Best Aeronautical Engineering Schools In Nigeria (2023)

Aeronautical engineering is a very challenging field in engineering with the capacity to expand and develop into one of the best and most lucrative branches of this broad discipline as a whole. What this article seeks to establish is a comprehensive list of the best aeronautical engineering universities in Nigeria this 2023 and the requirements for studying this course in Nigerian schools today.

Best Aeronautical Engineering Schools In Nigeria

This discipline, aeronautical engineering, is a very rare course to study in Nigerian schools currently and there are not many universities that offer it. Notwithstanding, it is a very good course with a lot of potential and being an engineering course, aeronautical engineering salary structure in Nigeria is very lucrative for the very few people who take up the profession as aeronautical engineers upon graduation from the university.


Aeronautical Engineering involves the development of the latest technology in the field of aviation, space exploration and defence systems. This branch of engineering is concerned with the design, construction, development, testing, operation and maintenance of commercial and military aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, etc. In general, aeronautical engineering in Nigeria deals with the works that bring about the fixing and development of aircraft.

This field of engineering involves loads and loads of research in order to develop and maintain aircraft and their various parts. Because engineering is a versatile field, it is not uncommon to see people who studied aeronautical engineering working in a different field like mechanical engineering, and as the this discipline grows and is more widely embraced in Nigeria, many schools have begun to add it to their list of available courses.

While there are misinformation about a few schools in the country offering this course on the internet, what we shall be focusing on as we progress in this post is to give you a comprehensive list of the approved tertiary institutions of higher learning in Nigeria that offer aeronautical engineering.


Below are the best universities to study aeronautical/aerospace engineering in Nigeria this 2023:


The department of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, KWASU is the first of its kind in any university in Nigeria. It was established in 2011 then as the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (along with the Department of Mechanical Engineering).

For strategic reasons and in consonance with dictates of the ever dynamic world, the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering was split in 2012 into the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.

Through a careful planning of the course curriculum Kwara State University (KWASU); proper administration of courses; and thorough assessment methods, the department hopes to graduate Aeronautical and Astronautical engineers who will not only be capable of devising solutions to our local questions but also be very relevant on the world stage.

The B.Sc. Aeronautical and Astronautical engineering draws on courses in the underlying fundamental sciences and mathematics during the first year and introductory engineering science courses during the second year. Right from the second year, introductory courses such as Introduction to Aerospace engineering and Flight mechanics are offered to set the stage for the upper year courses.

To accommodate the breadth of interest in the Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering field, the third year provides the student with a solid base in Aerodynamics, Astrodynamics, Aerospace Structures, Thermo-Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical Engineering design, Numerical methods and Controls systems amongst other courses. Accordingly, the third year is the most demanding in terms of the required registered courses.

The preliminary design courses on aircrafts and spacecrafts administered before the students’ industrial experience along with the laboratory courses in the first semester of the fourth year are meant to consolidate the acquired knowledge at this stage gearing it towards creative applications. Additionally in this semester, the students are introduced to Avionic systems and Aerospace Propulsion and Power Systems.

The detailed design courses on aircrafts and spacecrafts administered alongside general engineering courses like Engineering Design Optimization, Engineering Management and Engineering Law in the final year help the students culminate the five year long experience into the production of an Engineering product in their final year Project.

All along the five year programme, students offer general studies and entrepreneurship courses to help the students develop a social and entrepreneurial perspective of the engineering field.


Lagos State University (LASU) offers this course as Aerospace engineering and it is one of the best schools in Nigeria where you can get in depth knowledge of this field of engineering. This department is domiciled in the Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Environmental Science (FETES), situated in Epe, Lagos State and it ranks among the leading departments in the country in delivering quality education as far as this field of engineering is concerned.


The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), Kaduna is a tertiary institution with a blend of military and civilian staff and students. AFIT is accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), National Universities Commission (NUC), Council for the Regulation of Engineers in Nigeria (COREN) and Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE).

The Institute conducts undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Aerospace Engineering and allied disciplines. It is one of the very best schools in Nigeria where one can study aeronautical engineering and be proud they did.


Afe Babalola University offers this course as Aerospace and Astronautical Engineering and they are one of the best in this field presently in Nigeria. Overall, the college of engineering at Afe Babalola was conceived in 2010/11 session. It offers courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.) at undergraduate level.

Engineering at the school is a five-year programme for students entering at 100 Level, and four years for Direct Entry students. All courses run on a common foundation of basic studies in mathematics, basic sciences, engineering sciences and General Studies. Opportunities are also provided for students to take approved courses from other disciplines such that the prospective engineer becomes a well-rounded person at graduation.


Direct entry requirements for studying aeronautical engineering in Nigeria involves A Level passes in any two (2) of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, while JAMB UTME requirements for studying this course involves five (5) SSCE credit passes to include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and any other Science subject in not more than two (2) sitting. UTME subject combination for Aeronautical Engineering are Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics and Use of English.

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      1. Hi Praise, currently, UNILAG does not offer Aeronautical Engineering. LASU does however.

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