Top 10 Best Outsourcing Companies In Lagos, Nigeria (2023)

This article is about the top 10 best outsourcing companies in Lagos State, Nigeria this 2023. Outsourcing has become very popular in Nigeria today as many companies expand and their needs begin to be laser focused on more specific job functions, for which the supply of certain of these job positions are not easily found in the labour market. Many employers in the country today, use outsourcing to find top professional talents at reasonable discounts to start up their companies or enhance their existing team.

10 Best Outsourcing Companies In Lagos, Nigeria

Many times, when a firm is in need of a large number of employees, this creates some form of uncertainty or difficulty on how to go about the process of recruitment but with outsourcing, this issue is adequately taken care of; by and large, outsourcing is the process by which companies hand over the authority or responsibility of planning an activity or project that may otherwise be done internally to another company so that they can focus on other things. Outsourcing is a practice that many companies use to employ top professionals without getting directly involved in the whole process.

The outsourcing company finds, selects, and trains employees depending on the client’s specifications to meet their requirements. Individuals and organizations opt for outsourcing to ease the burden and transfer the risk associated with carrying out specific functions and focus on their core competencies. That said, let us now take a detailed look at which companies are the best when it comes to the outsourcing business in Lagos State, Nigeria today.


The following are the 10 best and most popular outsourcing companies in Lagos State, Nigeria this 2023 in no particular order:


Workforce Group is a top outsourcing company in Lagos, Nigeria. The company is very well known for its professionalism in the State. At Workforce Group, they go beyond narrowly defined client issues, beyond conventional wisdom, beyond the expected, to create opportunities for their clients, candidates, colleagues, collaborators, and community. Through a network of diversified but highly complementary lines of businesses they have helped some of the most important and exciting organizations in Africa find the critical talent, access cutting edge advice and get innovative support they require to grow in a challenging market.

Workforce Group supports businesses and organizations of varying size, structure and maturity across diverse sectors such as Technology, Telecoms, Oil and Gas, Financial Services, Third Sector, FMCG, to mention but a few, to enhance business performance, optimise for growth and achieve exceptional results. They do these by drawing on the expertise of over 125 highly experienced consultants and more than 8,500 associate staff across the African continent. What sets them apart is the depth of their capabilities, creative problem solving approach and proven track record in their practice areas combined with in-depth knowledge of the realities of the industries they serve.


Another leading outsourcing firm in Lagos State is Phillips Consulting. They are very popular especially when it comes to the recruitment of bank workers. This company was established in 1992 as earlier mentioned, they are a leading business and management consulting firm, serving clients across Africa through offices in Lagos and Abuja. They are a leading provider of transformation, technology and outsourcing services.

Their integrity and proficiency in designing systems to manage people has earned them a reputation for quality in the services that they provide. Phillips Consulting has been involved in a wide range of exciting projects over the years, principally to help clients design and implement assignments, improve efficiency, enhance human capacity and build great organisations.


Accenture Nigeria, currently operating in the country as Verraki Partners is a globally known management consulting and outsourcing company that also offers technology services. This top outsourcing services firm was established in the year 1985, and it is driven by the desire to deliver innovative ideas that will help its numerous clients in meeting their business objectives.


Adexen is a global Human Ressources Company providing business and support services in Africa. This outsourcing company supports companies in all industries in the fields of HR, Legal, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Engineering and Supply chain. They know how important people are to business because they believe that people are the future of Africa. The company understands what is needed to match highly skilled professionals with companies operating in Africa, especially in Lagos, Nigeria at highest standards.

Their consultants are experts in their fields who use the most modern systems and up-to-date knowledge to support in all HR fields. The target of this company is to use their wealth of experience to help companies find and retain talents. Adexen’s objective is to provide both their clients and their employees as well as their candidates excellence in all aspects of their services. This high level of service is the foundation of Adexen’s excellent reputation.


ICS Outsourcing is Nigeria’s leading Outsourcing provider incorporated in August 1994. They offer a comprehensive range of outsourcing services ranging from People Outsourcing to Sales BPO. They provide bespoke Business Support Solutions to all kinds and sizes of business. The company’s desire to consistently deliver value added services to their clients has helped them to evolve into a pacesetter and standard bearer in their industry.

They have a reputation for satisfying and surpassing their client’s expectations. Helping their clients achieve greater business outcomes is why ICS Outsourcing exists. They work with their numerous clients to identify and close efficiency gaps, creating and deploying gap-specific business support solutions which result in verifiable positive outcomes.


Peoplesource Consulting is a team of experienced management consultants focusing on maximising people and corporate performance. Their practice areas include digital and business transformation, human resource consulting, corporate governance, search and selection, certified and accredited learning and consulting tools and products.

This leading outsourcing firm in Lagos State believes that people are the most valuable asset in an organization; the way people are led, managed, developed and motivated can make the winning difference, that is they work with organizations to enhance their ability to do this, ensuring they have the right blend of skills and capabilities to achieve business objectives. Their partnership with their clients enables them to maximise the competence and commitment of their people; their skills, their experience, their potential and their capacity.

Peoplesource Consulting has a unique approach to search and selection. They develop long term relationships with their clients and their candidates are of the highest quality. Their experienced consultants work with their clients to connect them with skilled talent who are a right fit for their organization so they can build a productive, engaged workforce. In addition to resourcing, they provide a variety of consulting tools and products to enhance the effectiveness of organizations and their senior management teams. Peoplesource also works with several global partners to deliver a variety of certified and accredited learning courses.


Kimberly Ryan is a Human Resource and Business Solutions provider. Incorporated in 1997, Kimberly Ryan and its diverse staff of seasoned professionals represent a passion for capacitating businesses, deploying cutting edge industry leading solutions and service delivery techniques informed by their experience and familiarity with doing business in their chosen markets.

This leading outsourcing company in Lagos, Nigeria, in collaboration with its strategic partners offers a complete end to end seamless people, process and project outsourcing solution which includes designing, strategy, planning and implementation, expansion, manpower deployment and managing the work flow.

Over the years, they have partnered with various clients across Africa and provided them with bespoke solutions needed to drive their business goals and objectives. These successful partnerships and projects have built the trust and confidence that continuously set their brand name as a force to reckon with.


Outcess Solutions Limited used to be known as Customer Contact Solutions Nigeria Limited (CCSNL) and they rank as one of the best outsourcing companies in Nigeria today. The company, currently located in Ikeja, is an integrated customer engagement and business process outsourcing company that delivers innovative digital solutions which empower and optimize the performance of people, teams and organizations.


Skills Enhancement Centre (SENCE) is a leading outsourcing company is Lagos that is committed to helping SMEs succeed in a challenging and tasking environment by providing them with the support they need to survive and grow. Their main area of expertise is HR consulting and over the years they have built a steady clientele of discerning SMEs.

SENCE understands the challenges of running a business in Nigeria and therefore offers solutions that are drawn from their experience and exposure. They are very skilled in areas such as: Outsourcing of HR staff/temporary staff, Developing HR structures, Recruitment of professional staff up to the CEO level, Training, Staff and career counselling, and Advisory.


Ace Human Resources Consulting is a team of professionals who previously worked in regular HR Management roles and came together to form this company which ranks among the leading outsourcing firms in Lagos State today. This company supports businesses to recruit and manage their human capital profitably and sustainably in these rapidly changing economic times.

Their experience in various HR roles in local and international best practice employments places them competitively and enables them to connect easily to their clients’ needs and to proffer solutions as needed. From recruitment, change management, business intelligence to risk advisory; they help you get it right from day one.

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