How To Cancel Autorenewal On Airtel In Nigeria (2023)

This article is about how to stop Airtel autorenewal in Nigeria this 2023. If you have subscribed for a certain Airtel Nigeria feature or plan, be it voice or data plan or some other plan whatsoever on your mobile device and you clicked on the autorenewal option when subscribing but for some reason or the other, the service debits your airtime to renew your subscription even when it’s not convenient for you and you want to put an end to this only to use the one-off option going forward, then, the information contained in this blog post is for you.

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We have all been there before when we receive messages from Airtel informing us that we have successfully autorenewed our subscription. A good number of times, this autorenewal is done unknowingly, due to the kinds of phones we all use which is touch screen. Some people may not even know that while their phones were in their pockets or in their hand bags, the keys were busy activating things they didn’t really need at that point in time only for Airtel to send them autorenewal messages accompanied with the amount debited at a later date. Once this happens, trust a vast majority of Nigerians including myself to call Airtel customer service representatives directly and give them an earful.

Other times, you may not be satisfied with a particular voice or data plan and at the time you least expected, an Airtel autorenewal happens, leaving you red faced and frustrated on what to do to make it stop; if this is your current situation, look no further as Nigerian Guide will point you in the direction that you should go in order to cancel Airtel autorenewal on your mobile devices today. Do kindly continue reading to find out more.


Before activating the autorenewal feature, Airtel Nigeria will ask you if you want to enable it any time you subscribe to a new data plan and this is really nice as it gives you control whether to proceed or opt against it but if you enable autorenewal for your subscription and you have decided against this very feature, the following are the various ways by which you can stop Airtel autorenewal in Nigeria this 2023:


If you want to disable the airtel autorenewal through SMS, this is quite easy and all you have to do is to follow the guide below:

  • Go to your phone “Messages” or “SMS” app. This is easy to find on your mobile phone as all phones come with this application.
  • Send “STOP” as a text message to 141
  • Once this text message has been successfully delivered, you will receive a confirmation SMS from the Airtel message service centre indicating to you that you have opted out of the Airtel autorenewal service.


Many people do not know that they can cancel their Airtel autorenewal through Twitter and this is done when one visits the Airtel Nigeria dedicated Twitter account set up by this top telecoms company for the sole purpose of attending to their numerous customers who may be facing certain issues while using Airtel services.

In order to deactivate your Airtel autorenewal service via the Twitter method, the following steps should be followed:

  • Simply login to your Twitter account on the Twitter app or website. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can create one easily by downloading the app on your Google Play Store (Twitter is currently banned in Nigeria but some people have their ways of accessing the app)
  • Click the search button on Twitter and search for airtel_care
  • This should bring out the official Airtel customer care account with a verified twitter badge in the search options. Ensure that you are clicking on a verified twitter account and not just anything that has Airtel in it.
  • Once you have found airtel_cares, you can then send them a direct message (dm) outlining your challenge. Endeavour to include your phone number, and the data plan you need them to deactivate on your airtel line
  • Exercise some patience and wait for a reply from them.


To disable your Airtel autorenewal via their call centre, simply contact Airtel customer care by dialling 111 on your airtel line, and once you have been transferred to speak with a customer service representative, you can then tell them to kindly disable your autorenewal for the data plan you’re not satisfied with.

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