NDLEA Salary Structure In Nigeria Currently

This article is about NDLEA salary structure in Nigeria currently in order to know what this important federal government paramilitary agency pays its members of staff every month. It is important to give the figures or amounts that NDLEA workers earn so as to motivate prospective employees of this top security organization in the country to look forward to the future with the assurance that they will be well catered for by the FG when they eventually get recruited as bona-fide NDLEA officials.

NDLEA Salary Structure In Nigeria Currently


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), is a Federal government parastatal in Nigeria that is saddled with the responsibility of putting an end to the cultivating, processing, production, distribution, exportation, and trafficking of hard drugs. NDLEA was established by Decree Number 48 of 1989, and the agency is present at all international airports, seaports and border crossing in the country. Since its establishment, the NDLEA has been at the forefront of eradicating cannabis by destroying plantings. The agency also targets the leaders of narcotics and money laundering organizations in Nigeria. Its head office is located in Ikoyi, Lagos, State.


The following are the functions of the NDLEA in Nigeria today:

  • Use of all the resources at the agency’s disposal to combat all illegal trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, ensuring the reduction of illegal drugs and other substances on demand.
  • Recovery of all ill-gotten wealth acquired through the proceeds of illegal drug trading.
  • Making arrests where necessary and conveying drug dealers over to the Nigerian Police Force.
  • Patrolling public places where hard drugs may be illegally exported abroad.
  • Consolidating with international agencies to fight drug traffickers.
  • Demolishing narcotic plants, substances, and other hard drugs they discover.
  • Preventing the manufacturing and selling of hard drugs.


The NDLEA salary structure in Nigeria is based on the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS) that is used to pay paramilitary organizations in the country. The monthly payments of NDLEA officials is dependent on their grade levels and steps which distinguishes junior and senior officers accordingly.

The monthly take home pay of the officers and men of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is also dependent on the academic qualifications of staff members. Officers who are HND Holders are placed on grade level 7 at the NDLEA while university degree holders are placed on grade level 8.

On the average, the yearly salary for NDLEA officers who are University graduates and are placed on grade level 8 Step 1, that is, entry level, is about ₦1,004,805 while the annual salary for NDLEA workers who are HND holders, placed on grade level 8 Step 2 is around ₦1,019,357 plus allowances and bonuses. NDLEA staff placed on grade level 7 Step 1 are paid a yearly salary of about ₦573,287, which is about ₦44,773 every month.

The above are the salaries for the entry level NDLEA positions in Nigeria currently with their benefits added. Other positions are not featured in this article as at the time of writing because their information are not readily available on the internet.

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