How To Register A Car In Nigeria Currently (2023)

Have you just newly bought your vehicle? Then this information on how to register a car in Nigeria currently will benefit you immensely as it will prevent you from falling into trouble with the traffic authorities in the country. Should you fail to register your automobile as mandated by the law, you will not be able to use it to ply Nigerian roads freely without being made to face the wrath of the law.

How To Register A Car In Nigeria Currently

In order to avoid being tagged something you are not by traffic authorities and those in charge of vehicle inspection in the country, Nigerian Guide advises that the first and proper thing you should do once your car has just been recently purchased is to find a way of registering it. We will give you the various tips on how to register you vehicle as we continue shortly.

As aforementioned, all vehicles in Nigeria must be registered before they are allowed to ply on our roads, and yours is not an exception. It is very dangerous to drive a car that has not been registered. This is against the Nigerian traffic rules and regulations and there are penalties attached to it. Do kindly take note.

In registering your car in Nigeria today, you should be aware that you will need to present some certain documents as well as other requirements that may be stated by the authorities in charge of vehicle registration in the country today. You will also need to register a number plate that will be assigned to your car so that you can freely move wherever you want to without being harassed by the authorities.

In this post, the information given will help you bypass all the stress that many people go through whenever they want their cars registered. We have given a set of guidelines or steps for registering an automobile in Nigeria and we believe that should you follow these steps religiously, your vehicle registration in the country will go smoothly without any issues. Kindly check out the steps below.


The following are the required documents needed for vehicle registration in Nigeria currently:

  • Letter of attestation from the company you purchased your car
  • Delivery note from the company you purchased your car
  • Receipt of purchase of car or invoice
  • Proof of ownership of vehicle
  • A valid driving licence
  • National identity card or International passport
  • Utility bills to show proof of your current residential address
  • Passport photographs (make as many as possible just in case).

If you are registering an imported car, the following documents are also required:

  • Tax Identification Number
  • Clearance papers obtained from customs
  • Duty certificate of motor vehicles.


The following are the requirements for standard car registration with the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC):

Once all your required documents as mentioned earlier are available, you can proceed with the following steps for your vehicle registration with the FRSC.

  • Visit the State Board of Internal Revenue or Motor Licensing Authority in any part of the country that you are located
  • Complete the “Allocation of plate number” form very carefully
  • Submit the form attached with other relevant documents
  • Conclude the application process.

Once the authorities go through your papers, they will hand you some other forms to fill, which include:

  • Allocation of registration number of new vehicle
  • License form of auto vehicle
  • Form B
  • Federal Road Safety (FRSC) form
  • Tax form

Your application will be forwarded for verification by a police officer in the licensing office. Once it is successfully approved, it will be stamped and a date of verification will be included. Then you can proceed to do the following:

  • Pay for the license plate: Standard number plates cost ₦12,500 and the fancy number plate goes for about ₦80,000. Prices may differ based on your location.
  • Upon successfully paying for your number plate, present the receipt of payment in order to get your newly assigned number plate.

Also present the following documents:

  • Proof of Ownership Certificate
  • Proof of Ownership Certificate Number
  • Vehicle Identification Tag (VIT)
  • Endeavour to collect all your original documents that you presented for verification during the process of your car registration.
  • Purchase a vehicle insurance policy for your new vehicle.


These are the required documents for registration of a car in Lagos State. The documents should be taken to any of the Motor Vehicle Administration Agencies in the State for the process to be completed. All documents include:

  • A valid driving licence
  • Insurance papers
  • Insurance policy number
  • Valid form of identification, either national identity card or international passport
  • Proof of current address (utility bill)
  • Proof of car ownership
  • Tax identification number
  • Custom papers (compulsory for imported vehicles).

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