Best Car Spare Parts Market In Lagos, Nigeria (2023)

This article is about the top best car spare parts markets in Lagos State, Nigeria this 2023 so that you, our esteemed readers will be armed with comprehensive information on where to go in order to buy quality automobile spare parts if you reside in Lagos State or you are visiting the Centre of Excellence and would love to buy as many vehicle spare parts as possible, and import to your State of origin or residence.

Best Car Spare Parts Market In Lagos, Nigeria

At these top automobile spare parts markets in Lagos, Nigeria, you will be treated to a wide variety of spare parts of the popular vehicle brands in Nigeria which include but are not limited to Honda spare parts, Toyota spare parts, Mercedes Benz spare parts, Hyundai spare parts, to mention but a few. As we proceed, we will list the leading spare parts markets in Lagos State and discuss about them in detail so you will understand what makes them stand out from any of the rest in the State, and in Nigeria at large.


The following are the best and most popular car spare parts markets in Lagos, Nigeria this 2023 and where they are located:


The Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market is the best, largest and most popular vehicle spare parts market not just in Lagos State alone but in Nigeria as a whole. It is located in Mushin, Lagos and it is so popular that every other auto spare parts dealer in the country troop into Ladipo to source for their vehicle parts. At Ladipo auto spare parts market, you will find spare parts for almost every popular and not so popular but expensive vehicle brand in the country ranging from engines, to car tyres, to car batteries, to rims, windscreens, doors, and chairs, fog lights, to mention but a few.

At Ladipo Market, you can get other things related to vehicles that are not car spare parts such as second hand cars, unwanted vehicles, smart car gadgets like an airbag, android, jacks, spanners, battery chargers, alarm systems, pliers, brake lock, etc. This auto spare parts market is buzzing with life as most goods imported from Europe, America, and Asia arrive here at Ladipo auto spare parts market before they find their way to other parts of the country.


The Owode Onirin Auto Spare Parts Market is located at Owode Onirin (not to be confused with Owode Elede which is actually close to it), just after Mile 12 on Ikorodu Road. It is quite different from the Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market in that while international goods are found at Ladipo, it is only Nigerian used products that are found at Owode Onirin scrap metal market. At Owode Onirin auto market, damaged metals are remodeled to come out as good as new. This market is one of the oldest auto spare parts markets in Nigeria, and it has been in existence since the 1980s.

Apart from refurbishing scrap metal, there is a vehicle section at Owode where damaged vehicles and fairly used cars are piled up for sale, and quite a lot of cars are brought to this auto spare parts market for refurbishment. You can get spare parts of the following vehicle brands : Peugeot, Audi, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, etc at Owode.


The Iyana-Itire Garage And Spare Parts Market is yet another leading auto spare parts market in Lagos, Nigeria that is blessed with car spare parts that are even rare to find anywhere else. It is located at Iyana-Itire, Mushin, Lagos and it is in close proximity to the Onitire International Modern Market. At both markets, you can find vehicle spare parts imported from countries like, Germany, Japan and Malaysia.

Both the Onitire International Modern Market and the Iyana-Itire Garage Auto Market actually stand out when you are seeking spare parts for your vehicles in Lagos State, and you will be amazed at what you will find when you pay this place a visit. The retailers at this spare parts market, apart from importing foreign used spare parts into the country, also source their spare parts internally in Nigeria by purchasing parts from old cars, cars involved in accidents, and auctioned parts, and this helps the market maintain its status as one of the biggest and best auto spare parts in Lagos State, Nigeria today.

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