How To Start Dry Cleaning Business In Nigeria (2023)

In this post, we shall be looking at how to start laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria this 2023 and earn great profits from it as well. We will give you comprehensive details on the step by step guide on how you should go about setting up your laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria so that you can grow in it and become an authority in your line of work. If you are interested in laundry and dry cleaning services price list in Nigeria, you can check the link provided in order to know how to set your own prices when you commence your business.

Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services Price List In Nigeria

You should think about going into laundry and dry cleaning services business in Nigeria if you have the passion for it, and because there are many people who are too busy to do their laundry due to the demanding nature of their jobs, you are sure to make impressive figures as profits if you put in the hard work and get the recognition and trust that comes from your work with the passage of time by your ever increasing customer base.

The laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria encompasses all the aspects of dry cleaning which includes primarily washing clothes for your customers but is not limited to that alone as you will have to dry it and iron the clothes properly to ensure that your customers are satisfied so that they can always come back to you when they see that you have done a very good job.

Every aspect of dry cleaning is intertwined but they are based on what your customers need at a particular time. Some may want washing and drying alone, others may want starching, while some others may prefer the full package which terminates at ironing and proper packaging.

All these go for different prices and based on your agreement through your comprehensive price list, you can get the job done to the satisfaction of your customers. The beauty about laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria is that it is a low risk business that you can start it with little or no capital, and grow from there once your customer base increases with time, and it is, as earlier stated, a very profitable business.

With the Nigerian population increasing every year and as we have already mentioned earlier that many people are too busy with their work to wash their own clothes every week, this is where laundry and dry cleaning business owners come in as their specialty is very important. The average Nigerian leaves home for work very early in the morning and returns very late at night. Many people even work on Saturdays and Sunday is the only day available to them for rest, and because they want to maximize their rest period, washing clothes themselves will be the last thing on their minds hence the need to patronize dry cleaners.

Everybody enjoys wearing very clean and well ironed clothes, most especially when leaving for work throughout the working week or even on weekends when there will be one or two events or occasions to attend, for this very reason, dry cleaners in Nigeria will always be patronized because they help to make life easy for everyone, especially those burdened with work. As we proceed, we will take you through the steps on how to start your own laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria but before then, let us take a look at the advantages of the business.


The following are the advantages of setting up your own laundry and dry cleaning business in the country today:

  • You can start your laundry business with little or no capital and grow the business as your customer base increases.
  • You can commence your dry cleaning business from the comfort of your home if you’re yet to rent a shop.
  • You will always get customers as a result of people being too busy to do their laundry.
  • The business is very lucrative, especially when people have come to trust you for your work.


As a laundryman or laundrywoman, You can make a lot of money from the laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria based on how you set up and the volume of your customers. That notwithstanding, and all things being equal, let us see how much you can make from running your own laundromat business in the country.

Assuming that you charge ₦500 to wash and iron a shirt, we used this amount as a benchmark for the purposes of this article, you can charge more or less depending on your location and your set price list; so if you charge ₦500 per day to wash shirts and you wash about 20 shirts, this can net you ₦10,000 a day; if you also wash suits at the rate of ₦1,500 and you get 10 customers in a day, this gives you a total of ₦15,000 just in a day.

This means that a total of ₦25,000 can be made in just a single day by washing 20 shirts and 20 suits and if you multiply it by 7 days (one week), you would have made about ₦175,000, and of course, you know that this amounts to a total sum of ₦700,000 in 30 days (one month). Depending on how you run your business in real life situations, you can make more or less but be assured that this business pays and you have to dedicate a lot of time and dedication to it.


The following are the step by step processes on how to start laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria this 2023:


If you want to start your dry cleaning business in Nigeria, one very important thing to do is to find yourself a good location to site your business. It should be situated in a central area where people from different locations can easily access you.

One of the best things that helps a business to thrive is an excellent location and finding one should be top priority for you. While looking for a central area, you should also bear in mind to avoid locating your laundry business where there are many competitors so that your business can thrive.


Endeavour to register your laundry/dry cleaning services business with the relevant authorities. You may register with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria and the associations or umbrella bodies that oversee your line of business so as to be permitted to operate. Make sure to find out all these so nothing hinders you from doing your dry cleaning business in peace. You can decide to operate from home and when you are big enough for all these expenses, ensure to get them done without fail.


You will need to get your laundry and dry cleaning equipment ready so as to commence your business when the time comes. The type of equipment as well as the number, depends on how large or small you want to start. The following are the basic equipment to make available in order for you to start your dry cleaning business conveniently.


As you grow, you can incorporate other dry cleaning services if you so wish, in order to diversify your business. These other dry cleaning services include washing bed spreads, curtains, rugs, etc.


Every business needs promotion and you should do this for your laundry business in order to make people aware that you are in that line of work so that they can start patronizing you. There are different ways to advertise your dry cleaning business in Nigeria; through word of mouth, social media, print media, etc.

You can also go to large offices and corporate organizations to inform them about your services and how you can strike a deal to be their preferred dry cleaner. It may not be easy at first but if you get the deal, you are in for more profits and should they refer you to others in their circle, you know what that means.


If you do not have the resources to start big in your laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria, you can start with no money and as you grow in the business, you can then proceed to start little by little to purchase your laundry equipment and eventually rent a space. You can start your laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria with no money is by simply moving from house in your area or an area of your choice, informing the people in that neighbourhood about your services so you can start washing and ironing as soon as you can.

Remember that this is done at their homes and you’ll need to be a very credible person before trust can be built so you’ll require a lot of patience to build your customer base. Since you will be washing at different homes for your pay, your customers will provide everything you need, from water to soap or detergents, wash basins, etc. You can do this preferably on weekends and if you deliver quality, you can be sure to get paid really well depending on your negotiating power.

You can target families where both parents are working class and offer to be around on weekends when they too will be around so you wash and iron their clothes. If you are very good at what you do, you will be surprised at the referrals you will get. Many working class people really prefer this method as the washing is done in their homes at weekends where they can have the peace of mind that their clothes won’t go missing as is the case at many laundromats.


Understand that every business needs time to grow, so take out time to pay attention to the details of your laundry and dry cleaning business, and seek out more ways to be innovative about your services so that you can grow and retain your customer base over time. Ensure that your price ranges are very fair and that you do not overprice and underprice when doing your business.

This is something you should master with time so that people come to trust you and refer you to individuals in their circle. Also, it is important to note that this article is a guide and does not in any way prove absolute, so we encourage you to make your findings in real time in order to understand what it takes to set up your own dry cleaning services business in Nigeria today.

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