Mechanical Engineering Salary Structure In Nigeria (2023)

Mechanical engineering salary structure in Nigeria 2023 is our focus on this article and we will enlighten you on how much mechanical engineers are paid per month in the country currently. This profession is one of the best and most popular of other engineering disciplines and fields and with the passage of time, it has become the choice of many people who want to venture into the engineering world.

Mechanical Engineering Salary Structure in Nigeria

The field of mechanical engineering is very wide, it also helps those involved with the practical knowledge they need in order to understand heavy engines and machinery, and it is an ever changing, dynamic and interesting engineering field in today’s world.

Irrespective of how technical, vast and somewhat difficult mechanical engineering can be, it still attracts the attention of many prospective students who see it as their first choice course of study in Nigerian universities. With determination and the right attitude, they usually scale through after five years of hard work at undergraduate level to become mechanical engineers and once they are gainfully employed, they receive good sums as salaries; certifications only serve to help them get promoted faster and get improved pay package as they climb up the experience ladder in this field.

When compared to other engineering fields, civil engineering salary as well as petroleum engineering salary may just be slightly higher and they may be just about the only fields as far as engineering is concerned that pay better than mechanical engineering, but if you must know, you get really good pay as a mechanical engineer too so this should not bother you much what others are earning per month. Mechanical engineers work together with other engineers on certain projects and they can work in various industries including manufacturing, oil and gas, civil, electrical and in automobile industry when the need arises.

If you have ever wondered what the take home pay of mechanical engineers in Nigeria currently is, this article will put you through, all you need do is to keep reading.


Engineers are some of the most sort after and best paid professionals in Nigeria currently and mechanical engineers are included. The field of mechanical engineering is one of the oldest fields in engineering generally and it has been consistent throughout the years. Mechanical engineers are very innovative and top on their list of job functions is their expertise in developing machines, engines and other mechanical tools to address the basic mechanical needs of various sectors in the country.

The salary of mechanical engineers is dependent on their area of specialization, their level of experience and the employing company. Most mechanical engineers work in groups, except in car manufacturing companies where every one of them works differently and independently of each other based on their area of specialization as different car compartments require different engineers with different skill sets to work on it.

While they are at it, they work together with electrical engineers and other engineers in different fields to ensure work is done effectively and efficiently. Having said all that, let us now look at the salary structure of mechanical engineers in the country below:


Entry level salaries for mechanical engineers in the oil and gas sector this 2023 is between the amounts of ₦250,000 – ₦500,000 monthly and this depends on the company, their job description and other factors as may be set by the company. Most mechanical engineers love to work in petroleum industry as it gives them exposure and great pay as well.


For entry level, mechanical engineers in the automotive industry are paid monthly salaries between ₦150,000 – ₦300,000 this 2023. While this is not as high as what is obtainable in the oil and gas industry, it is pretty good and with promotion and experience, salaries will increase. The automotive sector is one great place to begin your career as a mechanical engineer as it will give you great knowledge on how car engines work.


Entry level mechanical engineers in the aerospace industry are paid a salary in the range between ₦250,000 – ₦450,000. It is indeed a very well paying industry. Mechanical engineers in the aerospace and oil and gas industries enjoy huge sums and salary and sometimes, those in the aerospace sector have the upper hand.

In conclusion, the general average entry level salaries for mechanical engineers in Nigeria falls between the range of ₦150,000 – ₦500,000 and this is dependent on the industry, company, ranking and job specification. Salaries are subject to increase with time based on level of experience and promotion. Allowances and bonuses help make salaries even more attractive to the mechanical engineer.

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  1. Please I want a sincere answer sirs and mas… With the situation of d contry and unemployment rate, can u advise your sons to go for mechanical engineer in Nigeria? Is it a gainful couse in Nigeria? What are the demand for mechanical engineer in Nigeria? Thank u sirs and ma.. may God bless you as u ansewr my questions

    1. Hi Omodadepo, Mechanical engineering has always been a good course to study. It is lucrative as well. I hope this helps.

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