List Of Short Courses Offered At Lagos Business School (2023)

The list of short courses offered at Lagos Business School (LBS) this 2023 is what this article is all about and we will discuss them in detail as we continue. The Lagos Business School is one of the top 10 best business schools in Nigeria presently and it is not surprising to see people going to get valuable business knowledge from this great citadel of knowledge.

Top 10 Best Business Schools in Nigeria

The Lagos Business School is the most popular in the country where many business inclined and business oriented people go to take certain courses that helps them navigate their way in the business world in order to use the necessary skills learnt to better equip themselves to continue to remain relevant in the business world.

One important statistic that will please you about the LBS is that over 92 per cent of its MBA graduates secure jobs within one year after graduation from the university with top companies within and outside the shores of Nigeria. These are the short courses offered at LBS listed and explained below.


The short courses offered at the Lagos Business School are ranked among the best on the continent and it is little wonder why many people troop into the school to drink from their fountain of knowledge. The LBS was established in 1991 and it is located in Lekki, Lagos.

The school is part of the Pan-Atlantic University, a top private university in the country currently and the main focus of the LBS is to develop visionary business leaders capable of maximizing the high growth opportunities in key industry sectors to drive Africa to economic prosperity. Without further ado, the short courses offered at Lagos Business School include the following:


The Senior Management Programme is a short course at the Lagos Business School that lasts for a duration of six (6) months. This short course enables business students to achieve immediate and measurable improvements in their places of work.

The course is for Functional Senior Managers, Regional Managers, Unit Heads and Assistant General Managers. It is tailor made to help senior executives build impressive business skills that will help them contribute significantly to their various companies and organizations. The main objectives of the course is outlined as follows:

  • Achieve an integrated view of the organization in line with the local and the international market economy.
  • Analyze economic risk.
  • Confirm and broaden technical competence at managerial level.
  • Develop ethical competence at work and home.
  • Build interpersonal skills, hone emotional intelligence and increase teaming capabilities.
  • Prepare for future top leadership roles in their organizations.
  • Fast track the achievement of professional and personal goals.


The Advanced Management Programme is a short course at the Lagos Business School that lasts for a period of 5 months and it is structured to help experienced senior managers fine tune their management and leadership skills which are very important for career advancement. This short LBS course readies senior executives for the c-suite, that is, for the high ranking executive titles within a company or an organization.


The Agribusiness Management Programme is a short course at the Lagos Business School that lasts for a duration of 5 months. It is a very tasking programme designed for agribusiness managers and top drivers of the agricultural sector who are looking for innovative ways to tackle challenges faced at their various businesses and organizations.

At the end of the programme, it is expected that the participants must have:

  • Gained exposure on current global, regional and domestic trends and market realities to enhance strategic capabilities and planning.
  • Understood the changing roles of policymakers and government agencies in shaping the value chain.
  • Adopted an action learning approach, with emphasis on skills development and application of learning to field-based projects in their various organizations.
  • Used strategic planning tools and management strategies to take advantage of the growing opportunities for processed food.
  • Understood the value chain linkages and players who inform the design of appropriate financial instruments.


The Management Acceleration Programme is a short course at the LBS that spans a duration of 4 months.  The course is designed to enhance emerging leaders’ performance readiness, fast track their careers and accelerate their impact on their various companies and organizations. Participants of the course are expected to become competent and confident managers equipped to deal with business challenges in their firms at the end of the programme.


The Owner-Manager Programme is a short course offered at the Lagos Business School which is targeted at high ranking business executive titles within a firm as well as managing directors of small and medium scale organizations. The course provides business owners with the skills and capacity for development of long-term strategic plans to transform their businesses and drive profitability. It is designed for founders or business owners and co-owners of companies that have been in existence for a at least two (2) years with at least ₦50 million annual turnover, or partners in professional firms with at least five professionals.


The Global Chief Executive Programme is a short course offered at the Lagos Business School that is designed and developed for leaders and it lasts for a period of 5 months. It is designed for board members, presidents, owners, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOs and CTOs. The course enhances the strategic vision of the participants and equip them with new tools to navigate disruptive trends that could impact their business. This short course merges the expertise of three top business schools and three global venues to deliver a singular learning experience of the highest quality.


The Chief Executive Programme is a short course at the LBS which arms chief executives with the necessary skills to navigate risks and opportunities, help anticipate and manage the process of change and give a competitive edge to their businesses. The programme assesses the strengths and weaknesses of business leaders and helps them to adapt management styles to the demands of their business environments. It includes a company tour of an indigenous Nigerian company providing participants with the unique opportunity to receive practical executive coaching.


The following are the requirements for admission into the Lagos Business School (LBS):

  • Five credit passes including English and Mathematics at the Ordinary Level for Anglophone countries.
  • A minimum of second class lower (2,2) university degree from an NUC recognised university
  • Minimum of three year’s post-qualification work experience
  • Competitive GMAT or GRE score
  • Demonstrated intellectual capacity, professionalism, maturity and effective decision-making and problem solving potentials assessed during an interview
  • Documents to be submitted for LBS application are as follows: A completed application form, Three reference forms (these may also be sent directly by the referees), Copies of O’Level and university degree certificates (statements of results are acceptable), Official Transcripts sent after you have been admitted (these may be sent directly by your former school), Curriculum Vitae/Resume, Copy of the NYSC Certificate or Letter of Exemption (for Nigerians only), A passport photograph.

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