Current Prices Of DSTV Decoders In Nigeria (2023)

This article discusses the current DSTV decoder pricing in Nigeria currently in this year 2023. DSTV is without a doubt the best and most popular cable/pay TV in Nigeria today, even more popular than TSTV, and it has been the country’s leading pay TV provider since 1995. Several satellite TVs have come and gone since their entrance into the Nigerian market, but DSTV, owned by Multichoice, has never gone out of business; instead, they have continued to adapt and improve in order to keep their position as the market leader in the cable TV business.

Current Prices Of DSTV Decoders In Nigeria

DSTV clearly commands a large customer base in Nigeria today, and this is because of the numerous exciting, entertaining, intriguing, and informative channels that are a feature of their decoders depending on your subscription and the specific DSTV decoder that you currently use. DSTV decoders are available in two varieties namely: the DSTV HD decoder and the DSTV Explora bundle decoder. DSTV also has different subscription options which include: DSTV Premium, DSTV Compact Plus, DSTV Compact, DSTV Confam, DSTV Yanga, and DSTV Padi; and they come with their own set of features and settings.


How much is DSTV decoder in Nigeria today? According to the DSTV official website, the DSTV HD decoder bundle typically costs ₦18,500 in Nigeria currently in this year 2023 without installation, and it comes with the dishkit and one month free compact subscription plan. With installation, you are likely to spend between ₦20,000 – ₦30,000 depending on what is available in your location. Also, the DSTV Explora Bundle which is more expensive and comes as a massive upgrade to the HD decoder costs ₦118,000 and it comes with massive advantages. The Explora decoder comes with a dishkit, Smart LNB, and compact subscription plan for one month free of charge and installing it may be up to ₦120,000.


Having known how much DSTV decoders go for in Nigeria today, there is need to also inform you of the variety of subscription plans on DSTV and their various prices. As you are well aware, from what we have mentioned earlier, DSTV decoders have six subscription plans and below, we will go over their various prices and specific features which makes up their subscription packages in Nigeria today from the highest subscription plan to the lowest:


The DSTV Premium subscription plan is the highest and most expensive subscription package on DSTV and this plan costs ₦24,500 per month. It comes with 160+ channels and 38 HD channels. The DSTV Premium subscription key package highlights include the following: Latest blockbuster movies, Award-winning series, Complete sports offering with 16 SuperSport channels, Get Showmax streaming service at no additional cost.


The DSTV Compact Plus subscription plan is the second most expensive package that is offered by this top cable TV in Nigeria, and it costs ₦16,600 per month. With the DSTV Compact Plus subscription plan, users are given access to 145+ channels and 30 HD channels. The DSTV Compact Plus subscription plan key package highlights include: Best Nigerian TV shows on AM Showcase, Best football coverage, including Champions League, More sport with UFC & NBA Award-winning documentaries.


The DSTV Compact subscription package is the third most expensive plan available on DSTV and it costs ₦10,500 per month. It comprises of 130+ channels and 20 HD channels. The Compact plan key package highlights include: Premier League, FA Cup, Carabao Cup International and Nigerian movies, series and reality shows, All kids and educational channels, Best local and international news, WWE wrestling 24/7 channel.


DSTV Confam is the fourth most expensive plan on DSTV and it costs ₦6,200 per month. It comprises of 105+ channels and 10 HD channels and its key package highlights include: Entertainment for all the family, Lifestyle, music and documentaries, La Liga, Serie A, Europa League, More kids, movies, series, dramas and novellas.


The DSTV Yanga subscription plan is the fifth most expensive package available on DSTV and it costs ₦3,500 per month. The Confam package comprises of 85+ channels and 7 HD channels. Its key package highlights include: Great movies on Africa Magic, Epic and M-Net Movies, Premier League, La Liga and Serie A games on SuperSport Football, Great kids and educational channels, Local and International music. ㅤ


The DSTV Padi subscription plan is the least expensive package available on DSTV and it costs ₦2,500 per month. It comprises of 45+ channels and 1 HD channel, and its key package highlights include the following: Nigerian programmes on free to air and Africa Magic channels, Kids, movies, music and educational channels, Best sports news on SuperSport Blitz, Local and international news.

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