Cost Of Oracle Certification In Nigeria Currently (2023)

This article is about the cost of Oracle certification in Nigeria this 2023. As we all know, the information technology sector is fast becoming one of the most lucrative and the most sort after in the country and this has made it very necessary for people to acquire professional certification in this area, especially Oracle certification as it is one of the most important part of IT presently.

Cost Of Oracle Certification In Nigeria Currently

An IT certification course gives a potential employee of some of the top companies in Nigeria an added advantage over their counterparts who may not have any and this may be the fine line between getting employed and losing out altogether in the Labour Market these days. These IT certification courses, of which Oracle, being our centre focus, is but one, also serves to show that the individual who possesses the certificate is competent in this particular field and it can help go a long way should they find jobs that require a professional in this field.

One major advantage of getting Oracle certification in Nigeria is that it is internationally recognized, ensuring that a holder of this certificate is exposed to a whole lot of career opportunities even away from their home country. Having said that, let us look at Oracle Certification in detail as well as the price in Nigeria today.


Oracle Certification in Nigeria is just like many other internationally recognized professional examinations and it can be taken in levels. How much you will pay for the course is dependent on the certification level you are applying for. These individual Oracle certification levels are different in content, study time frame, exam style, etc.

On the average, this 2023, the current cost of many Oracle Certification courses in Nigeria fall between the price range of $250 – $300 US Dollars. Junior associate Oracle examinations, taken by students and entry level job candidates costs about ₦40,000 – ₦70,000 and these prices depend on the current exchange rate in the country at any given time.

Oracle Certified Master Exams can take a whole day and they are performance-based exams which cost even more than the Junior associate Oracle examinations. The exam costs are separate from the amounts to be paid for other materials like the preparation kits and test materials. These test materials help candidates prepare very well for the examination; and depending on the type of Oracle exams you are applying for, the test materials can cost between the price range of ₦40,000 – ₦100,000.


As earlier stated, Oracle certifications are recognized internationally and they cover a series of IT areas such as applications, cloud, database, operating systems, enterprise management, virtualization, to mention but a few. Oracle Certification consist of five (5) main levels from the lowest to the highest, and they are:

  • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  • Oracle Certified Master (OCM)
  • Oracle Certified Expert (OCE)
  • Oracle Certified Specialist (OCS).

The five (5) certification levels are spread through nine (9) knowledge pillars or categories which are further divided into product groupings. The nine Oracle knowledge pillars or categories include the following:


There are over sixty (60) certifications that span the Oracle Applications Certification and these cover over twenty (20) products or product groups. Some of these applications in this Oracle Certification category include the following:

  • Agile
  • E-Business Suite
  • Hyperion
  • JD Edwards
  • PeopleSoft, etc.

These application certifications are for people who have knowledge in implementing specific Oracle ERPs.


Oracle Cloud Certifications span Java Cloud certifications as well as Cloud certifications such as Oracle Database Cloud. These certification courses are mainly for people who use applications, perform administration or deliver customer solutions in the cloud.


This certification course is mainly for database administrators or people whose work involves databases. Oracle database certification is divided into three (3) main subcategories such as:

  • Database Application Development
  • MySQL, and
  • Oracle Database.


This certification course covers both:

  • Oracle Application Testing Suite, and
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager.

It is targeted at people who are experts at using Oracle’s Application Quality Management tools and those who manage databases.

Another compulsory exam in this category is the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Certified Implementation Specialist exam (IZ0-457) which covers more administration functions for applications, operating systems, and databases. The certification also spans design, installation and deployment, enactment and support, reporting and extensibility.


Courses in this category include the following:

  • Introduction of Oracle IT Architecture
  • Release 3 Certified Architecture Specialist, and
  • Project Lifecycle Management Certified Implementation Specialist.

The Architecture accreditation is mainly for top-level IT architects who strategize, design, develop, document and offer solution designs while the he Project Lifecycle Management Implementation Specialist certification is mainly for project managers who are looking to develop and improve their skills and team management know-how to in order to manage Oracle implementation projects.


There are twenty-five (25) independent Oracle certifications in this category that are directed towards the development of Oracle software for communications, health services, insurance, and other similar industries. All the certifications that are available in this category are Certified Implementation Specialists for the various Oracle industry components.


In this category, there are different subgroups which include the following:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Application
  • Data Integration, etc.


This certification is targeted at people who are into the selling and implementation of Oracle solutions such as Exdata and Exalytics, SPARC, Sun Flash and Pillar Axiom.


This category of the Oracle certification is targeted at people that manage and operate Oracle Virtual Machine solutions.

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