How To Start Daycare Centre Business In Nigeria (2023)

This article is about how to start daycare centre business in Nigeria currently in this year 2023. In Nigeria today, the proportion of full-time housewives is gradually dwindling. More African women than ever before are employed full-time or are operating their own modest businesses. This propensity creates a rising potential for businesses like daycare facilities and crèches.

How To Start Daycare Centre Business In Nigeria

These initiatives are now more widely accessible to middle-class families that value their children’s early mental and emotional development. From the convenience of your home, you can operate a daycare and childcare centre. Anyone who has a burning desire and boundless energy for kids will find it to be an exciting and fulfilling option.

Infants, toddlers, and young children are cared for in crèches, sometimes referred to as nurseries. A daycare centre, commonly referred to as a child care facility or preschool, is a place where kids are taken care of both during the day and at night. Babysitting takes place at the child’s home. Transporting the child to a separate location is however, necessary for daycare services at specific times particularly while the parents are at work or on vacation.

Popular candidates for these services are kids between the ages of one and six. Daycare facilities offer a variety of services, from basic babysitting to a more structured programme that includes preschool instruction, child development, rules, and field trips. Taking care of children is a big and important responsibility. A crèche and childcare service enables business owners to operate a challenging yet lucrative socially responsible enterprise.


The following are the step by step processes on how to start daycare centre business in Nigeria this 2023:


There are laws governing daycare centres and crèches in Nigeria. Daycare providers will need to be licensed or certified in accordance with particular laws in the country, according to the government or a professional body. Most of these laws and guidelines were put in place to prevent and punish child abuse in all its forms. Because of the strict regulations, running a daycare centre in Nigeria is typically more expensive.

The minimum amount of room and staff needed, the number of children who can be admitted based on available room, the kinds of toys that can be brought in, the necessary paperwork, and many other things are some of these limitations. It is important that you speak with the appropriate government agencies to find out what the legal requirements are for daycare providers in your area. You could lose a lot of money and your reputation if you are forced to shut down operations by the authorities after you have already started doing business.


Locating your daycare business in Nigeria at a suitable place will guarantee its success. The ideal location for a creche facility is one that is close to the parents’ homes or workplaces, clean, safe, and easily accessible. Even though a daycare business can be run from home or in a special facility close to commercial, industrial, and office areas, it is very important to make sure that all hazards to your company are avoided.

The facility used as a crèche should have all necessary amenities in addition to a good location. Examples include bathrooms, toilets, mattresses, blankets, play areas outside, and kitchens. Remember to create an atmosphere that appeals to parents while also making children happy and comfortable when designing or building your crèche. Parents will not utilise or recommend your creche if they don’t like how it makes them feel.


You should recruit the right people if your business is to succeed. Your team must be empathetic, sensitive, and patient, as well as have a natural excitement for and love of children. Above all, your staff must always keep your company’s success in mind. This includes building and maintaining a great reputation, which is essential in the daycare center business. Your reputation is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to advertise your services and get new customers. Your staff members need to have first aid and basic caregiving experience. You do not want any accidents at your daycare.


When it comes to the fees you charge for your day care services, parents always seek good value for their money. Parents will continue to hire you if they see an increase in their kids’ cognitive, affective, and physical growth and will enthusiastically recommend you to family, friends, neighbours, and co-workers. To promote and engage the kids’ interest and promote their mental growth, establish a routine. Children’s learning and memory skills are improved when simple rhymes, songs, numbers, and alphabets are taught to them.

Young children love puzzles and games because they teach them about shapes and colors. Another great way to hold kids attention while they are learning is through dance. Children can form bonds, make friends, and like going to daycare so much that they look forward to coming back the following day. You are very likely to maintain the parent’s attention if their children are interested.


Children’s emotional development depends on receiving the right amount of attention, affection, order, and discipline. It is necessary that the kids in your care learn how to behave properly and interact with their classmates. In your crèche, physical health is also very important. If you choose to serve meals, you must uphold a strict code of hygiene. To promote infant development, the meal needs to be nourishing, tasty, and well-balanced. It is crucial that children who fall sick with an infectious illness (such chicken pox or a cough) wait to attend the crèche until they are completely well.

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