Common Igbo Names For Twin Boys In Nigeria & Their Meanings

This article is about the common Igbo names for twin boys in Nigeria and their meanings. If you are Igbo and are expecting twin baby boys, you will agree with us that giving them a name is a big deal as the Igbo people do not just give names for the sake of it. They give names that are very meaningful and ones that will guide a child’s way of life, that is why we have compiled this list as we are aware of how difficult it may be to come up with names for your twin boys; so peruse through this list to find out which one befits your child.

Common Igbo Names For Twin Boys In Nigeria & Their Meanings

Historically, twin names have typically had a similar sound or meaning. To prevent confusing the twins, themselves, and anybody else involved, some parents might opt not to have names that are too similar to one another. We have everything covered, regardless of your preferences. We have also included the rich meanings associated with these Igbo names for your twin babies. Please continue scrolling to find out the best names for your babies and their meanings.


The following are the common Igbo names that you can give to your twin baby boys and their meanings:

  • Akachi and Ukachi – The hand of God; The plan of God
  • Akachukwu and Akuchukwu – The hand of God; The wealth of God
  • Akaolisa and Akuolisa – Hand of God; The wealth of God
  • Akuabata and Akubunna – Wealth has come; Wealth is the father (ultimate)
  • Akuabata and Ifeabata – Wealth has come; Light has come
  • Akubueze and Akubunna – Wealth is king (same meaning)
  • Akuchinyere and Ugochinyere – Wealth from God; Prestige or Honour from God
  • Akunwa and Akuchi – Wealthy child or wealth from a child; God’s wealth
  • Akusinachi and Ifesinachi – Wealth from God; Something from God
  • Akusinachi and Ubasinachi Same – Wealth comes from God (same meaning)
  • Arinzechukwu and Ekenedilichukwu – Thanks be to God (same meaning)
  • Beluolisa and Berechi – If not for the sake of God (same meaning)
  • Chetanna and Chetachi – Remember your Father; Remember God
  • Chialuka and Chieloka – God did a great work; God thought of this well
  • Chibudom and Chibundom – God is my peace; God is my resting place/refuge/shelter
  • Chibueze and Chibunna – God is King; God is the Father (Almighty)
  • Chibuikem and Chibundom – God is my strength; God is my Shelter
  • Chichebem and Chidubem – God protect me; God lead me
  • Chichebem and Chijidem – May God protect me; May God hold Me
  • Chidike and Chidire – God is strong; God is powerful
  • Chidoziem and Chimeziem – May God keep me; May God make me (good)
  • Chidumeje and Chisomaga – God leads me; God walks with me
  • Chiedozie and Chiekezie – God has kept (me); God has created
  • Chiemeka and Chialuka – God has done a great work (same meaning)
  • Chiemezugo and Chiemerigo – God has completed His work; God has won
  • Chijioke and Chinwoke – God is the custodian of blessings (same meaning)
  • Chikamso and Chikaima – I’m walking with God or following God; It’s God we know
  • Chikezie and Chidozie – May God make keep or make something good (same meaning)
  • Chimaobi and Chimamkpa – God knows my heart; God knows my needs
  • Chimbuchi and Chimkachi – My God is the Lord; My God is the greatest
  • Chimdindu and Chimdiebube – My God is alive; My God is glorious
  • Chimdindu and Chimdire – My God is alive; my God is powerful
  • Chimdirim and Chimdiukwu – My God is on my side; My God is great
  • Chimdiukwu and Chimdiebube – My God is great; my God is glorious
  • Chimdiuto and Chimdiogo My God is sweet; my God is kind
  • Chimnonso and Chisom – My God is near; My God is with me
  • Chinenye and Chinonye – God Gives; God be with me
  • Chinweike and Chibuike – Power belongs to God; Strength belongs to God
  • Chinweotito and Chikwesiliotito – To God be all the Praise; it is right to give God praise
  • Chukwuemeka and Chukwuebuka – God has done something good; God is great
  • Echezonanna and Lotanna Same meaning – Don’t forget your father; Remember your father
  • Enyichi and Oyichi – God’s friend (same meaning)
  • Enyinna and Oyinna – Father’s friend (same meaning)
  • Ezinna and Ezichi – Good Father; Good God
  • Gosioranachimdike and Gosifechukwu – Show the world that my God is powerful; Show the world the light of God
  • Ifeanyichukwu and Ifeadikachukwu – Nothing is too hard for God to do; Nothing is like God
  • Ifechidere and Ifechiluru – What God has written; What God has done
  • Ifemyolunna and Kamsiyonna – What I asked of God; As I asked of God
  • Ihechimere and Iheomachimere What God has done; The good God has done
  • Ikemefuna and Afamefuna – My strength shall not be lost; My name shall not be lost
  • Jachike and Jamalumchike – Praise God for his power (same meaning)
  • Jachimma and Jachike – Praise God for his goodness or beauty; Praise God for his strength or power
  • Jidekene and Jideotito – Hold on to Thanksgiving; Hold on to Praise
  • Jidenna and Jideofor – Hold on to your father; Hold on to your truth
  • Kaefechukwu and Kamfeechukwu – Let God be worshipped; Let me worship God
  • Kainyechukwuekene and Kaitochukwu – Let’s thank/praise God (same meaning)
  • Kaitochukwu and Kaetochukwu – Let us praise God; Let God be praised
  • Kaitochukwu and Kaitobenna – Let’s praise/thank God (the Father) (same meaning)
  • Kamdiri and kambili – I shall live (same meaning)
  • Kamsiyochukwu and Kosisochukwu – As I asked of God; As it pleases God
  • Kanene and Kanayo – Let’s look unto God; Let’s keep asking God
  • Kenechukwu and Tobechukwu – Thank/praise God
  • Kenenna and Keneolisa – Thank God (same meaning)
  • Kobichimdi and Kobichimra – How the heart of my God is; How big the heart of my God is
  • Kobimtochukwu and Kobimfeechukwu – Let my heart praise God; Let my heart worship God
  • Kosisonna and Kamsiyonna – As it pleases God (the Father); As I asked of God (the Father)
  • Kosisonna and Kosisochukwu – As it pleases God (same meaning)
  • Kwesikenachi and Nosikenachi – Believe strongly in God; Stay strong in God (same meaning)
  • Lotanna and Lotachi – Remember God (same meaning)
  • Nwabueze and Nwabugo – A child is king; A child brings pride or honour
  • Nzubechukwu and Izuchukwu – God’s plan/God’s will (same meaning)
  • Okezika and Omezika – Perfect creation from God (same meaning)
  • Onyekachi and Onyedikachi – Who is greater than God; Who is like God?
  • Onyekachukwu and Onyedikachukwu Who is greater than God; Who is like God?
  • Onyemaechi and Chimaechi – Who knows tomorrow?; God knows tomorrow
  • Osinachi and Isinachi – It is From God; You are from God
  • Osinobichukwu and Odinobichukwu – It is from the heart of God; it is in the heart of God
  • Oyirinna and Afunwaelotanna – He resembles his father; when we look at the child, we remember his father
  • Somadina and Somayina – May I not be or walk alone (same meaning)
  • Somkene and Dumkene – Praise God with me (same meaning)
  • Somkenechukwu and Somtochukwu – Thank/praise God with me (same meaning)
  • Ugochukwu and Ebubechukwu – The pride of God; The glory of God
  • Ugonna and Ugochukwu – Pride of the father; Pride of God
  • Yadichimma and Yadilichukwu – Let it be pleasing to God; Let’s leave it for God
  • Yagazie and Ogadimma – It shall be well (same meaning)
  • Yagazie and Yobachi – It shall be well or it shall go well; Let’s ask or pray to God
  • Zimuzo and Zimife – Show me the way; Show me the light.

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