Human Rights Organizations In Nigeria (2023): Full List

This article is about the full list of human rights organisations in Nigeria this 2023. Human rights in Nigeria, as is the case everywhere in the world, are those rights or attributes that are part of the essential nature of humans. In a free world, every human is entitled to basic rights that should be expressed without being suppressed. These rights are legal entitlements which every citizen in Nigeria should enjoy and express without the fear of being suppressed by the government or fellow citizens of the country.

Human Rights Organizations in Nigeria

Fundamental human rights are those rights which man expresses by default because he is human and because those rights are very essential for his continuous happy existence with himself, and everyone else in the society. Many Nigerians do not know their fundamental human rights are as citizens of the country and would cower at any and every form of intimidation from just about anybody. In this article, we have compiled the fundamental human rights of Nigerians and given a comprehensive list of human rights organizations that are situated in Nigeria currently.


The information below is a compilation of the fundamental human rights in Nigeria as stipulated by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, every citizen in the country has the right to life and no one shall be intentionally deprived of his life. However, the constitution provides exceptions where violation of this Right is legally accepted. Such instances include:

  • Where the taking of the life is in execution of a sentence of a court in respect of a criminal offence in which the person has been found guilty in Nigeria.
  • Where the loss of life is as a result of the use of such force as is reasonably necessary and in such circumstances as permitted by law: for the defence of any person from unlawful violence or defence of property; in order to make a lawful arrest or prevent the escape of a person lawfully detained; or for the purpose of suppressing a riot, insurrection or mutiny.

Apart from the above circumstances listed, any violation of a person’s right to life is an abuse of that person’s fundamental rights and is usually found in torture and extra-judicial killings.


Everybody in Nigeria is entitled to the respect of his/her dignity. No one in the country is to be subjected to torture or inhuman treatment, be held in slavery or servitude or be required to perform forced or compulsory labour.


Under the Constitution, every person shall be entitled to his personal liberty and no person shall be deprived of this right except in special circumstances and in accordance with a procedure permitted by law. It is the right not to be subjected to imprisonment, arrest and other physical coercion in any manner that does not have legal justification. The right is the freedom to live as one chooses without too many restrictions or constraints from the government or its agencies. It also assures a person of the freedom to stay or move about at his own will, direction and time.


The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria guarantees a person the right to fair hearing within a reasonable time by a court or other tribunal established by law in determination of his/her civil rights and obligations including a question or determination by or against any government or authority. The Constitution also provides that the court or tribunal shall be constituted in a manner as to secure its independence and impartiality in determining the said civil rights and obligations.

The law goes on to provide that civil proceedings of the court or tribunal shall be held in public and where a person is charged with a criminal offence, he/she shall, unless the charge is withdrawn, also be entitled to fair hearing in public within a reasonable time by the court or tribunal and be presumed innocent until proven guilty. The Right to Fair Hearing is the cornerstone of justice.


This guarantees and protects the right to the privacy of citizens, their homes, correspondence, telephone conversations and telegraphic communications. This right has been described as recognition of the saying that “a man’s home is his castle”. The right guarantees that security agencies should not tap ones phone lines or subject ones house to unwarranted searches or seizure of one’s property.

However, there have been instances of violation of this right, particularly cases of police entering people’s homes in the course of arrest of a suspected criminal or investigation of criminal matters without obtaining the proper search warrants.


The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides for secularity in Nigeria, guaranteeing the peoples entitlement to religious freedom including freedom to change religion or belief and manifest and propagate ones religion or belief in worship, teaching, practice and observance.

The law also states that:

  • No person attending any place of education shall be required to receive religious instruction or to take part in any religious ceremony relating to a religion not his own.
  • No religious community or denomination shall be prevented from providing religious instruction for pupils of that community or denomination in any place of education maintained wholly by that community or denomination.
  • Nothing in the provision of the Constitution shall entitle any person to form, take part in the activity or be a member of secret society.


The constitution states that every person shall be entitled to freedom of expression including freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart ideas and information without interference.


Every person shall be entitled to assemble freely and associate with other persons and form or belong to any political party, trade union or any other association for the protection of his interest.


Every citizen of Nigeria is entitled to move freely throughout Nigeria and to reside in any part thereof and no citizen of Nigeria shall be expelled from Nigeria or refused entry or exit.

Exceptions for the violation of this right as provided by the constitution include the following:

  • Any law imposing restrictions on the residence or movement of any person who has committed a criminal offence in order to prevent him from leaving the country.
  • Any law providing for the removal of any person from Nigeria to another country to be tried outside Nigeria for any criminal offence or to undergo imprisonment outside Nigeria in execution of the sentence of a court of law in respect of a criminal offence he has been found guilty of provided that there is a reciprocal agreement between Nigeria and the other country.
  • Another exception to this right are the environmental sanitation laws which restricts the movement of people before a certain time during the monthly environmental sanitation exercises.

Apart from the above exceptions, any restriction on the movement of a person, such as kidnapping, is a violation of that person’s right.


Every citizen shall not be subjected to any form of discrimination, disability or deprivation by reason of to his/her community, ethnic group, place of origin, circumstances of birth, sex, religion or political opinion.


Every citizen of Nigeria shall have the right to acquire and own immovable property anywhere in Nigeria.


In any election in the country, any Nigerian citizen 18 years and above is entitled to actively participate in any form of election provided that all regulations guiding electoral regulatory bodies are fulfilled.


Every Nigerian is entitled to education at any institution of their choice provided that he/she meets the requirements of the institution without discrimination.

The above mentioned are the basic human rights that everyone in Nigeria is entitled to and if at anytime there is an infringement on your rights, we have given a list of human rights organizations in the country to contact should you choose to.


The information below is a comprehensive list of all the human rights organizations that we have in Nigeria this 2023:

  • Federation Of International Female Lawyers
  • Foundation For Environmental Rights, Advocacy And Development
  • Centre For Democracy And Development
  • The Human Rights Law Service
  • Network On Police Reform In Nigeria
  • Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Center
  • Childs Right Protective Initiative Right
  • CLEEN Foundation
  • LEDAP-Legal Defence And Assistance Project
  • WACOL-Women’s Aid Collective
  • CPD- Community Partners For Development
  • PJ- Partnership For Justice
  • WARDC-Women Advocacy Research And Documentation Centre
  • Project Alert On Violence Against Women
  • CACOL-Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders
  • Niger Delta Budget Monitoring Group
  • PEDANET-Persons With Disability Network
  • PANAFSTRAG-Pan-African Strategic And Policy Research Group
  • Seri-Socio Economic Rights Initiative
  • AHIP-Adolescent Health And Information Project
  • IHRHL-Institute Of Human Rights And Humanitarian Law
  • PRAWA-Prisons Rehabilitation And Welfare Agency
  • Citizens Center For Integrated Development And Social Rights (CCIDESOR)
  • CIRDDOC-Civil Resource And Documentation Development Center
  • BOCOPED-Borno Coalition
  • HEDA Resource Center
  • SERAP-Social Economic Rights Accountability Project
  • Gender And Youth Rights Initiative (GYRI)
  • Human Rights Monitor
  • Network For Justice
  • Connecting Gender
  • WRAPA-Women’s Rights Advancement And Protection Alternative
  • Advocates San Frontieres
  • NHRC-National Human Rights Commission
  • SGCA-Society For Gender And Child Advancement
  • Ceddart
  • RIBAC-Rights Based Awareness Coalition
  • CR-Confluence Of Rights
  • Kano Civil Society Forum
  • Media Gandhi Alternative
  • PLAC- Policy And Legal Advocacy Center
  • ZCC- Zero Coruption Coalition
  • MGA- Minority Gender Action
  • DAG- Democratic Action Group
  • JDPC-Justice, Development And Peace Commission
  • NBA- Nigerian Bar Association
  • CSLS-Centre For Socio-Legal Studies
  • Centre For Human Rights In Islam
  • Replace-Rights Enforcement And Public Law Center
  • CRD- Center For Research And Development
  • AJ-Access To Justice
  • NNHRI-Wa- Network Of National Human Rights Institution
  • HURSDEF-Human Rights Social Development Environmental Foundation
  • JIWNAJ-Jigawa Women’s Network For Access To Justice
  • Bra-Basic Rights Action
  • OSJI- Open Society Justice Initiative
  • WABA- West African Bar Association
  • HDI- Human Development Initiative
  • WYEI-Women And Youth Empowerment Initiative
  • MRA-Media Rights Agenda
  • GSAN- Gender And Social Action Network
  • AA-Alliances For Africa
  • ECOWA-Echoes Of Women In Africa Foundation
  • Mission5000plus
  • MCI-Media Concern Initiative
  • YACC
  • Muslim Youth Initiative
  • NNNGO-Nigeria Network Of Ngo’s
  • Rsn-
  • NCICC- Nigerian Coalition For The International Criminalcourt
  • WDC-Women Development Center
  • WCN-Women’s Consortium Of Nigeria
  • Center For Women’s Health And Information
  • AHI- Action Health Incorporated
  • Baobab For Women Human Rights
  • LRRDC-Legal Research And Resource Development Center
  • LDC-Legal Defence Center
  • GREIN-Grassroots Empowerment Initiative
  • Human Rights Centre
  • Centre For Peace Building And Socio-Economic Resources Development
  • The Independent Project
  • CEPSERD-Centre For Peace Building & Socio-Economic Resources Development
  • CSO- Coalition Against Sexual Offence
  • Lawyers Alert
  • GR-Global Rights
  • National Committee On Torture
  • Catholic Institute For Development, Justice And Peace (CIDJAP)
  • GADA-Gender And Development Action
  • West Africa Network For Peace Building Nigeria (WANEP )
  • HEDA Resource Center
  • WANGONET- The West African Ngo Network
  • Women Law & Development Centre
  • NOPRIN Foundation
  • Legal Resource Consortium
  • SERAC- Social Economic Rights Action
  • Human And Environmental Development Agenda
  • Foundation For Environmental Rights, Advocacy And Development (FENRAD)
  • Replinglin And Associates
  • Vision Spring Initiatives
  • Prison Inmate Development Initiative
  • Global Community Prime Initiative
  • Centre For The Advocacy Of Justice And Rights
  • Human Rights And Community Development Initiative
  • Center For Community Excellence (CENCEX)
  • Coalition Of Budget Transparency Advocates In Kano (COBTAK).
  • Community Outreach For Development And Welfare Advocacy
  • Bauchi Human Right Network
  • Organization For The Sustenance Of The Nigerian Environment (OFSNE)
  • Grassroots Economic Empowerment And Educational Development
  • Rural Integrated Development Initiative
  • Nawoj/Coalition For Human Rights Actors
  • (CEDDA) Centrum Initiative For Development And Fundamental Rights Advocacy
  • Concern For Women Development Initiative (COWODI)
  • Health Education And Environmental Protection Alliance (HEEPA)
  • Life Helpers Initiative
  • Carmelite Prisoners’ Interest Organization (CAPIO)
  • Global Community Prime Initiative
  • Women’s Initiative For Self-Actualization
  • Legend Youth Association
  • Imenem Multi Purpose Cooperative Society
  • Little Hearts Of Praise Initiative
  • Partners For Peace
  • Center For Agric & Rural Development (CARD)
  • Humanitarian League
  • Women Development Initiative
  • Applicant Welfare And Development Centre
  • Dynamic Youth Development Organization
  • Civil Liberty Organization
  • Divine Helpers Organization Of Nigeria
  • Health And Development Initiative
  • Women Economic Linkages Organizations Of Nigeria
  • Fa International Women Association
  • Widows And Orphans Development Organization
  • Women And Community Livelihood Foundation
  • Human Right Commission
  • African Human Development Center
  • Heal The Land Initiative
  • Fast Lane Women Network
  • Peace, Knowledge, Growth & Love Foundation (PEKGLOF)
  • Rural Health & Women Development.
  • Ac-Net
  • Women United For Economic Empowerment
  • Oluwafolakemi Washington Help Foundation (OWHF)
  • Community Health Advancement And Fund Empowerment Centre
  • Humanity Family Foundation For Peace And Development (HUFFPED)
  • Life Builder Initiative (LBI)
  • Foundation For Sustainable Health Promotion And Development (FOSHPAD)
  • Centre For Advocacy, Rehabilitation And Empowerment
  • Centre For Better Health And Community Development
  • Centre For Education, Women Development And Population Family Life Activities (CEWAP)
  • Akinwumi Plus Ojo Foundation (APOF)
  • Development Empowerment Initiative
  • Triumphant Health And Development Initiative (THADI)
  • Society For Women And Aids In Africa Nigeria (SWAAN)
  • Balm In Gilead Foundation (BIGIF)
  • War Against Child, Sexual And Physical Abuse Society (WACSPA)
  • Mercy Trust Foundation (MTF)
  • (WCDHRI) Women And Children Development Health Research Initiative
  • Tydas Nigeria Limited Ado
  • New Initiative For Social Development (NISD)
  • Global Network For Community Development (GNCD)
  • Life And Peace Development Organization (LAPDO)
  • Bethel
  • Ministry Of Women Affairs, Ado-Ekiti
  • Gender Relevance Initiative Promotion (GRIP)
  • Adenike Obatayo Hope Foundation (ADOHF)
  • Citizen Advocacy Group
  • Michael Adedotun Oke Foundation
  • Committee For Democracy And Rights Of The People
  • Lokiaka Community Development Centre
  • Climate And Environmental Development Initiative
  • Centre For Community And Human Development
  • Legal Resources Consortium (LRC)
  • Girls Power Initiative (GPI)
  • Onyenweife Paul Jideofor (Individual Member)
  • Women Of Vision Development Initiative
  • Center For Voters Awareness (CVA)
  • United Youth For Development (UYD)
  • The Socialist League (TSL)
  • Youth Alliance Against Corruption (YAAC)
  • National Women’s Alliance Against Corruption (NWAAC)
  • Sharing Heart International (SHI)
  • World Youth For Change Initiative (WYCI)
  • D-Sky Development Initiatives
  • Egalitarianism Development Initiatives
  • Centre For Sustained Dialogue
  • United Alliance Against Child Abuse
  • Federation Of Muslim Women Association Of Nigeria (FOMWAN)
  • Community Building Development Initiative (CBDI)
  • Congress For Justice And People Rights (CJPR)
  • Movement For Electoral Integrity (MEI)
  • Conscious Citizens Initiative
  • Yusrulahi Association
  • Sisters Against Violence Initiatives (SAVI)
  • Violence Defenders
  • Community Development Group
  • Society For Rights And Human Development
  • Centre For Ethics Democracy And Development (CEDAD)
  • Alexander Foundation
  • Home Makers Women Development Initiative
  • International Centre For Peace, Charity And Human Development (INTERCEP)
  • Community Action For Popular Participation (CAPP)
  • Community Based Development Non-Governmental Organization Forum
  • Country Women Association Of Nigeria (COWAN)
  • League For Human Rights
  • Centre For Peace Advancement In Nigeria
  • Persons With Disability (PWD)
  • Ocean Center
  • Displaced Women And Children Foundation (DWCF)
  • Voice Of The Girl Child
  • Centre For The Economic Empowerment For Women And Youth
  • Inter-Gender
  • Christian Women For Excellence And Empowerment In Nigeria Society (CWEENS)
  • Human Rights Activist
  • Coalition Of Human Rights Activists
  • Community Environment Development Network
  • Harry Wofasi Women For Family Stability Initiative
  • Abua-Odual Kupe Foundation
  • Movement For The Survival Of The Ogoni People
  • Niger Delta Coalition
  • Rivers Youth Coalition Vanguard (RYCV)
  • Kebelkache Women
  • Social Action
  • Macwelff Maternal And Child Wellbeing Foundation
  • Women Initiative For Transparency And Social Justice (WITSOJ)
  • Center For Women And Vulnerable Children
  • Doing Democracy Movement
  • Niger Delta Civil Society Coalition
  • Niger Delta Youth For Development And Positive Change
  • Women Information Network (WINET)
  • Divine Favour Foundation Initiative
  • Eddy Ukoha Associates
  • Centre For The Advancement Of Literacy And Leadership (CALL)
  • New Era Development Education Centre (NEDEC)
  • Clo/Inter-Solidarity
  • New Innovation In Development Education For A Healthy Living Society (NEWIDEAHL)
  • International Centre For Development And Budget Advocacy (ICBD)
  • Social Watch, Nigeria
  • Truth Is Life Care Giver
  • Civil Resource Development And Documentation Centre
  • Youth Education And Human Rights And Civil Responsibility (YEHRCR)
  • International Federation Of Women Lawyers
  • New Life Community Care Initiative (NELCCI)
  • Youth Resource Education And Leadership Center 4 Africa (YORDEL)
  • Divine Favour Foundation (DFF)
  • Green Pastures Charity Centre (GREPAC)
  • Human Rights And Youth Education On Human Right And Civil Responsibilities
  • Alliances For Africa
  • Safe Habitat
  • Women’s Rights Advancement (WERA)
  • Centre For Citizens With Disabilities
  • Gender Consultant
  • Channel Of Hope Initiative
  • Women Of Virtue Network
  • Center For Modu
  • Women, Widows And Orphans
  • Society Impact Initiative
  • T/Fulani Associate
  • Network For Empowerment And Development Initiative
  • Democracy Action Group (Dag)
  • Women Advancement Network
  • Al-Usra Kano Initiative
  • Danmarke Youth Development Association
  • Right Based Awareness Coalition
  • Youth Empowerment And Health Development Initiative
  • Youth Stakeholders Forum
  • Taurariya Association
  • Ophanned Youth For Development
  • Green Flog For Youth Development
  • Access For Prisoners Rights
  • Society For Youth Development And Orphaned Children
  • Play Safe Foundation
  • Child Protection Network
  • Centre For Care Of The Vulnerable And Development (Ccvo)
  • Wellbeing Foundation
  • Women And Youth Development Initiative
  • Step To Life
  • Woman Kind Family Enhancement Initiative
  • Millennium Resource And Consultancy Services
  • Joliweb Home Foundation
  • Association For Democratic Citizen
  • Olive Community Development Initiative
  • Civil Rights Initiative
  • Adolescent Support Organization (ASO)
  • Total Fidelity Movement For Relief Services
  • Development Action For Humanity (DAH)
  • Organization For The Sustenance Of The Nigeria Environment (OSNE)
  • Initiative For Development
  • Grassroot Action For Development
  • Community Action Project
  • Centre For Grassroot Development
  • Centre For Development And Civil Education
  • Crown Women Network
  • We Care Foundation
  • Community Development Information Centre
  • Women In Peace Education And Community
  • Health Global Organization
  • Widows Development Trust
  • Nigerian Association Of Women Journalist (NAWOJ)
  • Udo Women Organization
  • Favoured Women Association
  • Kal Foundation For Youth Transformation
  • Community Delightment Organization
  • Sava The Society Initiative (Sasi)
  • Community Development Initiative (CDI)
  • Adolescent Health Center (AHC)
  • Community Enlightenment And Development Initiative
  • Kotorkoshi Emirate Development Initiative
  • Save Mothers And Children Initiative Zamfara
  • Community Development Forum
  • Youth Initiative For Peace And Development
  • Community Advancement Project
  • Millennium Development Center Gusau Zamfara State
  • Fulani Initiative For The Protection Of Environment And Less Privileged.
  • Humanity Development And Peace initiative (HUDPI)
  • Women In Education
  • Support Development Association (SDA) Zamfara State
  • Community Center For Women And Children Development (CCWCD)
  • Voluntary Aid (VAI) Initiative
  • Youth And Women Empowerment Initiative (YAWEI)
  • Future Hope Foundation
  • Hunnun Taimako Foundation
  • Zamfara Youth Platform
  • Green Fountain Foundation (G-FOF) Shinkafi
  • Advocate For Gender Equality Prison Services
  • Greenspring Development Initiative
  • Cyndy Orji Foundation
  • Total Support For The Rule Of Law & Justice Initiative
  • Advocacy For Self Rehabilitation Initiative
  • Anma Development Foundation
  • Critical Response For Universal Xpression (CRUX)
  • Devatop Centre for Africa Development
  • Sexual Offence And Rehabilitation Initiative
  • National Human Rights Commission

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