List Of All Offshore Companies In Nigeria (2023)

This article is about the full list of all offshore companies in Nigeria currently in this year 2023. For the purpose of this post, “offshore” here according to Wikipedia, refers to operations undertaken at, or under the sea in association with an oil, natural gas or condensate field that is under the seabed, or to activities carried out in relation to such a field. Offshore is part of the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry. This should not be confused with the definition of offshore companies which are widely regarded as business entities that are operated in another country other than the country they were registered for the purposes of tax avoidance or enjoying relaxed tax rules and regulations.

List Of All Offshore Companies In Nigeria

We shall be discussing about offshore drilling companies in Nigeria today as they play significant roles in the petroleum industry, ensuring that the oil and gas sector of Nigeria’s economy continues to thrive. Without further ado, let us proceed.


The following is a comprehensive list of the offshore drilling companies in Nigeria this 2023 in no particular order:


Caverton Offshore Support Group Plc was incorporated in Nigeria on June 2, 2008, as a private limited liability company. The Group operates in the marine and aviation logistics sectors of the Nigerian oil and gas industry. The Caverton Group was formed to acquire Caverton Helicopters Limited and Caverton Marine Limited, both of which were already operating in the Nigerian offshore oil and gas logistics industry.

Since inception, the Caverton Group has positioned itself as one of the leading indigenous oilfield services companies in Nigeria and following the passage of the Nigerian Government’s “Local Content Policy”, which is aimed at substantially increasing indigenous participation in the local and gas industry, is very well positioned to leverage the opportunities this represents.

The Group achieves its strategic objectives by drawing from both global offshore experience acquired from its strategic partners and the service delivery competence of its member companies. The Group’s commitment to the local content drive of the Nigerian Government is reflected in its well-articulated and continuous manpower development plan. In addition, the Group plans to substantially utilize local resources and facilities on its service delivery platforms.

The Caverton Offshore Support Group has a clearly and defined business focus of being a leading marine and aviation logistics provider in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa. Their corporate philosophy is driven by the necessity to create a company that will attain pioneer status in the ownership and operation of premium offshore oilfield assets.


Bluewater has designed, manufactured, supplied and installed numerous innovative FPSO, FSO and SPM systems for oil companies worldwide through turnkey supply and Lease contracts. The company also provides operational and logistic management and support for FPSO and FSO systems. Since 2006 Bluewater has developed various technologies for renewable energy.

Through the years, Bluewater designed, owned and operated ten FPSO’s (Floating Production Storage and Offloading systems), of which three have been retired and two have been sold back to the oil companies. Presently, Bluewater owns and operates five FPSOs for their clients. Since its foundation in 1978, Bluewater has developed some of the most innovative Single Point Mooring (SPM) systems in service from Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring (CALM) Buoys, to Turret Mooring and Tower systems featuring multiple risers. Each system has its own characteristics and fields of application.


UTM Offshore Limited was incorporated in July 2012 as a privately held Nigerian company. A part of an indigenous conglomerate actively engaged in diverse sectors of the Nigerian and International markets which includes but without limitation to the Direct Sales and Direct Purchase (DSDP) of the Nigerian Crude Oil – crude-for-products-exchange (swap); an established premium provider in Subsea Engineering, Construction, Ballast Water Treatment Plant, Dredging, Equipment Leasing, Rental, Procurement, Supply and Marine Support, Security & Logistic Services to the ever expanding clientele comprising Government and private Oil and Gas Companies.

UTM Offshore Limited is being managed and operated by a team of highly experienced Maritime and Oil Services specialists and has within a short period of time grown its services with strategic affiliations and global alliances, that enable UTMOL to provide a competitive and wide array of customized products and services; including support services, broad-based capacity enhancements, international trading opportunities, and resource-optimized strategies and plans that are sustainable and productive to the benefit of their existing and prospective partners/affiliates and clientele.

UTM Offshore Limited have since inception, developed and nurtured partnerships to operate as a reputable and competent service boats provider and are focused primarily in meeting challenges and, addressing opportunities in the local market here in Nigeria and strategic market – the Oil and Gas Industry Worldwide.

The company has been able to leverage their considerable resources to build deep, lasting, and mutually beneficial social and economic relationships, in different business segments, across the vast expanse of the said captive and strategic markets which is evident in their alliance with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) for the Direct Sales and Direct Purchase (DSDP) of Nigerian Crude Oil; Stanford Marine LLC Dubai, Drake Maritime LLC, UAE in delivering the MV Stanford Buzzard and MV Mac Falcon respectively for ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Company’s operations and previously T-1 Marine Services Nigeria Limited in delivering the MV Kenny Tide for Total Deepwater operations.

The above, has enabled them to deploy bespoke product/service, driven by proven systems, refined processes, and adaptable human capacity, as well as pursue a dedication to best practices in line with industry-wide global standards. Thus, UTM Offshore Limited has become a leader in its quest in aggregating innovative expertise to develop and deliver unique projects in the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria.


AB Offshore Marine Services Limited is a company of great integrity and have carved a niche in best practices in the offshore industry in Nigeria; this is how they built the foundation for their future. With this foundation, they have leverage on strategically critical initiatives that define AB Offshore for the better, both in the medium and long term.

The company is one of the foremost indigenous marine service companies in Nigeria. Their workers, management and board of directors are highly skilled and motivated to provide their clients with effective and excellent service. Being specialists in their field of service, they are able to offer a wealth of knowledge which is essential to the provision of reliable marine vessels, systems and services.


Founded in 1990, Elshcon is an integrated Nigerian indigenous group of companies operating in the energy and maritime sectors with focus on value, client satisfaction and retention. Their management expertise and experience in the oil and gas, and maritime industry is second to none– with their deep understanding of industry requirements, they provide a one-stop-shop for our customers. Together with their clients and partners, they deliver solutions and services for the safe and efficient exploitation of energy and marine natural resources.

Their vision is to be a leading indigenous company providing high-value technical services in Pipelines & Facilities construction, Marine support & Marine logistics operations in Nigeria, while their mission is to execute and deliver all their operations with well motivated staff to achieve high quality, timely, satisfactory and safe services to their clients with an attendant profitable growth.


Aveon Offshore Limited is one of the largest engineering, procurement & fabrication companies in Nigeria that has established a solid track record of delivering quality products in a timely manner. They deliver world-class services to their clients fully compliant with local content requirements. As an oil and gas servicing firm, they focus primarily on client satisfaction by providing products and services of the highest quality delivered through a relentless insistence on safety and sound ethical and environmental principles.

Since their inception in 1999 till date, Aveon has worked on most of the ERP Projects in Nigeria. They have worked directly with international Oil Companies as the main contractor and also with large construction/ technology companies operating in Nigeria as a sub-contractor. Their yard which is located in Port Harcourt is capable of fabricating over 10,000 tons of steel structure annually. They also specialize in the fabrication of topsides, bridges, decks, process skids, jackets, pressure vessels, manifolds, control modules, suction piles and tree elements for subsea developments.

Other Offshore Drilling Companies in Nigeria include the following:

  • Saturn Ventures Nigeria Limited
  • Addax Petroleum Exploration Limited
  • Baywood Continental Limited (BCL)
  • Edison Chouest Offshore Nigeria Ltd
  • Mecco And Marine Holdings Limited
  • Time Logistics Limited
  • Amber Resoruces Limited
  • Geodetic Offshore Services Limited
  • Lahor Limited
  • Nera Microwave Nigeria Limited
  • Philko Ltd
  • Dietsmann
  • Tropical Services Nigeria Ltd
  • National Engineering & Technical Co. Ltd. (NETCO)
  • Seawolf Oilfield Services.

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