Housemanship Salary Structure in Nigeria Currently (2022)

Medical doctors housemanship salary structure in Nigeria this 2022 is what this article is all about. This topic is important for medical professionals who have recently graduated from the university and would love to know just how much they are paid during this phase of their career.

Medical Doctors Salary Structure in Nigeria

Apart from medical doctors, there are also some very important medical experts that go on housemanship trainings in order to learn and get valuable experience on the job. It is their salary scale as house officers that we shall be looking at in this article. Housemanship for other medical professionals that are not medical doctors is called internship but for the purpose of this post, we shall stick with the former.

The medical profession is one that requires maximum concentration seeing that it deals with saving human lives. This profession requires the best hands on the job and that is why there is need for housemanship programmes so that everything learnt in medical school and teaching hospitals can be further practicalized as a real life job under the guidance of experienced medical professionals.

Housemanship spans medical laboratory science, medicine and surgery, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, physiotherapy to mention but a few, and it is compulsory for these set of health workers to be well rounded in their line of profession just before they go for their mandatory one year NYSC and while they are on the job, they are paid attractive salaries to encourage them to keep up their good work.

The amounts paid to professionals undergoing housemanship training is a key factor in determining whether to pursue a career in the medical line as a youth. Even if the monthly take home pay for those undergoing housemanship programmes are not as high as those in the oil and gas sector or the salary of civil engineers, you can be rest assured that housemanship salary range in Nigeria is among the best when comparing it to what other professionals in different fields and sectors earn in the country.

If there is any dignified job that pays people with pre-NYSC experience in Nigeria, it is the housemanship job. You are learning your trade and getting paid for it, what more could a medical graduate ask for? Just before they are fully certified as professionals in their chosen line of work, they get paid some interesting amounts as we shall see under the headings as we proceed, this alone motivates them to carry out their life saving duties to the best of their abilities. Lets look at their salary structure in detail.


We shall look at housemanship salary range and monthly take home pay in the country presently. Under the housemanship programme, medical doctors in Nigeria who have just graduated from medical school can be paid a monthly basic salary of ₦120,000. On the average, in this 2022, medical doctors housemanship salary structure in Nigeria currently ranges between ₦120,000 – ₦200,000 per month.

This programme is very compulsory for medical graduates and should be done at least two years after leaving medical school. Enrolling for the programme used to be very easy in the past compared to what is obtainable these days due  to the increase in the number of medical graduates in Nigeria presently.

This has made most hospitals to have limited slots for house officers and interns in the different medical fields, leading most government hospitals to select top candidates based on merit after they must have passed the aptitude tests set by these hospitals which may be federal medical centres, teaching hospitals, general hospitals, etc.

Housemanship salaries differ according to the different professions in the medical field, and according to the hospital which employs any of the health professionals. During the housemanship programme, medical doctors salary as well as that of dentists are usually the highest in contrast to salary of medical laboratory scientists and some others who are among the least paid. Also, federal government owned hospitals pay more than most hospitals owned by various state governments.

Having said that, let us now look properly into the salary structure of housemanship trainees in Nigeria in different medical fields. Be informed that salaries may change with time, as some hospitals review staff salaries often.


The monthly salary of dentists during housemanship in Nigeria is in the range between ₦150,000 – ₦180,000, excluding some bonuses that they are entitled to. Dentistry in the medical profession is one of the highest paying jobs and ranks among one of the most respected as well. It is little wonder to see them rank high on the list of top housemanship earners in the country.


Pharmacists undergoing housemanship are paid between ₦130,000 – ₦170,000 per month. While they may not earn as high as medical doctors, they play important roles in saving lives.


Physiotherapists during their internship programmes are paid a salary in the range between ₦130,000 – ₦150,000 depending on the hospital they work in.


The salary of medical laboratory scientists during housemanship in Nigeria is in the range between ₦100,000 – ₦140,000 per month.

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