How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel In Nigeria Easily (2023)

This article is all about how to transfer airtime on Airtel mobile network this 2023. If you have always wanted to transfer airtime to your loved one who uses Airtel like you do and you do not know how to go about it or you have forgotten how to transfer airtime on Airtel, we will show you just how as we continue.

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You are here because you are having a challenge transferring Airtel airtime to your loved one who also uses Airtel and probably because you are finding the whole process quite difficult and confusing; or you genuinely don’t know the transfer code to use, not to worry as the information in this article will guide you on the step by step processes on how to transfer airtime on Airtel network.


In order to transfer airtime on Airtel, the mobile network service provider introduced the Me2U feature. Airtel Me2U feature is a special service on the Airtel network that enables an Airtel subscriber to transfer airtime to another Airtel subscriber which could be their family and friends. This means that you can recharge your line and share a portion of your Airtel airtime with your loved ones on the same network but you cannot exceed ₦5000 daily.


By default, once you are an Airtel Nigeria subscriber, you are already equipped with the Airtel Me2U feature and you do not need to register for it again. An active Airtel line is able to enjoy this service without any issues, however, you will need to change your default Airtel Me2U PIN which came with your Airtel line to a more personalized and secure PIN that will be very easy for you to remember but difficult for anyone who tries to access your phone without being authorized to do so. The default Airtel Me2U PIN is 1234 and you should change it to another unique 4-digit number that you can remember.


Below are the step by step processes that will enable you change your default Airtel Me2U PIN convemiently:

  • Click on the SMS/Messages menu on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Compose a message with the following: “PIN”(space)”default PIN” which is 1234(space)”new PIN”. That is, PIN 1234 8080 (with 8080 for example serving as your new pin)
  • Once you have done this, send it as an SMS to 432
  • Upon delivery, you will be notified that your new PIN is 8080 based on the number we used as an example in this post
  • Once this is done, you can now start transferring specified amounts from your Airtel airtime to your family and friends.


Now that you have changed your default Airtel Me2U transfer PIN, the next thing to do is to begin transferring airtime to your loved ones. The processes below are how to transfer Airtel airtime to your family and friends:

  • Once again, click on the SMS/Message menu on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Compose a message in this format: 2u(space)Airtel Number(space)Amount(space)PIN. Lets say you are transferring ₦500 to the number 0902222222, your message will look like this: 2u 0902222222 500 8080.
  • Once this is done, send the SMS to 432 and the airtime will be transferred immediately.
  • You will be notified via SMS of the transfer and the recipient will get an airtime alert notification.

Alternatively, you can transfer airtime on Airtel via the following straightforward process:

  • Dial *432# on your phone
  • Select transfer airtime.
  • Input or enter the recipient’s number that you are transferring airtime to
  • Enter your new PIN
  • Confirm your transaction by replying with option one (1) on the menu
  • You will get a notification of a successful transfer of the amount you sent and the receiver will be credited.

You will not be charged for using the Me2U service and Airtel subscribers also do not get charged for inquiry SMS and PIN changes, as well as unsuccessful Me2U transactions. When inputing the recipient’s phone number, you will have to be very careful as any mistake cannot be reversed.

If you want to make an urgent call and you do not have sufficient balance but you need someone to send you airtime on Airtel network, you can use the Airtel “Credit Me Service” for free to send them messages stating they should credit your line. In order to perform this operation, simply dial *141*8*recipient number# and send.

Once this is done, the recipient will get a notification via SMS from your number with the message, “Please Credit Me”. If however, after trying and trying, you still encounter difficulties on your Airtel line and you need information on how to speak with an Airtel customer service representative directly, kindly click the link to know more.

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