How To Become A Paga Agent In Nigeria (2023)

This post explains how to register and become a Paga agent in Nigeria currently in this year 2023. Many Nigerians are always looking for multiple streams of income and supplementary jobs that will not take up a lot of time but will pay extra money in order to increase their income. If you belong to this group, and you have chosen to become a Paga agent in order to have that extra source of income, then you are at the right place as we will explain how you can register and become a Paga agent in Nigeria to help you get ahead financially.

How To Become A Paga Agent In Nigeria


Paga is a mobile payment firm that has developed an enabling environment that allows users to send and receive money digitally using their phones and other mobile devices. Regardless of your status or the type of phone you use, they create easy financial access for everyone. Paga provides a wide range of services, including bill payments, remittances, the purchase and transfer of airtime, free money transfers, deposits to bank accounts, bulk disbursements, and so on. This mobile payment platform currently has more than 27,000 active agents in Nigeria and is actively recruiting more.


A Paga agent is a licensed independent retailer who has received training to offer Paga services to clients. Wherever they live or work, clients can reach a Paga agent directly. Because of this, the most prosperous Paga agents are probably already established business owners who enjoy a solid reputation in their local communities and a following of repeat clients. A Paga Agent’s duties include registering new customers, assisting Paga users, adding money to users’ Paga accounts, carrying out transactions on their behalf, and handling requests for cash withdrawals.

Every customer transaction that Paga agents complete earns them a commission. You will make more money as you complete more transactions. Having stated that, let us move on to learning how to become a Paga agent in Nigeria right away, as this could be your opportunity to increase your income even if you continue with your current work or business.


The following are the step by step processes on how to become a Paga agent in Nigeria this 2023:


Visit, Paga’s official website.


The website’s home page contains a wealth of informative content. You may read reviews, learn how the concept functions, and discover the benefits. When you are ready to start creating your own account, click the orange “Get Started” button in the upper right corner of the page or the “Get Started Now” option if you scroll down past the testimonies of previous users. The website no longer provides the unique “Agent Interest” form, which was once available online, and that leads us to the third step.


You can access two sections with questions for “clients” and “agents” by clicking on the FAQ link at the website’s footer. When you click on the “agents” section, you will see that all interested agents are urged to send their requests directly to the email address: for Paga registration. In your email letter, be sure to include your full name and contact information.

You can also register your interest by using any of the channels below:

Call: 07000007242 Or 012777160
Twitter: @paga
Facebook: @mypaga
WhatsApp: 08099227242
SMS: 09090027242
Live chat:


After receiving a response to your email, one of the Paga field representatives will contact you for further instructions on the onboarding process as well as your training.


Signing up as a Paga agent is completely free, however you are required pay the sum of ₦30,000 if you want a POS terminal. You must pay this one-time fee in order to begin promoting Paga services to others and earning a commission on each transaction that your clients complete.


Now that you know how to become a Paga agent in Nigeria, it is now up to you to take advantage of this great opportunity to add this lucrative and rewarding business an alternative source of income or as your main business to reap the benefits of what Paga has to offer. This is the right step for anyone who wants to develop, grow, and achieve financial independence.

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