Best Websites To Download Nollywood Movies In Nigeria (2023)

This article is about the top 10 best websites to download Nollywood movies in Nigeria currently in this year 2023. We will list the best websites where you can download Nigerian movies. One of the most well-known and well-recognized film industries in the world is Nollywood, the name given to the Nigerian film industry. Many people would like to watch more Nollywood films due to the industry’s growing influence on the global stage, but we have learned that finding good Nigerian films can occasionally be challenging. For this reason, we have taken the time to write this in-depth article on the top websites where you can download Nollywood films in Nigeria right now. We advise you to read on in order to learn what they are.

Best Websites To Download Nollywood Movies In Nigeria

Some of these websites offer free downloads of many Nollywood movies, and if you choose, you may also download select Ghanaian and other African movies in addition to Nigerian ones. Be informed that some of these websites require a subscription and we advise that you bear that at the back of your mind. Having said that, let us now discuss about the top sites in Nigeria right now for downloading Nollywood films.


The following are the 10 best and most popular websites to download Nigerian movies this 2023:


One of the best places to easily find free trending Nigerian films as well as foreign movies is Netnaija. This website and their mobile app, is ideal for downloading free Nigerian movies as well as other movies from different genres. Additionally, they provide the option to download, comedy skits, and football highlights. They also provide you with many of the most recent entertainment news as well as audio and video music downloads.


The most popular paid website in Nigeria for downloading Nigerian movies is You can download any of the best Nollywood films from the website directly to your phone or other mobile device for just ₦5,000. IROKOTV brings incredible African entertainment to a global audience by connecting African communities throughout the world with content, education, and opportunities that will have a positive long-lasting influence on their life. IROKOTV offers an ex example of what it means to be African in the modern world. The website offers a wide variety of affordable material that brings users closer to home, along with their mobile app.


One of the top websites in Nigeria for downloading Nollywood films is NollyLand. One paid NollyLand Account allows users to access thousands of carefully chosen Nigerian, Ghanaian, and African movies on any device and with any bandwidth (low or high). This well-known Nigerian movie website was created and designed by Africans. NollyLand features the cutting-edge features of a world-class Movie Platform. Intuitive searching and categorization, adaptive video streaming, automatic bookmarking of movies to pause watching a movie and continue even on another device, a watch list to customize your movie choices, timeline thumbnails to easily jump to any scene in a movie are all available on the website as well as their mobile app.

REALNOLLYTV.COM is well-known for providing online streaming and distribution of Nollywood films throughout Africa and the rest of the world. With viewers coming in from every corner of the globe, it is one of Nigeria’s biggest internet and entertainment websites and exhibits the finest of Nollywood, Africa’s most well-known entertainment industry. Realnolly TV offers quality, limited-edition Nollywood films, TV shows, etc that you can view in full HD on your mobile device for a very low price.


The most recent and classic Nigerian movies are available on the well-known streaming service as well as its mobile app in crystal-clear HD formats. There are a variety of YouTube channels that post free and uncut Nigerian Nollywood films, whether they are in English or other Nigerian languages. YouTube is one of the best websites to find free Nigerian movies and download them. The commercials that do appear when watching movies on YouTube are the only negative aspect of the site.


On the well-known Nigerian website, you may watch or download the most recent Nollywood films on your smartphone. The website has a ton of stuff, including movies, music videos, and more. The website, which plays host to Gistmania, one of the best discussion forums in Nigeria, is one of the best places to download Nollywood movies in the country today, and you can also check it out for the most recent news.


The IbakaTV app features thousands of Nigerian Nollywood films. Users of Android and iOS can access it. The software allows you to easily download and stream content to your phone. You can start watching movies of your choice by visiting their official website as well.


Many of the most recent Nollywood films are available for free download on, a website dedicated to downloading Nigerian movies. The website delivers more than simply movies, ranking as one of the top 10 best music blogs in Nigeria today.


You can currently download free Nigerian movies from This Nigerian website for downloading Nollywood movies also has various news and entertainment segments. You can never miss any new Nigerian movies with this website.


You can download the most recent Nigerian, Ghanaian, and Indian movies for free on this website. News about entertainment is also covered in a separate section. As a result, has everything you need for the latest Nollywood films at your fingertips in this year 2023.

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