Full List Of All Salary Structures In Nigeria (2023)

There are various salary scales in the country that govern the way many civil servants are paid and in this post, we will give a comprehensive list of all salary structures in Nigeria and go straight to the point with their explanations. These monthly payment determinants are very much effective in the country this 2023 and all are collectively known as the Consolidated Public Salary Structure (CONPSS) in Nigeria.

Full List Of All Salary Structures In Nigeria

The various salary structures are set in such a way that if there are two individuals who are on the same grade level in the civil service but are working at different government parastatals, both will be paid different monthly salaries. This is because the payment determinants that governs one federal government parastatal or agency may be completely different from what is applicable in the other.

Even if the employees are working at the same institution owned by the federal government in the country, because of their various affiliations to certain umbrella bodies, their salaries will be different as is the case with the academic versus non-academic staff in our universities.

All salary structures in the civil service are directly overseen by the National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission (NSIWC). The Commission was established in 1993 to determine a realistic compensation plan for every civil servant in the country among other things.

A very important function of the NSIWC is to take care of annual reviews of wages and salaries in the Public Service. What this means is that it studies and analyzes the salary structures of government workers every year and can choose to change it from time to time. Having said that, let us now focus our attention on every salary structure in the country presently.


Below are the various Federal Government of Nigeria salary structure for all civil servants in the country:


CONTOPSAL is an acronym for Consolidated Top Federal Public Office Holders Salary Structure. This is the salary structure that determines what top government officials from either the federal civil service or the various civil service at the State levels are paid. This salary structure was adopted in 2007 and it is still being used presently.


Another salary scale in the civil service is CONJUSS, it is an acronym for Consolidated Judicial Salary Structure. It is with this salary structure that the earnings of all judicial employees under the Federal Government of Nigeria are determined.


CONMESS means Consolidated Medical Salary Structure. It is by this salary scale that every medical practitioner in the civil service is paid their monthly earnings especially those that are employed by the Federal Government of Nigeria.


CONHESS is an acronym for Consolidated Health Salary Structure. This salary determinant was developed to cater for the monthly salary payments of the various health workers in the country that are not medical doctors. If you are a health worker and you are employed by the government, CONHESS is what will be used to pay your salary at the end of every month.


CONRAISS stands for Consolidated Research and Allied Institutions Salary Structure. It was officially adopted in 2010. This salary structure takes care of monthly salaries of employees of all training, research and allied institutions under the federal civil service.


CONUASS is an acronym for Consolidated University Academic Structure and it was adopted in 2010 to be the salary determinant of every academic staff employed in Nigerian universities owned and run by the Federal Government of Nigeria.


CONTISS II stands for Consolidated Tertiary Institutions Salary Structure II. This is the salary structure determines the monthly payments of non-academic staff members of Federal universities in the country. CONTISS I which preceded this current salary scale was formulated in 2007 but it was abandoned, paving the way for CONTISS II to be adapted in 2009 and it is still in use to this day.


CONAFSS is an acronym which stands for Consolidated Armed Forces Salary Structure. This salary scale helps to determine what the nation’s military personnel are paid per month. It was adopted in the year 2007 and it is still in use till today.


CONPASS stands for Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure. This salary scale determines the monthly salary payments for all Paramilitary security agencies in the country excluding the Nigerian Police Force such as: the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, etc. The CONPASS was adopted in 2007 and it is still very much in use this 2023.


CONPOSS stands for Consolidated Police Salary Structure. This salary scale determines the monthly payments for all officers and men of the Nigerian Police Force. CONPOSS covers things such as basic salary, transport allowance, meal subsidy, utility allowance, hazard allowance, house maintenance allowance, uniform maintenance allowance, general services allowance, torchlight allowance, detective allowance, hardiness allowance, plain cloth allowance, furniture allowance, and personal servant allowance for senior officers when the need arises. Rent Allowance is however, not consolidated yet but with time, this will be.


CONPSS stands for Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure and it determines the monthly salary of civil servants in Nigeria. It treats the issue of minimum wage as well as determines the salary of workers in the Federal Civil Service Commission according to their grade levels.

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    This is a great job done. Kindly help explain if there is difference between grade level and salary structure. I have been made to understand that grade level 13 is the same thing as conmess 12. If you are employed as graduate engineer in health sector you are to be on grade level 9 but you are considered to be on Conhess 8.i will like to know if this cut across every conpss. Thanks

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