Current Prices Of Mosquito Nets In Nigeria (2023)

In this article, we shall be looking at the current prices of mosquito nets in Nigeria this 2023. Mosquito nets in the country are very important in many Nigerian homes today as a result of our country being prone to malaria of which the female Anopheles mosquitoes are the carriers.

Current Prices Of Mosquito Nets In Nigeria

Seeing that many people in the country are prone to being infected with the malaria parasite (Plasmodium spp.) as a result of our tropical climate and the poor living conditions that many Nigerians are exposed to, medical practitioners highly advise that the citizenry set up mosquito nets in their various homes so as to prevent mosquito bites especially from the female Anopheles mosquitoes in order to greatly reduce the spread of malaria in the country.

Going forward in this post, we shall be looking at the things to consider when buying mosquito nets in Nigeria as well as the current cost of mosquito nets in the country today. Do kindly at continue reading to find out more.


There are certain things to consider when buying mosquito nets in Nigeria as we shall see below:


When you want to buy a mosquito net in Nigeria, one of the most important things to consider is the size of the net. This is because mosquito nets are made in different sizes to suit individuals or groups depending on the purpose of your purchase. The size of your bed also matters when you are deciding on the size of your mosquito net.


Another thing to consider when you want to purchase your mosquito net in Nigeria is the material used in producing it. Many mosquito nets are commonly made from polyesters, polypropylene, or polyethylene, and you may want to feel the texture of the mosquito net you are going for before buying it. This is very important especially if you are looking to purchase mosquito nets for children. Also make sure that you choose a net that is skin friendly. Some children become really uncomfortable with mosquito nets that are made from hard materials, so the soft ones are preferable.


There are treated mosquito nets as well as the untreated ones. You should decide if you want to go for insecticide-treated nets or the untreated ones when you want to buy a net for your use. Insecticide-treated nets have already been medically fortified with chemicals that kill and repel mosquitoes. They are better than the untreated ones but because some people’s skin react to the chemicals used to treat the nets, they would rather go for the untreated ones. Treated mosquito nets are not advisable for pregnant women and children under the age of six as this could be harmful to them. Overall both treated and untreated mosquito nets are very effective depending on the user and their preferences.


On the average, the current prices of Mosquito nets in Nigeria this 2023 fall between the price range of ₦4,000 – ₦18,000, and this depends on the type of mosquito net you are purchasing, as well as the brand, size, design, etc. You can purchase mosquito nets at various pharmacy stores in Nigeria as well as on various trusted e-Commerce stores online.

As earlier mentioned in the course of this article, mosquito nets come in different types and sizes and they vary in price. These prices may be determined by brand names and the location where they are sold. Also be informed that imported mosquito nets are more expensive than locally made ones, and that insecticide-treated mosquito nets are usually more expensive than the untreated ones.

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