How To Apply For Germany Masters Programme In Nigeria (2023)

Are you looking to apply for your masters degree in Germany from Nigeria this 2023 and you do not know how to go about it? In this article, we will guide you on how to enroll for Germany masters programme and the requirements. One of the best places to travel to for studies, especially for your masters as an international student from Nigeria is Germany and this country is rapidly becoming the destination of choice for many prospective students seeking international education. If you would love to do your masters in this beautiful European country, kindly read through to know the steps and requirements.

Apply For Germany Masters Programme In Nigeria

Germany is immigration friendly and getting admission to study for your masters is not all that difficult. The beauty about the standard of education in Germany is that it is very high so if you travel out and want to get the best out there in terms of education, most German schools offer you that. The level of education in Germany especially for your masters degree programme has evolved so much that is has gone beyond the classroom and involves professor-student interaction. As we proceed, we will arm you with information on what to do to secure your admission for masters degree programme in Germany from Nigeria.


One of the most important advantages of studying in Germany is that you can take classes in English through an english medium and not necessarily in the German language. Many Germans speak the English language so fluently that you will be forgiven for mistaking the country as an English speaking one but it is advisable to learn the native language so as to help you ease your stay all through the duration of your masters degree programme and beyond.

In Germany, every university is open to international students and they do not discriminate between their own students and foreign students as everyone is treated the same. Education over there is fun and very lively and involves a lot of research. Some of their schools offer free education as their government has made this possible and those that are not free are cheap education in Germany. The best part of studying in Germany is that their certificates obtained are internationally recognized.


Masters degree programme in Germany can be categorised into Consecutive or Non-consecutive. The consecutive category involves the knowledge one has gained during their undergraduate years which are further developed on. The non-consecutive category involves professional development and it is the main reason for your masters degree programme. In this category, you are required to possess both your undergraduate certificate and relevant work experience so as to qualify for this. Masters degree programmes in Germany comprise of four (4), that is, it takes bout two (2) years to complete but this might be longer or shorter depending on the school and the particular course of study.


International students are required to have a knowledge of the German language because majority of  the courses are offered in the native language. There are still many courses that are taught in English. That said, even if you will not have to learn the German language, you still need to show evidence that you understand German by submitting any proof of proficiency in the German language. International students are required to take the German Language Examination for University Entrance.

Another test known as the Test of German as Foreign Language is also required to show proof of proficiency in the German language. The first test which is taken on arrival at Germany at your university of choice while the other test can be taken in Nigeria and it is available in over 90 countries across the world, including Nigeria. You should get acquainted to the particular test offered by your choice university before applying.


If you are applying for masters degree programme from Nigeria to Germany, you are required to understand properly the higher education entrance qualification as it obtains in Germany. Your Nigerian bachelors degree certificate can be used to seek admission for masters degree programme in Germany but you are to ensure that the certificate you are using is gotten from an NUC officially recognized Nigerian university.

You are required to provide some supporting documents alongside your bachelors degree certificate and these supporting documents vary from one German school to another. For you to be sure what documents you are to provide, it is imperative that you find out what the university of your choice requires by contacting them via their valid e-mail addresses.

Your preferred course of study and the country you obtained your bachelors degree certificate from will largely determine what the required number of credit will be. You can submit your application through the online portal of your university of choice or via airmail to the university. One centralised service through which you can submit your application online is Uni Assist.

This platform helps you to screen your application in order to find out if it is in line with the requirements of the German school of your choice for masters and the specific requirements of your preferred course of study. Bear in mind that Uni Assist is not used by all German universities for screening their prospective masters degree students so you will have to confirm from your university of choice to know if they use the service or not. Other documents that you will need to submit during your masters application include the following:

  • Official copy of your academic qualifications
  • Passport photocopy of your international passport
  • Copy of language proficiency examination result, and
  • Application fee when applicable.


The best times to submit your applications to German universities if you want to enroll for masters from Nigeria are twice in a year either during the summer or during the winter semester and this is totally dependent on what you want. Summer semester begins from March and ends in August if you are applying to Fachhochschulen. For other varsities, it begins from April through to September. Winter semester however, begins from September and ends in February or from October to March.

Get your visa ready in order to travel and study in Germany for you masters degree programme or any other level of education and you must have obtained your visa before you start applying for schools in Germany. If you have already been given provisional admission by any German university, you can apply for student visa at the German embassy in Nigeria but if you are still waiting for your admission confirmation, it is advisable that you apply for Applicant Visa. Issuance of visa can take some months so you should apply as soon as possible.

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