Biochemists Salary Structure in Nigeria (2023)

This article is about biochemists salary structure in Nigeria this 2023. How much a Biochemist earns as salary in Nigeria depends on the type of organization he or she works for. To get these figures, we carried out a research to know the average pay a graduate of Biochemistry in any Nigerian university will take home as monthly salary. This course is an interesting one and starting a career in it, will surely open opportunities for you if you choose to study it.

Biochemists salary structure in Nigeria

Biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes that occur in living organisms. It is a natural science which uses the methods of chemistry to explain biological processes and as such, it serves as the basis for understanding all biological processes which happen in living things.

A biochemist’s salary in Nigeria is a curious topic like that of microbiologists because most people in the country are not aware of what the course is all about or where a graduate in the discipline should fit in immediately after graduation and completion of the compulsory NYSC youth service that the government mandates every graduate to partake in. This article takes you through all that.

In our society today, every science inclined student would love to study the so-called competitive courses like Medicine and Surgery or Pharmacy and be called medical doctors and pharmacists, because they believe it gives them the edge over other people who major in other life science disciplines, and that is not a bad idea but anyone who has considered getting a degree in biochemistry would agree that this course is one of the major foundations on which the others thrive.

Having read through until this point, you may ask yourself the question, how much does a biochemist in Nigeria earn today? Is it worth it to venture into a career in biochemistry? What is a biochemist’s salary in Nigeria currently? All these and more will be answered in a short while. Kindly note that this discipline is very unique, flexible and dynamic in its own right and that whoever chooses to pursue a career along this line has the opportunity to work in different sectors in the labour market which favours the course.


Just like other highest paying jobs, a fresh graduate of biochemistry in Nigeria is paid within the range of ₦120,000 – ₦400,000 monthly on average this 2023. The amount that biochemists in the country earn is dependent on certain factors which include the sector, and the experience of the biochemists on the job with time.

Looking at the different sectors of the economy and the companies which require the expertise of biochemists, we will tell you in detail how much one is expected to earn as a biochemistry major on the job, especially entry level employees.


Medical biochemists in the public sector who are at the beginning of their careers earn between ₦120,000 – ₦180,000 monthly while those in the private sector rake in between the range of ₦50,000 – ₦120,000 per month. Biochemists who work in hospitals are one of the most sort after people in the medical industry. The expertise of medical biochemists are highly sort after in the laboratory department of most hospitals as these health institutions require only the best hands for the best practices in testing patient samples, interpreting and reporting their findings to the physicians and specialists they work with.


Freshly employed biochemists in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria are paid in the region between the pay range of ₦200,000 – ₦400,000 per month and as they grow and gain experience on the job, their salaries increase. The oil and gas sector is one of the best places for biochemists to thrive and build a great career, they can work at ExxonMobil, Shell, NNPC, Chevron, to mention but a few. Here, biochemists are instrumental to the research and development of innovative chemical products and they can also be tasked with suggesting alternatives to fossil fuel by developing biofuels.


The salary range for an entry level biochemist in the FMCG industry in Nigeria today is between ₦70,000 – ₦350,000 per month depending on the company. The pay rises with increased experience on the job. The expertise of biochemists are also required in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry in the country. These companies employ professional biochemists either as quality control specialists or sales representatives in order to generate the demand for these products with one eye at making huge profits.


An entry level biochemist in any one of the generic or multinational pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria earns a salary in the range between ₦120,000 – ₦300,000 per month depending on the company, the nature of their products, as well as the nature of the sales target set per month.


A biochemist can also work in the education sector of the country and earn between ₦70,000 – ₦150,000 or more per month, either as a lecturer in any of the universities offering biochemistry in Nigeria or a teacher in a high school who chooses to teach either biology or chemistry at some of the best secondary schools in Nigeria today.


It is noteworthy to mention that nothing good comes easy and just as we have stated at the beginning of this article, many people are yet to come to terms with the relevance of biochemists and the study of biochemistry in Nigerian universities, and it will not be surprising if prospective students of tertiary institutions snub this science course for other disciplines they consider more appealing.

However, if you have decided to be a biochemistry major, you have actually set yourself on your way to be different from the rest, with the aim of unravelling the mystery of life in mind. To study biochemistry, you are required to pass your core sciences at SSCE level along with English language and mathematics and then score really well in your science subject combinations at UTME level to stand a chance.

You will also need to beat the cut off mark of your prospective tertiary institution to set yourself up for a great journey of four or five years of wonderful biochemistry study, depending on the school you apply to.

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Maduawuchi Obialo is the founder of Nigerian Guide and the Editor-in-Chief at Nigerian Infopedia. He is a professional Web Content Developer and a Biochemist.


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