A Level Schools in Lagos & Their Fees: See Full List

A level schools in Lagos are not your usual regular colleges or secondary schools. There are quite a number of top quality A level schools in the State and they are structured in a way that ensures students registering for A level examinations stand a very real chance of gaining admission straight into 200 level in any university in the country or get admitted to their universities of choice abroad at just the right fees.

A Level Schools in Lagos & Their Fees


A level schools offer international style curricula and their method of education is top notch. It is advisable that if you as an individual want to register for A level exams, you should do so with any of the recognized schools which offer A level in the country. This will make everything easy for you and help fast track your registration process.

You can also register for A level exams as a private student but this may be challenging and without any help, guidance and assistance from these top quality institutions of learning, you might go about your registration the wrong way, and one mistake from you might cost you your time, energy, money and the registration entirely.

A vast majority of A level schools teach university remedial courses, and this is available to students who express their interest. Scoring high marks and getting good grades in A level exams automatically catapults you into 200 level in any university in Nigeria that you have chosen. Many varsities first consider students with good A level scores before focusing their attention on the others when giving prospective students admission into their undergraduate programmes.

You should note that A level schools provide the platform which helps students to pass various local and international examinations such as:

  • IJMB
  • Advanced GCE
  • SAT
  • GRE
  • GMAT

Most universities in Nigeria offer IJMB and JUPEB programmes and this provides alternative admission routes for students who are unable to gain admission via the popular UTME route. SAT, GRE, GMAT and TOEFL are exams that help students get admission into foreign universities.

To be eligible to register for A level examinations you must be at least 16 years of age and above and this is the required age for most schools offering A level programmes. You must also have a minimum of 6 O’level credits which must include English Language and Mathematics.

Examinations for A level are held two times in a calendar year, the first one in June/July and the second one in October/ November. So if you are preparing to register and sit for the exams, you should do well to note this.

The examinations prepare a vast array of subjects ranging from Accounts, Law, Sociology, Technology, Design, History, Geography, Computer, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English Language to Literature in English. Students are expected to choose any three out of the above listed subjects in order to prepare themselves for the A level examination.

In order to prepare students for the examinations coming up, A level schools give coaching lessons for a duration of six months to a year to make sure that these students are well rounded in all the subjects and topics they will be facing in the exams proper.


The following are the 10 best A level schools in Lagos State this 2021:

  • Albesta Academy
  • British Council Schools Network
  • Ascending College
  • Bridge House College
  • D-Ivy College
  • Brain Builders Academy
  • Oxbridge Tutorial College
  • Sunrise Academy
  • Loral International Schools
  • Brainfield Academy
  • Westminster College Lagos

If you are interested in pursuing an A level programme, these schools are your go-to educational institutions for best quality learning in Lagos State.


Lagos State boasts an array of top quality A level schools which offer the best education to the students enrolled in them. The A Level school fees in Lagos State 2021 vary from school to school but it is usually between the price range of ₦350,000 – ₦600,000.

The payment of these fees cover the following: application fee, exam fee, hostel fee, and some other fees as may be charged by the schools. The beauty of payments at A level schools is that some offer you the opportunity to pay in installments, a fixed minimum sum of about ₦200,000 while the rest is paid in parts.

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