How To Verify Plate Number In Nigeria (2023)

This post is about how to verify plate number in Nigeria this 2023. The information contained in this article is very useful and will come in handy for people who want to verify their plate number in the country but do not exactly know how to go about it.

Approved Number Plate Registration Centres In Nigeria

The registration of plate numbers in Nigeria is a very important thing to do for new vehicle owners who want to drive their vehicles in any part of the country without the authorities breathing down their necks for lack of appropriate documentation.

Every new vehicle owner who desires to register their plate numbers in the country must exercise caution so as not to fall into the hands of fake/quack enlistment merchants who will not only scam them of their hard earned money but also expose them to troubles with the relevant traffic authorities by giving them the fake documentation for their car vehicle number plate registration.

This is why it is very important to go through the right channels or the relevant number plate registration sources in order to do a smooth, straightforward plate number verification for your vehicle and if you do not know how to go about it, you should enquire from people you trust very well to put you through to get your number plate registered via a trusted source.

It is very dangerous to fit an unverified plate number or a plate number that is not properly verified on your vehicle as this can land you in hot water with the relevant traffic authorities and you may be fined a significant amount after all the back and forth with them once they find out about your offence.

As earlier stated in the beginning of this article, kindly be informed once more that you will need to complete a number plate verification exercise for your new vehicle before you ever think about driving the vehicle on Nigerian roads, and failure to do this may bring down the wrath of the Vehicle Inspection Service and other related traffic authorities, even the Nigerian Police Force on you.

As you can see, the risks of driving about with an unverified plate number in the country is severe, however, you can verify your plate number by yourself if you go to the Federal Road Service Corps (FRSC) number plate verification website, or you do the verification via SMS. Below are the processes of verifying your new vehicle plate number in Nigeria by yourself without help from anyone else.


You can verify your new vehicle plate number in Nigeria through two of the following processes:

  • The online plate number verification method
  • Plate number verification via SMS


The following are the step by step processes involved in the online plate number verification exercise in Nigeria today:

Once this is done, you will be told immediately if your verification was successful or if it failed. It should be successful if you input the right number plate so do well to look carefully at the characters before inputting them into the number plate verification box provided on the website.


The following are the step by step processes of verifying your plate number in Nigeria via SMS:

  • Send “VerifyPlateNo (space) the Plate Number” to 33324. For example “VerifyPlateNo AFR584AA” to 33324
  • Once this SMS is delivered to 33324 and you inputted the information correctly, you will be told instantly via SMS if your verification was successful or it failed. Again, this should be successful if you put in the right number plate and followed the instruction correctly.

For clarity sake, when you want to verify your plate number via SMS, endeavour to type the “VerifyPlateNo” all at once with no space between. Whether they’re in block letters or in lower case doesn’t matter, what matters is that what you’re typing above has no space in between.

Once you’re done with the “VerifyPlateNo” part, you can then give a space to input the plate number such that it looks like this “VerifyPlateNo AFR584AA”, then send to 33324. If you want to know more about the approved number plate registration centres in Nigeria, you can click the link provided for that information.

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  1. I verified my plate number and it’s showing me valid, yet to be assigned, so what can I do?

  2. I’ve checked my vehicle particulars and it’s showing me invalid. But lo and behold all the payment receipt transactions are with me. So what can I do?

    1. Hi Emmanuel, visit any FRSC or VIO office nearest to you.

  3. The FRSC is silent on plate number that the paint on the the letterings have faded away.
    What is their take and the relevant section of the Law that backs such up?

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