission, Local Government Council or a recognized hospital.
  • All prospective candidates can as well present an affidavit from a competent court of law, stating their declaration of age.
  • All applicants must possess a valid certificate attesting to their State of Origin.
  • Civilian candidates who have graduated from a university or polytechnic are expected to present their certificate of national service (NYSC) or a valid exemption letter.
  • All applicants with professional qualifications, must present the documents which validate their registration with their respective professional bodies and the professional bodies must be recognized by Nigerian Laws.
  • Valid contact details of the prospective candidates must be provided during the application. Applicants must provide valid phone numbers as well as those of their parents, guardians and Next of Kin.
  • Applicants must not have any cuttings, marks, inscriptions or tattoos on their bodies. Such candidates will be automatically disqualified.
  • All prospective candidates must provide original copies of their education documents for verification. They must provide all credentials from primary to tertiary institution.
  • Serving military personnel must have valid military identity cards as well as letter of recommendation from their Commander or Commanding Officer. In addition, they must provide valid letters stating Nigerian Army sponsorship in any valid tertiary institution of learning. They must also have served in any unit of the Nigerian Army for a minimum of 5 years.
  • Applicants must not be members of any secret society, it is forbidden.
  • Female applicants are advised to seek commission into specialist corps departments such as medical, legal service, public relations or supply and transport.


The Short Service Commission (SSC), is a type of Nigerian Army recruitment that is open to both civilians and serving military personnel. The Course provides the avenue for the enlistment of degree holders who desire to the join the officers rank of the Nigerian Army as Combatants. Training for this type of commission usually spans a period 9 months which involves intensive military training, after which successful candidates are commissioned into the rank of Second Lieutenant.

Application for the Nigerian Army recruitment programmes of both the Short Service Combatant Commission (SSC) and the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) are the same but it is important to note that for SSC, the prospective candidate whether male or female must be between the ages of 23 – 27 by January of the next year after application.


As earlier stated, all applications for Nigerian Army DSSC and SSC recruitment courses are done online for free. You are not required to pay money to any individual or groups of individuals in order to apply, the Nigerian army frowns at this.

The web portal for application is Once you have reached the web page, you will be required to create an account, this is so that you can be registered before you proceed to apply proper. Kindly go through the conditions for qualifying to make sure you are eligible. Once that is done, select your desired programmes, whether DSSC or SSC from the home page.

Upon registration, you will be sent an e-mail link notifying you of your login details. You are required to Login and complete your application. Input all the necessary details and documents to stand you in good stead to write the exams.

Upon successfully applying, make sure you print out your forms and do the needful in order to fill the necessary ones and sign them as you will be required to present your print outs in the future. Mind you that your photo slip is very important, you are to go  with it to the exam hall to present it to your invigilators in order to grant you safe passage into the exam hall.

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